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There are some moments in life where nothing needs to be explained.

On that one particular morning, with their hands gently intertwined and their gazes locked together as they listened to the mandatory words of the ceremony being recited, Ichigo and Rukia knew without needing to say, that was one of those moments.

Before the eyes of only their closest friends and family, the two shinigami were on the verge of making official that which was evident to all those who had bothered to look. Identical smiles played at their lips, threatening to break out into full grins that both were much too proud to willingly display in the presence of others.

That is, at least, until the particular words that they had been patiently listening for finally reached their ears; their cue to speak the two most binding words in a person's life.

Rukia's eyes shone and her hold on Ichigo's hands tightened almost subconsciously; Ichigo's grin now threatened to overtake his face, and anyone looking closely would have noticed that his semi-permanently furrowed eyebrows were almost entirely relaxed now, hovering over a pair of surprisingly tender amber eyes.

There were many words that would always remain unsaid, feelings that only they would understand… But that was alright.

In that one moment, all it took was those two words for everyone to understand that she was everything to him, and he was everything to her.

"I do."

Because sometimes, you don't really need a dictionary.

*zenbu= Japanese for "whole" or "everything"