Bella Comes Home

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This will start out at the end of Bella's junior year, and before she turns 17. As far as I know this is my plot. I have a twisted perv mind so this will be rated M. There will be lemons and some cussing. There will be adult situations.

Just a little set up before I begin. Bella grows up differently then in the books. Renee is from a wealthy family and will be very OOC. There will be some background and flashbacks in this story. There will be drama and family and love. In my story there is a pack in each generation and Billy is not in a wheelchair. Story will start just before the first book. I don't want to give too much away. Just give it a chance, this is my first 'just twilight' story. As always please let me know what you think.

Thanks, and let's get to the story.

Chapter 1

Bella comes into the house after her jog. It's still early just 8am. She goes up to her room and takes a shower and dresses for her day. She goes into the kitchen, finding Phil her mom's latest husband, in just basketball shorts. He plays major league baseball for the Jacksonville Tigers (AN- just made that up). He is one of their best pitchers. He was signed onto the team at the end of the last season. They have high hopes for him.

Bella licks her lips as she checks out Phil's body. Starting with his legs. He has large calves from all the running and training he does. His thighs are also big. From his legs you would think he played football not baseball. But he has an arm for pitching.

Bella continues to look over his body. He is nicely tanned everywhere and has a medium sized 6 pack that is totally lickable. Then she glances up and looks at his chest that is also very defined. She looks at his large muscular arms. His mussels bulging due to all of his training. He is about 6'3" and 245lbs. He is on the large side. He has short dishwater blond hair. Almost in a crewcut. Then she looks at his face. He has a big smile as he is watching Bella checking him out again. He has deep dark blue eyes the color of the ocean in Hawaii.

Phil has always been attracted to Bella, but she is his wife's daughter. It is wrong to think the things he does about her. It's been getting bad, as Renee has been away on one trip or another with her latest boy toy. He knew she only married him because he was good looking. The sex was never good with her, but up until now he has remained faithful. Though he has been having more thoughts about Bella.

Bella was always showing off her body prancing around in nearly nothing. Boys calling her all times of day and night. As far as Phil knows, Bella doesn't have a steady boyfriend.


God my hormones are going crazy. For some reason I have this need to jump Phil. I know Renee has cheated on him the whole time they've been together. My mom is a slut you see. She has never been a mother to me. Maybe when I was a baby but that was it. Mom has never worked a day in her life. She has always been taken care of. Her family is rich. When she was born her grandparents, set up a trust fund for her. Just like her parents did for me. Renee and her parents lived in Forks during her senior year. She hung out on the nearby Indian reservation, La Push. She had a thing for several guys there. She met Charlie and he fell for her hard. She got pregnant and he married her. I guess at first she told him I was his. I learned differently at the age of 12.


Renee was out with friends doing lord only knows what. She called late one night and told me Charlie was not my father. Little did she know, that I've known that pretty much my whole life. I used to spend 2 weeks most summers with Charlie. Then I started to make excuses to not go. It just felt weird spending time with him. With him thinking I was his daughter.

End flashback

I walk over to the fridge to get something out for breakfast. I'm sure Phil hasn't eaten yet either.

"Hay Phil are you hungry? I was about to make something for myself."

"Sure honey." I was about to get some fruit and yogurt out then had a better thought. I turn around and watch Phil drinking some coffee.

"Phil can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Bella."

"Are you attracted to me? Because I know I'm attracted to you."

"Oh, babe if you only knew."

"Only knew what? That you want to take me upstairs and fuck me. You know I'm not a virgin. I'm not a slut either. I've only had sex with 2 guys from school. Maybe it's time for me to be with a real man."

"Oh god Bella. I've wanted you for so long. Renee has never turned me on the way that you do. When she is gone. I keep thinking of ways to spend time with you. At night I have to jerk off for hours, so I don't come to you. Then I dream about being with you when I sleep. Then in the morning I have to jerk off again in the shower."

I walk over to him and bring his hands to my waist.

"Phil I have felt the same way. I knew it was wrong having these feelings for you. But we both know Renee has not been faithful a day in her life. I even know that Charlie is not my dad. Take me upstairs and have me."

3rd Person's POV

Phil brings his hands to Bella's face and kisses her hard. He shoves his tongue into her mouth and she moans. She brings up her hands and puts them in his short hair and pulls him closer. They pull away a minute later to breathe.

"Ok let's go upstairs. I hope you don't have any plans for today or the next couple of days. Because I'm going to keep you busy."

Phil pulls Bella upstairs.


Finally, I get to have Phil. I've been dreaming about this for a while now. I've done things with boys at school, so I would know what I was doing when this time came. I've wanted Phil since the first day Renee brought him home.

We are now in their room.

"God you're sexy. I need you naked now. Let me see your body. I need to touch you."

He takes off my cami.

"Well you are a naughty girl walking around with no bra, tempting me."

"I've been wanting and needing this for so long. Stop talking and kiss me."

Kiss me he does. He pulls me close and it feels great. My bare chest against his bare chest. Then those oh so kissable lips on me. So warm and soft. He kisses me softly at first, but then I bite his bottom lip and shove my tongue in. He opens for me and I taste him. I wonder what other parts of him taste like. I will find out soon if I have a choice. I need to taste each part of his body.

We pull apart to breathe. He takes his shorts off as do I. We stand there naked just looking at each other.

"God Bella your just 17 but have the body of a grown woman. Your boobs are just the perfect size. Not small but just big enough. I need to taste you. Come over to the bed and lay down for me. I'm going to taste every part of you."

I do as he says. I'm getting so wet just thinking of what he is going to do to me. I can't keep my eyes off his huge dick. I have watched soft porn and I've given blow jobs. But all the guys I've seen have nothing on Phil. His dick is a thing of beauty. Though I'm a little scared too. You see he is quite large. He is at least 10 inches long maybe longer, and very thick. Giving him a blow job will be interesting.

He starts to kiss and nibble on my neck then goes down to my collar bone then finally goes to my boobs. He is squeezing the right one, while sucking and licking the left. He nibbles and sucks for a while and god does it feel good. I can feel myself dripping on the bed. He is getting me so hot. Then he switches sides and starts to grope my left breast while licking, sucking and nibbling on my right.

"Oh god that feels so good. God Phil I need more. Please."

We took our time exploring each other's bodies. Let me just say that Phil has very strong fingers and a very talented mouth. We try different positions. At first I was scared because he was very big. He sort of giggled when I asked if he would fit. We spent all day in bed giving and receiving. We took little breaks here and there.

"Gosh Phil you can't be human. I will have to call you the energizer bunny, because you keep going and going, and going." I said joking.


I am a shape shifter. I have known about what I am since I was a small boy. My dad was one and mom was his imprint. I know I didn't imprint on Renee or Bella. Not all of us will imprint. I will tell Bella what I am to explain some things to her.

My dick has finally had enough. I was getting soft. I pull out of her and lay her on her back.

"Oh, baby that was the best fuck I've ever had. God you feel so good when you cum honey."


"Baby you felt so good, being that deep in me. Promise this was not just a onetime thing. I'm going to have to have you again, soon. God could this get any better."

Phil laid down next to me and started to suck on my boob. I was able to reach his dick. I grabbed it and used my closest hand to go up and down. It was soft, but the moment my hand touched him he got hard as a rock again. I needed him to be inside of me again. I just can't get enough of him.

I took my hand away and leaned over to kiss his mouth. He kissed me back.


Next thing I know Bella is on top of me sliding on my hard dick. Once I'm completely in her she started moving. God it felt good.


Oh man it felt good taking over for a little while. Riding his big cock. Phil flipped me back onto my back when I stopped to recover from my last intense orgasm. I think I've had more today then in my entire life. I'm addicted to this. I have so many things I want to do to him and with him. I wonder how he feels about bringing in another guy. I want to know how it feels to be fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. I know, what can I say, maybe I'm a nympho now. I just know this is the best feeling I've ever had. God I wonder if all shape shifters are hung like him.

Oh god how many times can I cum. Here I go again. He thrusts into me again and again and I feel him shoot deep into me. He collapses, putting his weight on his arms.


I pull out of Bella.

"God baby I don't think I've ever been so warn out from sex. You're amazing honey. Do you mind if we take a break to recover a bit? I wanted to talk to you about something."

I wonder if she would be interested in any of the other guys on the team. It turns out there are several that are the same as me. Shape shifters. I'm a bobcat . I know the others will love her.

"Would you mind if we took a shower. I will try not to grope you. It will be hard though." She laughs. But I pick her up and carry her into my large bathroom. I set her down on the counter. She is looking gorgeous all hot and sweaty from our fucking.

I love this bathroom. The shower is big enough to fit 10 large people in it. It has several shower heads. I turn the water on for us. I let it get hot. I pick Bella up and we go in. I get her hair all wet as well as her body. One of the shower heads is set up perfect for me to get all wet also. I grab the puff and put some of her shower gel in it. I start washing her. She grabs my puff and puts my shower gel on and soaps me up. God it feels good having her touch my body.

"Babe I think we should wash ourselves. I don't know about you, but, I'm getting hard again. And, unless you want me to fuck you in here we need to stop."

"Phil I can't stop touching you. I guess you will have to just fuck me again."

"Ok babe." She takes the puff and washes my balls and ass, then goes to my painfully hard dick and washes that off. She rinses off all the soap. She uses her hands to make sure it's gone. Next thing I know she is pushing me to the seat we have in the shower and she is on her knees. She starts to lick the head of my dick and I let out a groan.

"Oh god Bella that feels so good." She puts the head in her mouth and works her tongue around my fat dick. She takes more and more of me into her mouth. I wonder if she has any kind of gag reflex. God I hope not. Just as I thought that I felt and saw that she had me completely in her mouth. I feel my head hit the back of her throat.

"Oh god babe. You're the only one that has ever been able to do this. Oh god I'm gonna cum. Oh that feels good. I love watching your mouth fucking my dick. Oh god do that again. Oh yes."

She was sucking hard when she took me in, then when she was going up she gently scraped her bottom teeth on my dick. That feeling was incredible. Oh god I'm close. I've never had a blow job this good. Women have tried but can't take all of me. Just like when I fuck them.

After a few minutes of her giving me the hoover treatment. I finally blow, and I'll be damned if she didn't take it all and swallow. She then cleaned my dick off for any that she may have missed. She got up and licked her lips.

I pull her to me and kiss her hard and sit her on my lap. Sticking my dick into her hot wet pussy.

"Bella that was the best feeling ever. No one has ever been able to take me the way you do. God your amazing."


I impressed myself being able to take him all in. When I finish, I get up and lick my lips. Then Phil pulls me down and gives me a hot kiss. He then slides me onto his dick again. I don't think I will ever get tired of having him inside of me.

"Oh, Phil you feel so good in me. I need it." We fuck some more until we come again. We decided to finish our shower and Phil washed my hair then conditioned it for me. I like his shower so much that I use it when he is gone to away games. We get out of the shower and dry ourselves off.

We walk back into the bedroom and lay down with Phil holding me.


"Ok Bella time to talk about some things."

"Ok. Now I love having this with you. But at some point I want to find my soul mate and have sex with just him. Right now I'm just trying things I may never be able to do otherwise."

"Ok that's understood. What would you say if I told you some of the guys on the team were interested in you? Some of us have been fantasizing about you for a while now." All of my shape shifting teammates. There are 4 of them.

"I might be interested. Are they shape shifters like you?"

Well that surprised me. "How long have you known? I had no idea."

"I've known for a year or so. I saw you from the back-yard phasing once. You're a bobcat right?"

"Yes I am. There are 4 guys on the team that are shifters. That's what we call it. They all want to be with you. Dante, Jim, Scott and Adam."

"I think I would like that. I've met them all. They all have great bodies. I've wanted to know what it felt like being fucked by 2 men at the same time anyway. The thing I worry about is, how are they going to fit in my ass. I know you would love to try. But, babe I'm afraid you would tear me in half."

"I agree. But not to say that I've check out my teammate's junk. But 2 of them are smaller. Not by much but I think they will fit just fine. Now tell me how you know about shape shifters."


"I know quite a bit actually. I found out about vampires and shape shifters when I was 5. Renee and I just moved into a new house and she met one of her many biker boyfriends. He took us to Dallas for the 4th of July to see fireworks. He was a good guy. Of course she dumped him after we got home."


I was looking for a concession stand to get more of the yummy lemon aid, while Renee was sucking face with her current boy toy. I found it and got my lemon aid. I was drinking and felt someone watching me. It felt creepy. Then suddenly I felt cold arms around my waist and was pulled into a different direction. I wasn't scared though. For some reason I felt like I could trust this person that grabbed me. He set me down and asked if I was ok.

"Yes. But why did you do that?"

"I'm sorry honey. There was a bad man that was following you. My brother took him away. He wanted to hurt you and do bad things to you."

"Oh gosh, well thank you. What is your name?"

"Oh, where are my manners. Sorry about that. I'm Marcus Volturi.." Then he points to another man with dark straight hair. ".. That is my brother Aro."

I shake the hand of Marcus then of Aro. He was shocked by something.

"What's wrong. Was I not supposed to do that? I'm sorry."

"No not at all honey.."

"Bella my name is Bella. Well it's Isabella, but I prefer Bella."

"...well Ms. Bella it's very nice to meet you.." Marcus said.

"I should get back to Renee my mom." I said.

Aro says "Let's walk you over and talk on the way."

"Ok, what do you want to know?" I asked.

"How is it that you're so smart. When Marcus found you, he said that you looked like you were waiting for someone."

"Oh that. Well after I got my lemon aid, I was walking back to Renee and felt like someone was watching me. It was creepy. I'm not sure why I did it. But I stopped to take a drink. Waiting for something to happen. I knew I would be ok. I just needed to wait. Then Marcus came and scooped me up. Can I assume you took care of the pedophile by feeding on him?"

"Um Bella what are you talking about honey?" Aro asked.

"Aro, I may be only 5 but I'm smarter then the normal human girl. When Marcus touched me, it was like ice. Then he picked me up like I was a feather and then there was the running. It felt like I was flying. Then finally your eyes. There red. Renee lets me get on her laptop and I like to research things. Right now there are so many books, movies and tv shows about the supernatural. You would think some of it had to be based on the truth. So, tell me are you vampires?" I said.

"Yes we are. In fact, you can say we are kings. We are both over 1,000 years old along with our brother Cauis. Some vampires have a gift. When I shook your hand, normally I would be able to read every thought you have ever had. But, you were blank. Almost like you weren't even here." Aro stated.

"Well that's interesting what about you Marcus, what is your gift?" I asked.

"I can tell ties or relationships between people. Like from the moment I saw you. I saw that Aro and I will be like uncles to you. But, our other brother Caius will be more like a father. Which is a very surprising thing because he normally hates humans and has no use for them other then to feed on."

"Can I say something and the two of you not think I'm crazy or anything?" I asked.

"Of course sweetie. You can ask us anything."

"I'm not sure why but I have this feeling that I will be spending time with you in Italy. We will be telling Renee about some kind of accelerated school that I will attend and that I would come to the states for a month during my summer vacation. I will spend 2 weeks with her and 2 weeks with Charlie."

"I was trying to think of a way to have you with us so we can teach you things. Now who is Charlie?" Aro asked.

"Oh Aro he thinks he's my father. He was Renee's first husband. They got married because she was pregnant with me. I saw my real birth certificate and for father it said unknown. I don't think she has even told him. I have this weird pull to him though. I don't understand it. He doesn't feel like my dad though. Let's tell Renee that through our talking, you 2 have discovered how intelligent I am, and you would like to give me a scholarship to attend the school. She doesn't work and has her own money. I know she won't miss me. She's never been a real mom to me. She would even help me pack and leave with you right away."

End of flashback

"So, I ended up spending most of 8 years in Italy and coming back to the states for a month in the summer. I would visit Renee and Charlie. While in Italy I met Caius. He felt like a father to me. It was something that was missing in my life. He was very protective of me. I met the other guards and have become very close to them. Especially the ones they call the witch twins. Jane and Alec."

I tell him about their powers and the power of some of the others. The fact all the ladies would take me shopping every chance they got. I also explained that the kings (or should I say my uncles and father), told me about other supernatural beings out there. Including fairies, witches, shape shifters and real werewolves.

"They thought it would be good for me to live in the states to finish my education and be a normal human."


"Wow you have led some kind of life so far. Well that explains a lot. When do you feel like having the guys over?"

"How about we get dressed and get some food, then go from there."

"That sounds good."

I get up and go into my room. I put on a t-shirt and jean shorts. Once I'm dressed I make my way to the kitchen. Phil comes in a minute later.

"So are you hungry?"

"Yep I could eat." I don't think he meant food, as he had this sexy smirk on his face and his eyes were getting dark with lust.

I must say he looked mighty edible also. He had a tight black wife beater on and his basketball shorts that showed off his legs.

"Well I don't want to cook, so how about fruit and yogurt, like I was going to do before our sex fest."

"That sounds good."

I throw together enough for both of us. I mix the strawberry yogurt and cut up fruit together and spoon it into 2 bowls. We sit on the stools at the kitchen island and eat. Phil asks about school.

"You know I may call the principle today to see if I can get my diploma early and see what I need to do for that to happen. For some reason I feel like I need to get back to Forks and soon."

"You have to follow your gut. You know it's always right."

I get up and go to the phone. I was about to pick it up when it rang. I answered on the first ring.

Renee, Bella


Hi Bella baby how are you. I'm having a fabulous time. I wanted to tell you I'm not coming back. I found the most wonderful man. I did a quickie divorce and I had my lawyer get papers for you, so you are now an emancipated minor. That means you don't need a guardian for school or anything. You can do anything someone over 18 or 21 can do but drink. I know I was never a mom to you, and I'm sorry. I just never wanted to be tied down. You're a good kid though. I hope you have a happy life. Oh, and I should tell you Charlie Swan is not your dad. I had a thing with several guys in La Push. All those muscles and tan skin. Man they still get me all hot. Sorry, anyway your father is either Joshua Uley, or David Yellowbird I don't know which. They were both married when I was with them. Charlie was hot so I thought why not. He stepped up and married me, then he got kicked off the res for being with me. I didn't think I would be stuck in that little boring town.

Yes Renee I know this. You called me when you were drunk. I was 12 and you said the same thing. I've known pretty much my whole life. I saw my birth certificate when I was 5 and the spot for the father said unknown.

Anyway, as you know you have several trust funds set up. You're so smart that you even recommended stocks to be bought. Well they are all yours now. My lawyer will call you in a little while with papers and information. Tell Phil he is free of me. I don't need his money. You can stay with him at his house or travel or whatever. I talked to your school and you have enough credits to get your diploma. So you don't have to go back. I know Phil is there now, but I don't want to talk to him. Tell him he is free of me and he can find someone that will love him like he deserves.

Also don't worry about any of my stuff that I have there. I don't need it. You can go through the jewelry if you want. Charlie did give me some of it. Otherwise I don't need anything that is there. I hope you have a good life. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me again. Bye Bella.

I hang up the phone.

I must have had a shocked look on my face, because Phil comes over and holds me tight.

"She never wanted me or loved me. How can someone be so cold?"

"I don't know honey. It's like you're the opposite of her. You're everything good and sweet and she's just not." Phil said.

"Oh, by the way you should be getting finalized divorce papers soon. Renee got a quickie divorce."

I tell him what else she has done for me. By the time I finished he had a look of relief on his face.

The phone rang again. I picked it up.

Bella, lawyer


Is this Ms. Swan?

Yes, can I help you?

Yes Ms. Swan my name is Mr. Wallace. I'm a lawyer and represent your mom Renee. I have some paperwork for you and Phil to look at and sign. Would now be a good time to come over? I'm sure both of you want things settled.

That would be fine. I hang up the phone.

I tell Phil what's going on and 10 minutes later Mr. Wallace was ringing the doorbell. He came in and we all sat at the dining room table. He explained the papers to both of us. For Phil it was just divorce papers showing that there was no alimony or anything. For me it was a bit more complicated then I thought.

I knew I had several trust funds. Like Renee's grandparents did for her, mine did the same. I couldn't phantom the amounts he was talking about. He was telling me about Swiss bank accounts andstocks. He gave me some financial reports. It turns out I'm a billionaire (hay this is my story. My fantasy world. I could wish.) This amount of money can improve lives. I know what I want to do now.

Mr. Wallace has both of us sign papers. He gives me a list of bank account numbers along with the names and numbers of the people taking care of them. He leaves.

"Wow that was a lot for you to take in. Are you ok Bella?"

"Yes, I know what I want to do with my life now. I know why I need to be in Forks and La Push. But first let's get the guys here. I want to get to know them and have some fun before I go where I belong."

I gather up the paperwork reading it over again to try and put my head around what I just found out. Just as I got up to get something to drink, there was a knock on the door.