She could still remember the day she met him.

Her mother wanted Miki to learn how to play with boys because her only friend was Madoka.

After hearing a 6 year old Kyosuke play the violin for the first time in the park (where she would later hear Hitomi confess to Kyousuke) she was captivated by his skill and brought to tears by how beautiful the mystical melody was.

When asked if he made the piece, he nodded and she gasped and was physically taken back.

This kid was a genius, a prodigy!

Unlike Madoka who was like any other good behaved girl, Miki herself sometimes felt...unsure.

She had confidence and was told by other kids their age that she was fearless but that was only because she had nothing to lose.

She didn't know how to do chores or cook like Madoka.

She wasn't as musically inclined as Kyosuke.

What did she have?

She spent time with both of her friends making memories of pleasant afternoons basking in their talents.

Madoka cooked and Kyosuke asked her what she thought of his songs.

She didn't know how to respond to both of them.

Her simple thinking made it impossible to really give a great constructive answer at the time so she could only say "good" while feigning a smile.

Her mother enrolled her in a swimming course and she was thrilled to finally have a calling: Sports.

She swam like a dolphin after a couple of lessons and was proud of herself.

Or course all the focus meant that she had to limit herself to her friends so that made her a little sad.

She had no idea, skill meant having to practice it over and over.

On her 8th birthday she was surprised that Kyosuke wanted to spend the day alone with her and only her instead of sometimes her and his friends.

He started to play her a piece and her imagination played out on a movie reel.

Various locations but mostly water related took over and she was imagining herself as a bride with Kyosuke by her side in a under water city filled with glass, hidden away from other people, she smiled.

She blushed at this and started to clap when he finished.

He smiled and they went to go eat out.

She held his hand and he didn't mind.

Things were perfect with her world.

The Bealtes song-Love me Do, modified lyrics:
Love, love me do
I'll always be true
So plee~ease (Kyosuke)
Love me back too