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Since the Harry Potter Saga is pretty much coming to an end with the final film, I thought why not try my hand at one of those cliche fics but with a twist of my own.

Cliche's used: Harry becomes a Dark Wizard, Raised by a loving Family, He is powerful, He encounters his Horcrux early on in the story. I guess these are pretty much it for now. I'll add other's later if I use anymore.

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Harry Potter and The Path of Chaos

By DarkLordRising

Prologue : Abandonment

Part I

Harry looked up, brushing off the pain as his eyes watered. That was the sixth time his cousin had elbowed him. But he wouldn't let it get him down. No, this trip was still great.

For the first time in his life, Harry was accompanying The Dursley family to a small trip to London. When Mrs. Figgs had been found to be down with cold and unable to care for Harry while the Dursley's were away, Petunia had argued that the boy must come with them. After all, they didn't want to come back to find the house in ruins. Dudley had of course protested valiantly, not wanting the freak to ruin his precious outing. It wasn't everyday that they visited London after all.

When Dudley noticed that his protests were being ignored, he settled for torturing Harry by kicking or punching him every now and then. Since they were in a confined space, Harry couldn't dodge.

"Ow..." Harry gasped, as a particularly painful kick to the stomach made him see spots. Vernon groaned.

"Shut it, boy! Can't you see I am driving." he snapped. Harry stayed quiet. It would be much better to remain silent then be punished for speaking up. Across from him, Dudley sniggered and looked away.

Vernon parked the car near a fancy looking house as he attempted to undo his seatbelt. It took much tugging and twisting for it to be undone and he was finally able to turn around.

"Now, Petunia would drive you to the nearby theatre," Vernon said, turning to Harry with a scowl on his face. "You'd best be remembering these streets by heart, boy! Any funny business while I am away and you'd be living in them."

Harry nodded in resigned silence as Vernon left the car and started for the house. Meanwhile, Petunia shifted seats and started up the car, giving a brief wave to her husband as they passed him by. Dudley started chatting with his mom about the kinds of stuff they would buy and the film they would go to see. Harry, finally left to his self, looked out at the passing houses.

"Of course, Diddykins. As soon as we arrive." Petunia said. Harry narrowed his eyes. There was a car heading in their direction from the right. Petunia wasn't paying attention.

"Aunt Petunia!" Harry cried. Petunia snarled, turning to face the boy.

"Wha-" Her irritated drawl was interrupted as the car struck their's at a frightening speed. The Dursley's car rocketed to the side, flipping in circles until it came to a brief stop.

"Dudder's, are you alright?" Petunia called, unraveling her seat-belt. Her head had a massive wound from banging her head on the steering wheel but she barely paid it any attention.

Dudley nodded, clutching his shoulder in pain. It had dislocated when the car had struck the door from his side. Petunia turned to Harry only to find that he was gone. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw that the whole window was broken. She immediately got out from the car. The other car's owner came over, badgering her with apologies. Petunia looked around. Harry was nowhere to be seen.

"Will you shut up!" she snarled at the incessant man. "I need to-" Petunia blinked as a sudden thought came to her. "I need to make sure my child is alright. Now get out of my way!" Petunia turned around and opened Dudley's badly damaged door which had saved his life. Dudley got out, groaning in pain as he latched onto his mother's thigh.

Petunia gave another discreet look around but amidst the gathered crowd, she couldn't spot her nephew. He was nowhere to be seen.

A couple of miles away from the chaos, Harry stumbled as he tried to gain his footing. One minute he was sitting in his aunt's car about to be killed in an accident, the next he was here. It felt awkward, as if he had been pushed through some sort of tube.

'Where am I?' Harry thought, looking around the silent street. There was smoke rising from around the corner which Harry ran towards, looking for a sign of life.

"Whoa..." Harry stared at the mass of people gathered in front of him. As Harry leaned upward to glance at what they were crowded around, a small siren made the crowd part. Harry instantly took the opportunity to get closer as the Police car drove by and towards the wreckage.

Harry felt a small wave of relief wash over in his heart as he spotted his Aunt and Dudley. Dudley was in the Police car while Aunt Petunia was talking with a giant policeman.

"Aunt Petunia!" Harry called. He could swear he saw his aunt look upwards and spot him but she turned back to the policeman. "Aunt Petunia" Harry called, a little louder as he shoved his way through the crowd.

"Aunt Petunia!" Harry all but screamed but it was futile. Either Petunia didn't hear him or didn't want to hear him. Harry watched helplessly as his Aunt was ushered into the Police vehicle. He tried to shove his way past the crowd but the adults barely spared him a glance. One man even kicked him in annoyance.

Harry watched with wide eyes as his relatives drew away. He felt alone and lost. He had just been left in the city.

"Lookie, what we have here, boys!" A voice said, making Harry turn around. A short bald man with distinctively yellow teeth grinned back at him. He was flanked by two other men of medium height and brown hair.

Harry looked around as the men grew closer with wide smiles on their faces. Unknowingly, Harry had been pushed into a deserted street. The crowd was just around the corner but he wouldn't be able to alert it before these men did something to him.

"What say you, boys?" The bald man asked. The two men grunted affirmatively, prompting the bald man to turn back to Harry and unconsciously lick his lips. "Come here, little guy. We wouldn't hurt you...will we boys?" He turned with a wide smile at the other two who matched his expression.

Harry gulped as the men grew closer. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to be near these men. They scared him.

Then, Harry felt as if he was shoved through a much narrower tube as he tried to breath. He started seeing spots in his vision as his head swirled in dizziness. All he remembered was falling painfully on a slab of concrete before darkness claimed him.

Prologue : Abandonment

Part II

Jean Claude Delacour huffed as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead. It was really hot and stuffy in the shop. He couldn't fathom how he had agreed to look for souvenirs in this crowded little building. Then again, he was hardly able to speak without stuttering when his wife turned to him with that expression on her face.

"Maman!" A voice cried. Jean smiled. It was apparent that his little Fleur had found something more about the shop that needed an insult or two. She really was highly critical of any unfamiliar thing.

"Look, zat man has zee oddest nos-" Jean grinned as his wife, Apolline immediately slapped a hand on her daughter's mouth before the crowd could hear anymore. Apolline grew red in embarrassment as the man in question turned to her with a snarl.

"Sorry about that," Jean said, in his polished English accent. "We'll just be going then." He quickly led the family out of the shop before anyone else could retort. Their judging looks followed them through towards the next shop.

"Fleur, would you like some ice-cream?" Jean asked. Hopefully this could calm his hyper-active daughter somewhat. He had never seen her so excited. Not even when she had gone shopping with Apolline.

"Merci, Papa." Fleur replied. The three settled and discussed the flavors before Jean went off to order.

"Two strawberry fudges and one crinckle-berry sundae." Jean said to the shop owner.

"Foreigner, mate?" The owner asked. Jean nodded stoically.

"Good for you," The owner said, handing him the ice-creams. "Mind, we don't really like this hot and scruffy weather either. Just a warming charm gone wrong I suppose" he said, pointing at the make-shift sky. Jean nodded and paid the man before turning back to his family.

"Here you are." Jean said, handing them the ice-creams. The three chatted amiably as they licked their ice-creams, not noticing a pair of eyes staring at them from around the corner with a hungry look.

"Where should we head next?" Apolline asked. Fleur instantly provided some suggestions and with a laugh, the two parents decided on visiting Madam Malkin's as the last spot for the day before going back.

"Sorry!" A man said, brushing past Jean as they headed towards Madam Malkin's Robe for All Occasions.

"Idiot," Jean hissed. He could clearly smell the man's breath. It stank of alcohol and blood. Jean crinkled his nose. Not a good combination. "You two go on ahead, I'll stay here" he said. The mother-daughter pair nodded and went in without another glance, used to Jean's mannerisms. He absolutely despised shopping for clothes.

Jean looked around for a while to notice he was in the clear before he leaned back and relaxed against the wall. It had been a hectic week for him. First, the announcement from the Minister at the Ministry that he was immediately needed in Britain for a conference and then the impromptu touring trip when Apolline opted to have a family vacation as well.

The conference as it turned out had just been an hour of complete posturing, discussing, exchanging friendly banter and some more posturing to show what a good relation France had with Britain. It was supposed to be about the recent laws passed by the International Confederation of Wizards but instead the majority of the time had been spent bragging about the recent successes of the many members on either side.

Jean was more than happy to tour the British countryside with his family but he had to cut his visit short when another conference had been called up, this time in Germany. The Delacour's had been forced to cut their visit short and had to spend the entire day holed up in Diagon Alley simply because the International Portkey was taking a bit long to be made.

'Bloody morons, they could have at least made sure that you tended to the procedures after the Portkey was taken but no, the entire area had to be scooped out for Muggles even though it was in the middle of bloody nowhere' Jean thought. In his mind, the British Ministry of Magic were simply too incompetent. They postured a lot. Though Jean had to admit that his own Ministry did it as well but at least they were able to get some work done.

Even a small International Portkey took at least four hours to finish for the British Ministry of Magic. It seemed everyone was too lazy to get off their arses and do some work. Jean snorted. That had been made painfully apparent when he had met the British Minister for Magic. Cornelius Fudge. Jean was positive that idiot had a stick up his behind that stopped him from working properly. To suggest that Muggles were naive in front of a whole confederation made up of a majority of Muggleborn Minister's had to be the most stupidest thing one could have done.

"Jean?" Apolline called, waking him out of his musings.

"Yes dear?" Jean said, turning to her.

"Fleur wanted to ask if it was okay to visit the muggles?" Apolline said. Fleur looked up at her father with wide eyes and a hopeful expression plastered on her face. Jean swore inwardly. He was sure she practiced that so he couldn't say no.

"...Fine," Jean said, sighing. "But only a look. The Portkey will be active in an hour or so according to the shopkeeper." He glanced at the comb in his hand. At least they could have made a larger Portkey. It was for three people after all.

Fleur squealed in happiness as she dragged her parents to the Leaky Cauldron. It was thankfully empty except for the occasional customer at the bar. The three of them stalked past the stunned customer and Tom, the barkeep without preamble. Jean felt a desire to punch the two men for staring at his wife and his daughter but decided against it. They couldn't help it after all. They were both beautiful witches.

The Delacour family opened the door to the Muggle entrance and walked out into the street. They stopped short immediately when they saw the scene in front of them. The street was completely deserted. A cloud of smoke was billowing up from around the corner and a crowd seemed to be gathered there.

"...Maman, Papa...Where are ze muggles?" Fleur asked, worriedly. "Where zey eaten?" Jean snorted while Apolline turned to her with a smile.

"No, Fleur," Apolline said. "Ze muggles are fine. Zey are just round zee corner"

"Why are zey 'iding around ze corner?" Fleur asked, curiously as the Delacour family crept a bit closer. Fleur coughed as a bit of the smog swept over them.

"Because they are afraid of us, Fleur." Jean said, smugly. Apolline turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

"What are zey afraid of? We will not 'arm zem" Fleur said.

"They are afraid of our k-" Jean's monologue was interrupted as a figure plummeted to the ground in front of them. Apolline and Fleur shrieked as the body fell while Jean looked on, stunned.

The figure groaned as he crashed to the floor, a bright red lightning bolt shaped scar glistened on his head.

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