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Goten sighed and laid his head to rest on his hands, looking out his bedroom window at the dwindling twilight. What was he going to do? He felt so confused. So much stuff had happened to him in the past week it had thrown everything he'd thought he felt in a spiral. The only thing that was really bothering was a simple question. It had been the reason he'd bought the stuff in the first place. Of course, that only made it more complicated. That question was who did he love.....


or Trunks......


Chapter One- Concoction

He could remember the day it all started clearly. It was a nice day with birds singing and the sun glaring down on them with merciless ninety degree weather. The perfect fall day. He'd started his day off going over to the Briefs'. It was a natural thing for him to do, both of his friends were there. That of course, also posed a problem for the demi-saiyan.

Goten had noticed on his twenty-fourth birthday that an attraction to another certain demi-saiyan had grown out of their friendship. Trunks never knew about this though because even though Goten knew how he felt, he dared not act on it. Why, he didn't really know.

He'd kept these feelings sheltered inside of him for a few years until Bra became older and before he knew it, the feelings spread to Bra without ever fleeing from his best friend. Like before, he recognized and concealed it.

Vegeta had been training with Trunks when he visited and he was forced to sit on Trunks' bed for twenty minutes while the light-haired boy cleaned some of his wounds.

"I don't get it Trunks. You know you could beat him if you tried. Why hold back?"

Trunks just smiled at him before taking off his shirt and leaving to retrieve another one. Trunks began his usual explanation about his father's pride but Goten ignored it as he found himself staring at his friends back, then perfect chest as he turned.


The voice had knocked him out of his reverie and he'd just smiled to cover up the focus of his attention.

"Goten, you look funny. You okay?"

"Of course I am!" he said, insulted by the comment.

"Geez, you sounded like a girl just then."

"I did not!"

"See. You did it again. Pouting like that doesn't help either," Trunks forced out as smoothly as possible. Goten wasn't the only one who'd been hiding an attraction. The older boy found it hard to keep out all visions that went through his mind when Goten did that. It was very appealing to him and he crossed his fingers in the hope that it wouldn't show.

After seeing that it didn't, Trunks looked up to see his best friend staring at the floor again, that same lustful/sad look in his eyes. Now he was really concerned.

Sitting next to his friend, Trunks followed they boy's line of vision. He held back a gasp when he saw that it was a framed picture of him that had fallen to the floor the night before. 'Oh, yes. Last night.'

Trunks shivered in remembrance of the dream that he'd had of them. 'Man, oh man. I'm such a perv,' he told himself before pushing his friend off the bed.

"Hey!! What was that for?"

"You were paying so much attention for once that I got scared," he joked to ease the tension. Goten glared at him for a moment before dropping the look.

"What do you say we skip sparring today."

Trunks nearly fell off the bed. Since when did Goten not want to train? Since breaking off with that Parisu girl it seemed like all he wanted to do. Probably to work off his heart ache. Trunks, thinking his friend was perfectly straight, attributed the obsession to that.

He was wrong, but not very far off. It wasn't heartache, but confusion that was driving him on. Instead of trying to solve the problem, he simply repressed it until their next sparring session. The release of all that raw emotion was very exhilirating to him.

"Why don't we just walk around town instead," Goten offered.

After recovering, Trunks slowly nodded and they went off.


Goten leaned his head back, and sighed as the shower's water streamed down his body. He'd gotten home about a half an hour ago from his escapade with Trunks. The entire time had been spent talking about the stupidest things because neither thought of anything meaningful to say. What do you say to someone you can't have?

Maybe he'd just stop seeing Trunks. No, that wasn't possible. Where would he go? There was always suicide.... that wouldn't work either. He slammed his hand onto the side of the shower before turning it off and wrapping a towel around his waist. These feelings were really starting to bug him.

He pushed open his door and avoided stepping on any of the clothes that lay in piles on his floor. Goten decided against getting dressed right away and sat down on his bed, resting his head in his hands. Another sigh escaped him before he went to finger brush his longer wild hair.

He'd regretted cutting it in the first place. Since then, he'd let it grow out and he was now the perfect replica of his father. The thought of his father brought a smile to his semi-femme features.

Chichi and Goku had recently divorced, and although the terms weren't the best, (Chichi had cheated on him) they were both very happy. The best part was that his father now lived close to him in West City, one building down.

Goten threw the towel on the floor and put on a loose robe. Sliding open his patio door, he threw a nearby rock by his fathers door and waited for him to come out.

Slowly, the other door slipped open and Goku looked out, a bagel stuffed in his face. He smiled at his son, his cheeks puffing out from the food. He finished the bagel and walked over to the edge his balcony.

"Hey, Goten. You caught me just as I was going for a trim. Wanna come?"

The youngest Son smiled and ran into his room to grab the clothes he'd layed out in the bathroom to put on after his shower. He didn't really pay attention to his appearance and ran out the door to beat his father to the street.

Running out the door, he frowned slightly because his father had beaten him this time.

"Goten?" Goku asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What? Something on my face?" He replied, rubbing a hand over his cheeks and chin.

"No, it's just..." Goku pointed at Goten's clothes.

He looked down and gasped. His red muscle tank and black pants had shrunk with the heat of his shower and now fit snugly to his every curve. The red shirt now stopped a few inches above his belly and button and he couldn't help but blush.

"I should stop taking such hot showers."

The two laughed before Goku slung his arm around the younger boy's shoulders as the two walked towards their favorite barbar. Then, they caught a glimpse of themselves in a windowshop mirror and pulled away from he eachother giving a nervous giggle.

The barbershop came into view and they walked through the front doors upon reaching it. A few younger guys were talking and looked Goten up and down before smiling, then returning to their own conversation.

A woman with fake blond hair walked up to them and smiled sweetly.

"And how may I help you too handsome gentlemen today?" She flirted with her batted eyelashes directed at Goku.

"Yeah, I have a appointment-"

"And I'd like to make one," Goten cut in. He glanced at his father for a second before looking at the girl once again.

"Oh, sure. Just give me a sec and I'll saddle you boys in." She winked one more time before walking in a back door, her hips swaying in a suggestive way.

Neither of them noticed though, too occupied watching the two men from earlier, "duking it out" in so many words. Their heads turned slightly to the left before being shocked back to attention by the assistants return.

"We can see you now. Follow me..."


"Goten, I thought you didn't want to cut your hair short," Goku asked his son after being seated and the woman brushed through his hair.

"I know, it's just that I want a change." He looked away from his father then as he thought about how this was going to be the first change towards forgetting the Briefs children.

About an hour later, the two Sons left the shop in different directions. Goku had said something about a date and left, his still long hair blowing gently with the evening wind.

They departed and Goten shuffled his feet while rubbing his arms to keep warm. He stared at some of the people and shops he passed on the way to his apartment. A particular shop caught his eye and he stopped for a moment to check it out.

As soon as he entered, he got a whiff of some incense and he stumbled at the strength of it. Shaking his head, he began to scan a few of the viles and their labels as an older man came out, his long and graying hair tied at his neck to stream down to tailbone.

"Hello," he purred in a deep, mystic voice.

"H..he...hello," he stuttered as he got caught in the mans eyes. The colors seemed to be switching and he tried to follow their change with his eyes. He was shaken out of his gaze by the man gentle prodding him in the shoulder.

"I sense a conflict in your life... your heart. It's torn between some people isn't it."

Goten could only nod dumbly as the mysterious man voiced his exact problem.

"I've got just the thing." The man reached over Goten's shoulder, the length of his sleeve tickling his ear. The man smiled down at the boy as he revealed a small vile containing a clear blue liquid with a different language written on the cover.

"This should do it."

"What is it," Goten asked, entranced.

"An old recipe for heartache. Have this for free and let me know how things work out for you."

Goten only stared as the man turned and walked into a hidden room. Deciding against his urge to follow him, he grabbed a card from the counter and walked the rest of the way to his apartment.


Dark brown stared at blue. No movement seemed to occur between the two until the blue moved closer....


"SHIT!" Goten cursed as the vile made contact with his eye. Not missing a beat, he went to his bathroom and splashed the area to wash out any possible bacteria the vile had contained.

Returning to his bedroom he looked at the clock and blinked. It read ten-thirty. 'Have I really been staring at that thing for four hours?!'

He layed on the couch and brought the vile up to his face once again. The blue color entranced him just like the man's eyes...

Like Trunks eyes....

He blinked the thought away and opened to top of the small container.

"Goodbye Bra... Trunks..."

Closing his eyes, he downed the contents in one gulp. The cool liquid ran down his throat and he gasped at the sensation it caused. Then pain struck.

It started in his stomach and spread both up and down at the same time. It then turned to a hot fire that seemed to consume him, his surrounding melting together in one large blur. Goten struggled to stand but only fell back, the image of Trunks and Bra passing before his eyes to be followed by the older man laughing. The high tinkling sound remained with him until he was finally fell unconcious.


"Uhhh..." Goten blinked a few times as the flakes of his ceiling came into focus. He rubbed at the tremendous headache that had formed sometime during his sleep.

He sat up and drudged into his closet. He flung his jersey and boxers out the door behind him and grabbed a new pair of underwear and some clothes to wear. Once changed, he went into the bathroom to freshen himself up.

"That's much better," Goten said to himself while inspecting himself in the mirror. He smiled and turned to enter his bedroom. Then he stopped dead at the sight.

On his bed was a girl in his just removed jersey and boxers stretching like a cat with her mid torso pressing down. Goten had to suck in a deep breath as her seductive pose awoke chibi Goten.

"Excuse me.."

The girl turned to him and yawned before sitting with her legs apart, feet swinging in mid air.

"Who are you?"

She looked at him for a moment before standing and extending a hand towards him to shake.

"My name's Goten. What's yours?"

Goten's eyes slid down and back up. They would have stayed that way if a brown object hadn't slid into his vision. A tail. She had a tail. He grinned stupidly until something furry made contact with his hand.

"Hmm.." he said glancing down.

"I have a tail, too," he giggled in a non-alcholic stupor before falling back onto the floor in a dead faint.


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