A.N: Homura's sin

Time and time again, you leave me.

Instead of checking on me when Sayaka threw the extinguisher at me you left with her and entered a dangerous area.

Yes you were saved by Mami but every time you two meet...You contract.

Or at least she pushes you into making one.

When I tried to warn Mami about the doll witch you left with her.

You looked back at me with concern but didn't try to convince her to let me go.

It was always you two.

When you saved me.

As partners and lovers.

You two.

She's died again.

I had mixed emotions, she was my friend but she was hopeless.

Destined to fall and she would drag you down, well either her or Walprigus Night would cause your end.

This time though Miki was there.

If only Miki was eaten as well...Maybe I should have stopped time and only saved you.

Then you have the gall to...No, that was another you.

You asked me to save her.

The idiot.

Myabe I was mad because she could express herself so freely and I had been the same but about you Madoka.

I should have let Kyouko kill her, they would have learned the hard way about the soul gems instead of that proximity rule...

I was glad that you threw it.

Yet...I knew that I was hurting you when I thought that and wanted to stop your crying.

You always cry.

I wanted to cry too...

I was indifferent with Miki's death but you left me when I broke down and tried to warn you.

Why do you only listen when it's too late?

I don't have a choice though, I just keep pushing, preserving, hoping...

Finally after we were the only ones left again, you came to me.

I broke down, I didn't care. I just wanted you.

To be there, to understand.

You always did that for me, you always remained the same no matter how much I changed your confidence by stopping you from contracting.

Yet...you reversedthat.

You protected me again, it was thanks to what you learned from all their failures that you changed the system.

You stripped me of my powers and left me normal again but I couldn't have that.

I could have lived out my life normally but...

Now you're up there and you've left me again.

I've kinda done with this Mami. (See the first chapter of "You Are Not Alone") Sayaka or Madoka will be next and I'm not sure if I wanted to write one for Kyouko and Hitomi. We'll see.