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*5 years later*

The next 5 years were probably the most trying times of Mason's life but there was not a time in the last 5 years that Mason would give up or change. He accepted his life as is. It wasn't always apple pies and rainbows but thunderstorms and dark days. He took them in stride and handled them the best he could. Samara was as healthy as could be and she suffered no lasting effects from a premature birth which made Mason very happy. He believed it was God's work that she had turned out so well. He thanked God everyday for the normal and healthy little girl Samara turned out to be despite everything. She once again beat the odds.

Declan on the other hand struggled a bit in life but he was Mason's little boy and he held a tight grip on his heart. When he was about 6 months old Mason learned that he was completely deaf in his right ear and partially deaf in his left ear. He could hear very little in his left ear so he had to wear a hearing aide. Mason wondered why Declan never responded to sound so when he took him to the doctor they made that discovery. Mason's heart ached for his son. Then when Declan learned to crawl Mason realized he would never move his right foot and would just drag it along with him as he went. He took him to the doctor to find out that he had cerebral palsy and they told him he would never be able to walk normally when the time came. They suggested a surgery on his leg to help him walk but it couldn't be done till he was 3 years old. Mason struggled with that decision but when Declan was three years old he got the surgery he needed. While he never gained complete use of the leg he was given a leg brace to wear so that he could walk. Then the Cerebral Palsy became more evident as Declan got older and could not color with his right hand, hold a pencil in his right hand and many gross motor skills but he learned to do it all on his left hand. Declan also suffered from a speech delay. He didn't start talking till he was 2 ½ years old and most of the things he said were groans and noises. It pained Mason so much to see his son suffer like that. If he could trade places with him he would in a minute but by the time Declan was 4 and had speech therapy he was able to talk a little better even though sometimes things were still a little mumbled. Mason thought all the troubles were behind them and that they could move on and deal with the Cerebral Palsy and the speech delay and then about a year ago Declan was diagnosed with autism. This all dated back to him being born prematurely and even though Declan suffered from these problems there was not a day Mason felt like giving up. There were many days when he prayed for the strength to get through the day but he never gave up. He would never give up on Declan. He was the sweetest most loving child. He had a heart of gold. Mason loved him to no end but every time he looked at his son and saw all the suffering and pain he had to go through at a young age and how he would never be normal his hatred for his mother Viktoryia grew stronger and bigger. It was her fault that his son would never live a normal life. It was her fault all his kids would never have a normal life. The hatred he held for her was unending.

And you can call Mason crazy if you want to but when the twins were about 3 years old he decided to use Charlie's harvested eggs and use his sperm to make another baby with her. They had agreed on a total of 4 kids so he wanted just one more. Charlie's mom agreed to it and so did her father but Olivia on the other hand was skeptical of it. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea and she thought it was weird but then she began to understand the situation and even offered to be the surrogate to which Mason was very grateful and then about a year ago Mason had his third and final child with Charlie another little girl. He named her Charlotte Grace after her mother and they even called her Charlie. He was so happy to have her in his life as well. His kids were all he had left in life because he refused to marry again or even date again. He felt like he was being loyal to his wife.

It was the day of the twins' 5th birthday so it was a really big day for them but it was also a sad day for them. It had meant they survived 5 years but it was 5 years since Charlie was taken from them so soon. Mason wasn't having a big party for them just one with close friends and family. "I can't believe they are five already," said Elaine. "It's crazy how fast time goes."

"I know," said Mason as he hung up some streamers. "The last 5 years have gone by so fast even though they were the hardest years of my life."

"But you're doing good. Laney is a happy and healthy 12 year old, Samara is a healthy 5 year old little girl and Declan has made it another year. I know it's not always easy with him, Mason but he's a great kid."

"He is. I love him to death. Charlie would have loved him too."

"She does," she said.

"MAMMAW!" yelled Samara as she ran up to her grandma as she came in the door from going to pick up their cake with Olivia.

"Hello," said Elaine as she picked her up. "It's your birthday!"

"I know, Mammaw! I'm 5!"

"I know you're such a big girl. And you're so beautiful." She was beautiful. She looked just like her mother with the dark hair, the crystal blue eyes, she sounded like her, she walked like her and she acted like her. It was like Charlie was living through Samara in a way.

"Thank-you," she said with a smile; another thing she inherited from her mother.

"Sorry it took me so long," said Olivia laying the cake down on the table.

"It's okay," said Mason. "No harm done."

"Daddy," said Samara, "the cake is beautiful."

"I bet it is," said Mason with a smile as Declan came into the kitchen to see the cake.

"Cake?" he asked pointing to it.

"Yes, Cake," said Mason. "Look at it, Buddy," he said to him in words and sign language.

Declan looked at the Mickey Mouse cake in front of him and went to touch the icing. "No, Declan!" said Samara. "That's for later," she said signing to him.

"Now," he said. "Cake now."

"Buddy, your sister is right. It's not time for cake right now. Let's go outside to play."

"Cake now," he said again.

"No. Not now. Come on, Buddy," said Mason taking him outside with the other kids. He put up a little fuss but after he got outside Brighton and Laney came over to play with him. Laney loved Declan with all her heart. They had a special bond that Mason didn't quite understand but Declan was very attached to her. Samara soon joined them in playing a game. Mason joined in with them. He loved to play with his kids.

Once they were done playing they opened presents. Mason helped Declan open his presents while Samara ripped right through them. Samara got plenty of baby dolls and baby doll accessories along with some clothes as Declan got action figures and his favorite thing legos. "Lego," he said showing them to Mason.

"I see, Buddy. Are you going to build a tower?"

"Yes. Open," he said.

"Don't you want cake?"

"No. Open," he said handing it to Mason.

"Okay, Buddy," said Mason. He wasn't going to argue with him so he opened the legos for him to play with but he wasn't happy when Brighton tried to play with him.

"No. Mine," he said.

"Declan, share," said Mason.

"Mine," said Declan.

"It's okay, Uncle Mason. Declan can play with them. I want cake," said Brighton.

"Are you sure?" asked Mason.

"Yes," he said as they went to get cake. Declan sat and played with his legos as they brought out the cake.

As soon as Declan knew the cake was out he got up and walked over to the table. Mason lit the candles and said, "you know how this works. We sing to Declan first and then Samara one at a time. I want them to feel like individuals."

"We know, Dad," said Laney as she held Baby Charlie. "We're going to sing happy birthday to Declan and Samara." Baby Charlie clapped her hands and smiled. "That's right," said Laney. "Yay!"

They took their time to sing happy birthday to Declan first and then Samara. Mason then cut the cake for the guests and Olivia handed out the cake. Declan was in Heaven as he ate his cake and nothing else in the world existed to him. "Are you okay, Declan or do you need help?" asked Elaine.

"Good," he said as he ate a bite of his cake.

"He's come a long way," said Elaine.

"I know," said Mason as he watched him eat. "I remember there were times I thought we would never get this far."

"Me too," said Elaine, "but we're here."

"Yeah," said Mason with tears in his eyes. He was so overwhelmed at how far they had come. They came from being 2-3 pounds at birth, the weakest of the weak, dependent on machines to survive and now here they were at 5 years old alive and well. Even though Declan had his problems he had his triumphs. He survived when they thought he was going to die, he could walk after being told he couldn't, he could speak after they thought he never would, he could feed himself after they thought he never would. He proved people wrong that's what he did and even though he had his trying times Mason wouldn't give him up for anything. He was an amazing little boy. Even Samara she was just as amazing. She beat the odds too. Mason had to look at them both and realize how lucky he was because things could have been a lot worse for him.

The next day was the 5 year anniversary of Charlie's death so Mason took the kids to visit her grave. It was a tradition they had since the one year anniversary. Although Samara and Declan never met their mom they knew all about her and knew how much she loved them. Laney went up to the grave first. She laid down a bouquet of red roses and said, "Well, Mama, it's been 5 years. I still miss you everyday and there have been so many times I wish you were here. I wish you could see me play softball. I get to be the pitcher this year which is awesome. I wish you could be there for my 6th grade dance but I know you'll be with me in spirit. I love you, Mama and I think about you everyday. I love you so much. I have to wait till I get to Heaven to tell you all that I have to tell you or it would take me a whole day and I know Dad wants some time to talk to you. You'd be proud of him. He's a great guy. He's been through it all in the last 5 years but he keeps going. He's my hero. You would be so proud of him. I love you and I will talk to you soon." She got up and walked over to Mason. He gave her a hug and she said, "it's your turn."

"Thanks," he said, "but I think Samara wanted to talk to her right?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said as she walked over to the tombstone. "Hi, Mommy. I never met you but Laney told me all about you. She told me all about Love you Forever which she reads to Declan and me every night! She told me about how you guys baked cookies together and how you played dolls with her. You sound like you were a great Mommy. I wish I could have met you but I know I will someday. That's what Daddy says anyway. I love you," she said before getting up. "I'm done, Daddy."

"Okay," said Mason. "Can you go with your sister for a minute? I want to talk to your Mommy alone."

"Okay, Daddy," she said going to join Baby Charlie, Laney and Declan while Mason got down on the ground to talk to Charlie.

"Hey, Honey," he said. "It's been 5 years. These years have been so tough for me. I miss you so much. I've gone through so much as you can tell but Declan is a great kid. I wouldn't trade him for anything. The love that boy has is amazing. I wish you could be here with me so we could go through this together. The kids are wonderful. Laney is so helpful and she's so intelligent. She is at the top of her class right now and she's getting ready to head off to middle school. That's going to be fun it's going to be time for me to fight off the boys because she is growing up to be a beautiful little girl. I have my work cut out for me," he said with a laugh, "but I think she's going to be all right. You would be so proud of her. She is amazing. Samara she is such a sweetheart but she has your personality. I can see you in her everyday. The way she talks, the way she acts, the way she looks everything is you. She is a great kid. You would love her so much. And Declan you would love him too. He is the sweetest little boy I have ever met. He may be suffering on some days but others he is like a normal child. Like today. He's playing with Laney and Samara he's great, Charlie. I know that you would love him. I just need to thank-you for these blessings you gave me. They are amazing. Then Baby Charlie she is a joy too. I guess I was crazy for having another one and I hope that you're not upset with what I did but I just needed one more baby with you. One more last living piece of you. She is such a good baby. She just learned out to walk and she is saying Dadda. She can say Mama too. I always show her your picture and tell her that's Mama. She always smiles and kisses the picture. She loves you, Charlie. We all love you and we all miss you. It hurts me still knowing that you had so much time left but it was all taken away by selfishness. I wish I would have listened to you. I wish that I would have gone back that day. If I would have you would still be here and we would be able to enjoy our lives together. Everything would be back to normal and everything would be okay. This is my life now though I've learned to live with it but there is not a day that I don't want to go back and change the day you went out with my Mum who is now rotting in jail for the rest of her life like she should be. She will pay for what she did to you. I love you so much and we'll meet again soon. I love you," he said as he kissed his hand and then touched the tombstone. He got up from the ground looked back at the grave and then headed off with his kids.

Charlie had it all in life. She had a beautiful daughter when she met Mason. She fell in love with Mason and married him. She got pregnant and was so excited. She couldn't wait to meet the babies she carried inside of her. Her life was taken away in a tragic end and she didn't have time to live the life she wanted to. She didn't have time to see her kids grow up. She didn't have time to grow old with her husband. She didn't have time to be her. She didn't have time to live her life to the fullest. She didn't have time to be a mommy to the 4 most beautiful kids in the world. She didn't have time to be in their lives. Her life was taken away so suddenly and so horribly that she didn't have time to live her dreams. She wanted it all and she had big dreams but she didn't have time.


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