Carrying a Secret

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(Rated M for implied stuff and just to be safe, there may be a lemon chapter in the future, but if there is I'll post the chapter twice, one explicit, one safe!)

He had ravished me. In more ways than one. And I had not one regret… yet.

I came to school the next day as usual, holding his hand, well, until we reached the premises. Then he went back to being the King and I became the natural rookie, another Host Club boy.

No I was not a boy, but I continued to pretend to be a boy to repay a debt that had long been forgotten.

Sometimes I questioned why I still pretended, I mean, no one ever brought up my debt anymore… maybe because it was just the way things were now and no one wanted things to change or things to end so we kept up the act, content.

Quickly throwing these thoughts aside, school began and I went about class activities, just waiting to get to the time of day I loved the most and also annoyed me the most.

Finally, Host club was open!

Racing to the music room, I flung open the doors and flower petals shot into my face; I was knocked off my feet with a yelp by their impact.

"Too much?" The twins asked in unison.

"Just a bit…" I huffed, catching my breath from the scare of a life time.

Tamaki smiled lovingly at me and took my hand, helping me up. I blushed shyly, my thoughts turning to the night before.

Everyone eyed us curiously and Honey said, "I think something's going on that I shouldn't know about…"

Mori grunted in agreement and scooped up the little blonde, hauling him off to a tea set.

Everyone continued about, setting things up for when our first customers arrived.

I looked at Tamaki, realizing we were still holding hands. We smiled at each other and-


The two of us quickly jumped apart as our first unknowing customers arrived and we, embarrassed but happy no one noticed our little moment, went about as usual.

I was happy, no, more than that, a word I can't even find… elated? No… Content? No, more than either of those… satisfied. Yes. For the first time in my life since my mother died I was satisfied, not just today, but every day! My life was looking up and I actually thought with every fiber of my being 'everything is going to turn out wonderfully!'

Oh, was I wrong.

The days flew by, I was in heaven, I spent the days with my best friends and the love of my life. My nights were filled with Tamaki's love and pleasant dreams. Things were really looking up.

I woke up one morning, I had spent the night at Tamaki's and was therefore wrapped up in him right now, his embrace loving.

All of a sudden my stomach lurched and I quickly pulled out of his grasp, waking him, and bolted to the bathroom, retching and throwing up in the toilet.

Tamaki was there in an instant, freaking out a bit, but laying a soothing hand on my back and saying caring words in my ear.

When I finished I sat back then leaned against the wall. Tamaki looked at me, clearly worried, then leaned down and kissed my forehead.

"No fever… do you need me to take you home, Haruhi? Bring you to a doctor? Fetch some medicine?"

I shook my head, "No… Actually, I'm starving! Could we have Ootoro? I'm just craving it!" I smiled at him brightly, my stomach rumbling.

He looked bewildered, "Y-You just threw up, my dear, are you feeling ok…?"

"I'm feeling wonderful, Senpai!" He helped me up and I smiled then kissed him tenderly on the lips, "Now, what about that Ootoro?"

He blushed then chimed, "Right away, Haruhi!" and went off to beckon a maid to fetch it. It was so weird being waited on like that, but it got things done I guess.

I wandered back to the bed and slipped on my pink silk nightgown Tamaki had discarded the night before.

Then I sat and thought a minute… that had been weird, hadn't it? I felt sick to my stomach but as soon as I threw up I felt perfectly fine… hungry even….

Before I could delve into these thoughts further Tamaki walked back in in his red robe, carrying a tray and the smell of Ootoro filled the room, my stomach rumbled once again.

"Thank you!" I said in gratitude as I began eating.

"No problem, Haruhi..." I caught him staring at me oddly.

"W-What?" I asked nervously, blushing.

"Nothing." He replied with an apologetic smile and dug in as well.

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