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On a warm Spring morning in the month of May in Jackson, Mississippi Mason Ryan walked into his garage. The smell of Jasmine and Magnolia filled the air. He breathed in the sweet scents of springtime as he opened the doors to his shop. He made his way inside to open up other things as his employees began to arrive for the day. He greeted Husky Harris and David Otunga as they arrived and prepared for a day of work. Mason's garage known to the small town as; Ryan's Auto Repairs, was the most popular auto shop in Mississippi. Anyone and everyone brought their cars to Mason to fix seeing as he was the best mechanic in town.

Mason was a handsome man with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was about 6'2 and was very muscular. He was a polite Southern gentleman but he differed from most Southern males. He was originally from Wales and came to America at the age of 19 to go to school and even though he had been in America for the last 6 years he still spoke with a Welsh accent and could speak Welsh amazingly well. It was something that drove the southern women wild!

When it came to women Mason never had a serious relationship. He'd gone out on tons of dates but none of them really had potential. They just never seemed right to Mason. He was looking for that special someone. An intelligent outgoing woman that held herself well. He wanted a respectable woman that wasn't ready to have sex on the first date. Mason didn't have a problem with sex he just wanted a woman that had high morals and wasn't ready to give it out. He craved a relationship based on an emotional connection rather than a physical one. He was ready for a relationship that could potentially lead to marriage. He was ready to be more serious. He just needed to find the right woman to knock him off his feet.

While Mason was opening up shop, getting his day started Charlie Sinclair was getting her day started as she got her 6 year old daughter Delaney ready for school. Charlie followed the same routine every morning. She'd wake Delaney up, dress her, give her breakfast and then get a shower and then got herself ready for work. Charlie was your typical southern woman. She was hospitable, religious and intelligent. She was your typical southern belle and she spoke with a deep accent that she developed in the last 24 years of her life as she grew up in southern Mississippi.

Charlie was a receptionist at her father's law firm. She was not interested in love and had no interest in ever pursuing a relationship ever again. She had her heart shattered 6 years earlier by her first and only boyfriend. His name was Dan and he was the only man Charlie loved and would ever be able to love. Dan and Charlie met each other when they were 5 years old. They were the best of friends and were inseparable. Their parents joked about them growing up and falling in love. They couldn't have been any more right. When they were about 15 years old Dan started seeing Charlie as more than a friend. He wasn't the only one seeing more than friendship, Charlie was searching for more from him too. They went on a couple dates and soon fell in love with each other. They were high school sweethearts that planned to marry at 18 before going off to college. Charlie ended up getting pregnant the night of their senior prom changing their lives forever. Dan promised nothing would change and they were still going to get married and go to college but 3 months after Delaney; also known as Laney, was born Dan wanted out. He wanted to live his life. He wanted to find more so 6 years ago on that particular May day Dan told Charlie he wanted out and left her on her own. He got in his car and drove away never seeing Charlie or Laney again.

Charlie did everything she could. She got a job and went to college so Laney could have the best life possible. Charlie lived for Laney and Laney alone. She was never going to love again and she was never going to allow a man to love her and hurt her again. Her life was perfect and the way she wanted it to be. Nothing was ever going to change that.

Later that morning after Charlie dropped Laney off at school she was getting ready to leave but her car wouldn't start. "Damn it," she yelled in frustration. Another parent had seen her attempt to start the car several times before he approached her.

"Ma'am, do you need help?" he asked.

"Yes," she said in her soft voice with her deep southern accent, "my car won't start. Can you give me a jump?"

"Sure," he said. He walked over to his car and got out his jumper cables. He attempted to give her a jump but it didn't work so he called her a tow truck.

"Thank-you," she said pulling out her cell phone to call her friend for a ride.

"You're welcome," he said before leaving and heading off to his own job.

The tow truck arrived at the same time as Charlie's friend Olivia. Charlie gave the tow truck man all her information before he towed her car and she headed off to work. When work was over Olivia offered to pick Laney up from daycare and drop them off at Ryan's Auto Repairs but Charlie told Olivia just to drop her off at the shop and then she'd pick Laney up. Olivia dropped Charlie off like she was asked and Charlie walked into the shop straight to the desk. "Can I help you?" asked Husky.

"My name is Charlotte Sinclair. I'm here to pick up my car," she said putting her brown hair into a ponytail.

"Mason is working on it let me go get him for you."

"Thank-you," she said as Husky got up and walked out to get Mason. He didn't say a word as he left. "All right," said Charlie as she rolled her eyes.

Husky walked out to see Mason finishing up Charlie's car. "The owner of the Spectra is here," he said.

"Tell him I will be right in."

"Actually the he is a she," said Husky, "a pretty hot she."

"But it says Charlie. That's a male name."

"Charlie short for Charlotte. She's gorgeous, Man."

"What does she look like?" Mason asked. He was just curious it didn't really mean anything.

"Tall, I'd say about 5'6. She's in good shape, very petite. She has to work out. Brown hair and blue eyes as clear as the summer sky that's overhead on Mississippi summer days."

"I'll be in in a few minutes," he said wiping his hands off with a smile. If Charlie was as beautiful as Husky claimed it would be Mason's pleasure to meet her.

Charlie stood waiting for Mason to come to the front. He finally came to the desk and she said, "are you Mason?"

"Yes I am. You must be Charlotte," he said in his Welsh accent It melted Charlie on the inside as she heard him say her given name.

"Please call me Charlie."

"Okay, Charlie," he said with a smile Charlie looked him over. Not only did he have the smell of oil and grease on him but he also had oil stains on his uniform and his hands dirty from working on cars all day. There was just something about a dirty man that drove Charlie crazy and to top it off he had an amazing accent and was an attractive man. "So how are you enjoy this weather today?"

"It's beautiful. Looking forward to a hot Mississippi summer."

"Isn't that how it always is here?"

"I guess," she said with a small laugh.

"You have a beautiful smile," he said.

"Thank-you," she said, "I like your accent."

"Thank-you," he said with a shy smile. "So did Mr. Sinclair bring you?" That was Mason's slick way of trying to find out if she was married or dating anyone.

"There is no Mr. Sinclair. Just me."

"Oh. I'm sorry," he said getting her paperwork. "You know if you're not busy…."

"Stop right there," she said. He may have been good looking but Charlie didn't want anything more. It was strictly business. "What was wrong with the car?"

"Your engine overheated and you needed an oil change. It's all good now," he said giving her the paperwork. She paid for it and he had her sign the papers.

"Thank-you," she said as he handed her the keys.

"You're welcome," he said. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime. Grab a cup of coffee or something."

"No thank-you. I don't really have time."

"Oh," he said disappointed. "If you ever have time here's my number," he said handing her a card with his cell phone and home number written on the back.

"Thanks," she said before walking out to get her car. She threw the card away on her way to the car. As good looking as Mason was she just didn't have time to go out with a man and give him the chance to fall in love with her. She liked everything the way it was and she didn't need a man to come along and change everything. It wasn't worth the risk at least that's what she thought as she drove on her way to get Laney from daycare.

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