Surfing Dimensions~

Chapter 3

"Well, Vanessa..." Doofenshmirtz started explaining."I believe that this is my best inventions yet! With this special inator, you can go to an alternate dimension with one click of a button!"

Vanessa shot him a confused look. "And how exactly is that EVIL?"

Doofenshmirtz chuckled, and said, "I plan on using this to send every person.../PLATYPUS... I despise into the alternate dimension to be stuck FOREVER!"

Vanessa gasped. "Wow, dad! That IS evil!" She took out her phone and dialed her mom's number. "Mom, you won't believe what evil thing dad did this time!"

– –

"Hm..." Isabella said, thoughtfully. "I was thinking of something along the lines of a giant birdy (A/N: Thing you use to play badminton with, NOT a feathered flying animal. Inspired by one of the clips from a trailer.) that could fly us across Danville!"

Phineas was filled with pure excitement the moment Isabella finished her sentence. "Isabella, that's a great idea!" Phineas said, showing signs of being appreciative and excited. "Ferb, you go get our toolbox from the garage, while I draw out the blueprint! Isabella, you go get Buford, Baljeet, and the Fireside Girls!"

Ferb gave a thumbs up, and walked into the garage, while Isabella saluted, and said, "Roger that!", then made her way out of the Flynn-Fletcher backyard.

Chapter by Megan (PftFan99)

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