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The pair walked along the park's pathway, finding themselves in a small Victorian district. Trees were located every few feet along the bricks beneath their feet and the chilling wind that blew every so often chilled the low seventy weather. Neo rubbed the side of her left arm, not stopping until she felt the mulitple goosebumps recede. She took a deep breath and smiled as another gust of wind blew in her face.

Trunks, who had been sneaking sideglances at her ever since they'd left Goten's apartment, now fully turned his head toward her when this occured, watching a few strands of her dark hair brushing the soft curves of her round face.

He turned away before she could catch him staring, his hand stroking his own features, clearly defined thanks to his father. Just at that moment, as if some define force was going to remind him that his looks were also due to his mother, a strand of lavender hair fell into his own eyes.

He brushed it away and stopped suddenly, realizing that he was missing someone. Looking behind himself, he saw Neo leaning down to pet an older man's cocker spaniel who was jumping around her knees. She stood once again and thanked him before returning to Trunks.

"I love dogs," she explained after they'd continued their walk.

"I see. And what of cats?"

"I think I like dogs a little more.(AN- not ME!) You know, something that looks forward to seeing you come home and everything. Makes you feel wanted."

Trunks smiled and a low chuckle resounded in his throat. A slight coloring of red touched Neo's face when she listened to her own word's and thought of how childish she had sounded. The warm blue of Trunks' eyes, however, told her he didn't feel the same.

'No wonder Goten's in love with him,' she thought to herself, returning his gaze with one of her own. She gave him a small smile and they stopped at the top of a hill, at least half of the district being visible from the spot. Trunks sat on a bench and patted the seat behind him, waiting for Neo to seat herself.

She did, but the smile on her face lessened and she turned from the breath-taking view to gaze at her hands. Guilt began to wash over her, and she bit her lower lip. Every doubt she'd felt in the apartment, all moral on her part... it was sinking into her and she tried to push it away. She wanted to enjoy this moment. She just had to.

"Neo, are you okay?"

The voice of the man beside her made her look up at him and she mentally cursed herself. That was the second mistake she'd made in the past hour.

"I'm fine."

"Good. I'd like to take you to this little coffee shop they have here. I'm sure you'll love it." He stood and offered her a hand to help her up. Swallowing the guilt that had sunk into her stomach, she accepted it.

"I'm sure I will."


The small dot of his childhood home could just barely be made out from where Goten was located. His flashback of that particular memory had lasted longer than he had expected. The trip hadn't seemed half as long as it usually seemed. Who knew?

Then again, it did exlain alot. For example, it would explain why Gohan was always thinking. It sure made time fly by faster. He could only wonder if his brother's thoughts laid near his.

Goten could make out the form of Pan and Videl on the new back porch his step-father had put in. For not having done any woodworking in his life, Goten had had to sit by and watch someone else do the work for the first time in his life. He'd been surprised when this didn't bother him.

He knew why this was of course. The man his mother had married was just as alike to his father as he was different. Both had that carefree demeanor and personality that was so kind you either loved it or you hated it.

Joe, the man in question, was different though. Beyond his outputted personality, there was a deep sense of responsibility he seemed to carry himself with. Like there was a large weight upon his shoulders. This was true, partially, seeing as he now had his mother and two six year old boys to take care of from a previous marriage. The details of it were never disclosed to him.

Videl waved to him as he landed a few feet away, pushing a small strand of gray tipped black hair back behind her ear. Goten thought her way too young to have any gray in her hair, but based on everything she'd gone through with his brother as her husband and his niece as her daughter, he couldn't be all that surprised.

"Hello Goten," she smiled and gave him a light peck on the cheek before returning to some meat cooking on the small grill he'd failed to notice earlier.

He was about to respond but was silenced as two young boys came running through the patio's glass doors and pounced on him. Both of them attacked him with all the might a six year old human boy could muster. Since this wasn't that much, Goten stood, holding each boy with one hand by there feet.

"Goten, you put those boys down," Chichi said, humor edged on her words as she stepped out, Joe not too far behind.

"Hey there, Goten. The boys giving you any problems," he question, his voice not holding back his own humor at the situation.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." He let his arms fall down to his sides, dropping the two children onto the floor. They righted themselves, smiling in a way Goten found similiar to the one's he and Trunks had held when they were there age.

"Hello Darren. Daniel." Crouching he ruffled Daniel's dark green hair. The boy squinted his blue eyes before giving Goten a mock punch on his arm.

Darren, being quite smart for his age, knew what was coming and just stepped forward to take it. Smirking, Goten picked him up and swung the black/blue haired boy in the air. Gohan walked out and joyed the small party on the porch holding the paper in his hand.

Goten set the boy down and was given only a few seconds before the two boys walked together and whispered, flicking their matching eyes at the thirty-two year old man as they formed their next conspiracy.

The dark haired man took advantage of this and walked towards his mother.

"Hi Mom," he greeted before giving her a small kiss.

"Hello, Goten. How's work going?" He knew she was referring to the small Daycare Center he co-owned with a college friend and smirked.

"Things are going fine. A couple of the kids got sick but other than that...Peachy."

"Good. Pan, did you tell Goten about your surprise?"

The raven haired eighteen year old looked startled but approached Goten.

"I got into my college!!" She jumped at him with a hug and he returned it, happy for his niece. Though everyone knew she'd make it in, they were stressed out about it right along with her.

"Great, Panny! I knew you'd make it."

She looked to her father at that moment and he nodded. Goten raised an eyebrow but neither seemed to take any notice.

Deciding that the adults were getting a little too... adult for his taste, he returned his attentions to the two boys from before, trying to approach them without being sensed. Imagine his surprise when the two broke apart from their tight circle and began to chase him. He ran into the fields surrounding the Son house and laughed as the two increased their spped.

From the front porch, Joe, Chichi, Videl, Pan, and Gohan all sighed at the same time.

"He never changes."


Goku sat back on his couch, hands swiping through his gravity-impaired hair. Sighing, he laid down on the couch, strething each muscle before rolling onto his stomach.

The past day had certainly been a weird one, that was for sure.

First, there was Trunks confession. That had caught him off guard. Never, in the thirty-two years that those two had been friends had Goku seen anything, any inclination of Trunks' feelings towards his son. Then again, it seemed to Goku that Trunks kept most of his feeligns to himself. Not that this surprised him. It wouldn't boggle most people minds either if they considered just who his father was. He may be Bulma's child to the rest of the world but on the inside, he was his father's son.

Bra though, she was a different story. She didn't seem to hide any of her emotions. How some people considered her Vegeta's child was unknown to him. She seemed to have been born into the spotlight, her life always publicized though from what he'd saw, she didn't mind. She was Bulma's child if anyone was.

He took a break from his musings of the Briefs' family and rolled onto his back, one hand reaching to grab a remote and turn on the TV.

Goku zoned most of it out, however, as all it was was the news.

No news was good news to the saiyan and he turned his back at the invention to fall asleep.


Neo swirled her biscotti in her coffee, preffering it over the tea the place seemed to be known for. Her eyes took in the other couples and then returned to own her cup. They all appeared to be what she'd come to expect from this district, their clothes, orders, and styles seeming to suit the area to a T.

Trunks returned from the bathroom, wiping his still wet hands on his pants before sitting down.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Very much so. Thank you."

"Don't worry about it." Trunks flicked warm blue eyes at her.

"It's not a problem."

Her cheeks got a little warmer at this comment and she cursed mentally for letting him get the best of her. This man was too damn good. Womanly devises wouldn't work with him.

Trunks watched in amusement as conflicting emotions flashed through her eyes. The Son eyes, without a doubt. Funny, he thought. All of his mental musings seemed to revolve around those eyes as of late.

Neo saw Trunks focused stare and smiled before turning away.

"This is a beautiful part of town. Do you come here often?" she asked, hoping to change where the conversations direction. She was pretty sure he noticed, but if he did he didn't say anything.

"Yes, actually. I found it on one of my thinking walks. I suppose I should explain that shouldn't I?" he gave a short laugh.

"Well, I take them whenever I feel really overwhelmed about something. Thoughts, feelings, problems, their solutions...anything that's been bothering me for awhile."

"Then why did you want to come here today?"

"Because I've been thinking about buying a house. I read somewhere that it's the first step to starting a family." At this he looked into her eyes, but she looked away, getting a good idea of what he was saying.

"Really? Now, would that be because of me, or is that the same line you use on every girl that you take here?" She raised her eyebrow at his startled face. 'Weren't expecting that, were you?' She figured she'd caught him that time when he changed the subject.

Neo leaned back and relaxed. She had this situation under control.


"So Goten," Gohan began after everyone was settled down and eating at the picnic table. "How's Trunks?"

"I wouldn't know, Gohan, he always seems to be busy nowadays. Something about expanding the company, or something... I don't know. I'm not good at technical stuff. Leave that to Joe."

The older man gave a shy smile at the praise and Chichi patted his arm from across the table. Goten stared at them for a moment. He was surprised, this was the first time he hadn't gotten a twinge of anger or jealousy whenever the two had become luvey-dovey. It was nice to be able to relax.

He caught his brother's eye from across the table and Goten realized Gohan had noticed it too.

He was becoming a part of the family.


The sun was setting by the time Trunks and Neo began to walk home. He'd managed to get ahold of her hand and the it swung loosely between them as they walked towards his car. A pond reflected some of the sun's setting color and rippled every so often, an effect of the gentle breeze the evening was bringing in.

Trunks closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This community was the place he'd wanted to find a home in. It would be perfect for raising children since it was close to a park and school. He smiled as they reached his car. It would indeed.

He waited for Neo to put on her seatbelt before starting the car and pulling into the right lane so he could turn onto the highway. She shifted against the leather seat, the material of her dress riding up a few inches revealing more leg than most people would consider decent.

Trunks wasn't most people.

A calm tone was playing on the radio, Linger by the Cranberries if he remembered correctly. The melody made him relax. He was surprised to hear Neo humming along.

"They have the Cranberries where you come from?"

"Where I come from? You make it sound like I'm from outer space or something." They shared a laugh before her features straightened.

"Yes, they do. I've heard this song a couple of times before and find the Cranberries very enjoyable."

"That's good. Now I don't have to worry about conflicts of the musical nature if we go out again."

"True. Very true."

"Most of the women I've dated were wary when they found out I liked the Cranberries. They think it's too feminine for 'Trunks Briefs.' That's probably why I haven't dated women for a while." 'That and the fact that I've lusting after Goten.'

"That's pretty sexist of them. I wouldn't expect that from a women. A man, maybe, but not a women."

"Now who's being a sexist?" Neo gave him a playful punch in the arm before resting her head in her hands and looking out the window. She hoped Goten wouldn't be there when she got back. At least, not if Trunks was planning on walking her up to the door.

Much to her dismay, Trunks did intend on walking her to the door. Never was she more thankful for the female mind then when she remembered there were stairs.

"Trunks, why don't we take the stairs up to apartment." He groaned and slumped forward.

"Your kidding right? That's at least ten floors up. What in the world could possess you with the want to do that?"

God, did she love the female mind.

"So we could spend some more time together."

This seemed to cheer Trunks considerably.

They walked up the stairs, hands clasped together once again. The door to her and Goten's floor came four minutes later. Both tried to surpress their pants from the work it had taken to get up there, but both failed.

"That was all my exercise for today," she joked. He cracked a smile and he grabbed at the door handle, pulling it open.

"Oh my god," Neo shouted. Trunks looked behind the door and he saw a familiar head of spiky black hair.



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