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I continued laying out all the food, unloading my picnic basket. After a moment I stopped and sighed, gently rubbing my stomach to soothe the kicking infant within.

"You alright?" Tamaki asked me with a smile, putting more food onto the picnic table.

I grinned at him, "Yeah, he's just kicking quite a bit. It's such déjà vu, being pregnant again after so long. Oh, where's Rana?"

"She's over there, getting some games from the house that the kids can play." He responded, pointing gleefully to our 5 year old daughter who was dragging a couple bags full of Frisbees, jump ropes, balls and bats. Her long, wavy blonde hair that mimicked her father's in color was pulled up in a high pony. She definitely had my facial features though. Her bright lilac eyes noticed us, her parents, staring at her.

"Hey, mommy, when will my uncles get here?" She asked, dropping the bags, trotting over and putting her hands on my round belly. That had become habit, she was still mystified by the fact that there was a baby inside.

I smiled at her and gently tucked some of her bangs behind her ear, "They should arrive any min-"

"Haruhi!" I knew that chorus anywhere and turned to smile at Hikaru and Kaoru, who walked up, grinning, hand-in-hand.

"Uncle Hika, uncle Kao!" Rana yelled in delight, running and hugging them tightly. "Where are- Yay, Kaito, Inase!" She went over to the red headed twins that were following their fathers up.

Kaito and Inase were Hikaru and Kaoru's children, they were 3 now, meaning they're 2 years younger than Rana. Hikaru and Kaoru had decided on using a surrogate mother, her name was Kiyomi Takahashi, they chose her because she was a natural red head who looked sort of like them. The twins went and mixed their sperm together when handing it over for fertility, so they aren't sure who is the real father of their children. Kiyomi gave birth to twins, a boy, Kaito, and a girl, Inase. They look a ton alike in the face, both red haired with dark green eyes and their father's devilish personalities.

"Lets go play!" Rana said in a flamboyant, Tamaki-like manner, grabbing their hands and running off with them tailing her as fast as possible. I noticed the way Kaito's face flushed when Rana took his hand.

Hikaru laughed as he watched them, "I have a hunch Kaito's got a little crush on Rana."

I grinned, "Really?"

Kaoru hugged me hello, "Haha, yeah!"

"Oh, hey guys, I didn't see you pull up!" Tamaki said excitedly as he walked back to our spot in the back yard of the Suoh main estate, laying out more food.

Yeah, Tamaki, Rana, and I had been moved in just before Rana turned 3. His grandmother was fine now, but she had fallen ill for awhile and there was question as to if she'd pull through. So Tamaki, who was working under his father and doing exceptionally well, was spontaneously moved in, just in case there should be more need for him. His grandmother recovered, but we were allowed to stay.

Rana often goes out and buys Japanese pottery with her great-grandmother, it seems the two have taken a liking to each other. Yuzuru sometimes freaks Rana out a bit in the way he comes in, yelling and doting on her. She loves him though and he takes her places on his days off. My father, Ranka, absolutely adores Rana, he comes over nearly every other day and they play and she helps me cook for him.

"Haru-chan, Tama-chan!" A bright voice hollered.

"Honey!" I said in realization, turning to see him walking to us with his wife, Reiko, and their children in tow.

Honey had started dating Reiko Kanazuki of the black magic club just before he graduated. A month after Rana was born they had announced their engagement and married about half a year later, with her still in high school. Their families benefited greatly from this joining and they were deeply in love. She announced that she was 2 months pregnant a week or so after their wedding and 7 months later they had Hanako, a beautiful blonde girl with her mother's dark eyes. She's a bit more than a year younger than Rana and follows her everywhere. It's already apparent she'll end up being small and adorable like her father, Hanako giggles and smiles nearly every second she's awake. A year after Hanako was born they had a boy, Ichiro. He's a sweet boy with dirty blonde hair and his father's big brown eyes. A year after Ichiro they had Masumi, another girl. She has blackish hair and dark brown eyes, she acts the most like her father, completely bubbly and cute with a huge sweet tooth, but her angry side matches her mother's personality exactly. Rana is 5 so Hanako is 4, Ichiro is 3, and Masumi is 2. Reiko and I both found out we were pregnant with our latest children at about the same time. She's a week behind me, but she's twice as large because she's carrying twins. Apparently they're expecting a boy and a girl! They're both really good parents and love their children a lot, I couldn't be happier for them!

Reiko set down Masumi, trying her best to bend over around her triple long belly. Masumi had just started toddling so she clumsily balanced herself with a grin. Honey set the food on the table and put Ichiro down too, letting him run over to Rana, Kaito, and Inase.

"Rana!" Hanako screamed gleefully, running over to them as well.

Honey came and hugged me, "Wow, you're bigger than you were with Rana!" He was an inch taller than me now and it was still hard to get used to.

"Yeah I know, I am running into everything!" Honey, Hikaru, and Kaoru greeted each other, Tamaki joining them to catch up after dropping off some drinks on the picnic table. I walked over to help Reiko set down the basket she was carrying, "How're you? You must be having so much difficulty, I can't imagine being so large and carrying two!"

She smiled slightly and laid a hand on her immense midsection which stuck straight out in front of her, "My back bothers me quite a bit and clothes don't fit me well at all, but I'm doing just fine. They plan to do a C-section next Wednesday, so this'll be the last you'll see me so heavily pregnant."

"Do you and Honey want to have any more?" I asked as she placed my hands on both sides of her belly, it was so weird feeling kicking in two separate spots.

She fought off laughter, "Definitely not! I love children, but we were planning on four, five will be a handful. Also, if you have one set of multiples then the chances of having another set are more than double. With our luck we'd want one more and end up with eight." I laughed as I let her feel my baby kick.

Honey turned to us with an excited grin, "Takashi's here!"

Sure enough, Mori and his family were just walking over, "Hey." He said with a smile, ruffling Honey's and my hair.

"Mori, how're you guys?" I asked.

His wife, Kana, smiled and spoke up, "We're doing great, it's good to see you!"

Mori fell in love with a girl named Kana Hoshino while he was in law school. They dated for a bit then became engaged, then married. She's petite in stature, even a bit shorter than I am with grey-blue eyes and wavy, light brown hair she tends to pull up into a ponytail. She became pregnant a couple months later and they had a little boy named Mamoru or Moru for short. He's a little tall for his age, dark haired and has grey-blue eyes like his mother. He reminds me a bit of Satoshi, Mori's brother, easy going with a sense of humor, but with his father's protective and strong spirit. Moru is 2 years younger than Rana, making him 3 now. They also have a daughter, Suzume, who just turned 1. Suzume has blackish-brown hair and large dark eyes. She clings to Moru most of the time, following him like he's a human shield. She seems to have inherited her father's silent nature as she hardly ever cries or makes a fuss and even when she babbles it's quiet and in a high, tiny voice. Kana finished law school but plans to pick up on her lawyer career when Suzume turns 3 years old.

Moru went over to the other kids, walking slowly enough that Suzume, who was crawling, could keep up. She was close to walking but not quite there yet.

"Here, feel free to set your things on the picnic table." I instructed Mori and Kana.

"Oh dear, we aren't running late, are we?"

My head snapped up to see Kyoya pushing up his glasses coolly as he and his wife and children strolled towards the table.

Kyoya had married a woman, named Noemi Furumiya, out of personal gain. His family would greatly benefit the joining with her and that's all that had mattered to him at the time. The only problem was he realized he'd fallen in love with her not soon after, her personality matched his greatly and they got along really well, bringing lots of business and wealth to their families' companies. She was pretty, with reddish brown hair and bright blue-green eyes, glasses too. A little while later Noemi found herself with child and, Kyoya will admit, he hadn't been too thrilled with the idea of having a child around. That all changed as the pregnancy continued and he found himself growing attached to his unborn baby. They had a boy and named him Akihiko. He's only 2 now but he already wears glasses like his parents, he sports dark brown hair and bright blue eyes and is as calculating as his father. A while after Akihiko was born they discovered they were to have another child. Kyoya was much more pleased with having a second child than he was with having the first, he enjoyed being a dad. Kyoya did not want to be like his father though; he promised himself he would give all his children fair chances at their future, because no one knew more than Kyoya how it felt to be put into a position, expected to fill it without protest or opinion on his part. He didn't want to do that to his kids. Their second child was also a boy and they named him Jiro, he ended up being about a year younger than his brother. Jiro's now 1 and his personality is something strange… he looks exactly like Kyoya as far as facial features and hair color, but his vision is perfectly fine, not to mention that he's loud and rambunctious, always laughing and playing. A complete opposite of Kyoya, Noemi, and Akihiro. Recently Noemi found out she's pregnant again, it'll be their third child, they're really hoping for a girl!

"Of course not, hello Kyoya!" I said with a smile, forcing myself to not add sempai to the end of his name.

Akihiro was holding Noemi's hand and Jiro was on her hip, she let both boys go play, Akihiro walking over with a grin and Jiro crawling as fast as possible, laughing and babbling.

Noemi smiled and walked over, "Hello, Suoh-san, good to see you again."

I found her polite nature sweet, "Hi again Noemi, please, call me Haruhi!" She nodded kindly.

15 minutes later we were all playing baseball with our kids in the open field beside the picnic tables. Each child had one of the parents helping them out, I was currently watching Tamaki try to help Rana bat, with Mori helping Moru pitch and Hikaru and Kaito were on second base together.

"Now you'll bring your bat forward and knock the ball as hard as you can!" Tamaki was telling Rana in his fun loving way.

"Dad, really? I know how to hit a baseball!" She whined back, slightly annoyed and slightly teasing.

I laughed as he continued to fawn over her, he really was a loving father. What was interesting about Rana is that she sometimes acted completely laid back and blunt like me, then other times she'd get excited and flamboyant, just like Tamaki, so she was a pretty decent mix of us both.

After a couple innings we all took a break to eat, the kids sitting at one end of the table while us parents sat at the other end.

"So, Haruhi, it's a boy, yes?" Kana asked me as she cut her meat.

"Yeah, we're going to have a son and Rana will have a baby brother." I smiled as I confirmed what she'd said.

"Have you thought of any names?" Kyoya asked from where he sat beside Rana. That was the other thing, Rana had taken a real liking to Kyoya, they adored each other and Rana never felt like she saw him enough.

Tamaki sat up straighter beside me, smiling, "Yep, he'll be named Yin Yuzuru Suoh!"

"He was going to be Kotoko Haruhi Suoh if he was a girl." I explained, one hand perched on my belly.

"You're sticking with middle names for all your kids?" Honey chimed.

I nodded in reply, we liked the idea of using middle names like the French did, we could honor so many more people that way.

"We're thinking we want two more children." Noemi said as she too touched her not-yet-showing tummy.

"We're done after the two I'm carrying." Reiko said in reference to her belly that kept her sitting back a bit from the table.

"We want one more, I think." Tamaki said, I blushed.

"We're done." Mori said simply, Kana nodding.

"We've got the perfect set of red-headed twins, we're set!" Kaoru smiled.

I grinned as I looked around at all my friends and our children, we had flourished into so much.

So our lives went on, Honey and Reiko had a beautiful baby girl and an adorable baby boy the next week. I went into labor a day later and had Yin, who was loved instantly by Rana; then we had our final child, Kotoko, two years after Yin's birth, completing our family. Kyoya and Noemi had a sweet baby girl and two years after that had their third son and final child. Mori continued being a wonderful dad and Kana started working as a lawyer again, Moru began martial arts classes, and Suzume started walking. Hikaru and Kaoru had a tough time explaining their relationship to Kaito and Inase as the two of them got older, but they managed to convey that their relationship wasn't normal, their children accepted this lovingly. I went to law school and became a lawyer, finally fulfilling my dreams. Tamaki was reunited with his mother and just after that Shizue passed on, leaving Yuzuru as the full fledged head of the family and Tamaki as the second in command.

It's been 5 years since I gazed at the pink plus in Dr. Izumi's office. 5 years since my life changed forever. 5 years since I was Carrying a Secret… and I couldn't be happier.

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