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Everyone waited while he took another swig. He gaped up at them, still not quite sure what they were all so curious about. Shayera gave an exasperated sigh/growl. "John, how does Barry know him?"

"Wha- oh! He's his nephew."


Flash was still bleeding, still in uniform, when the others arrived. They were silent as they watched Flash sitting next to the bed, pulling the crisp white sheets up over Wally's bandaged chest. "Is that better?" he asked.

Wally nodded. "U-Uncle Barry?"

"Yes, Wally?"

Wally sniffled, tears coming down his cheeks. "U-Uncle Barry, I miss you..."

Flash put a hand on the boy's cheek. "I miss you, too, kid..."

"W-Why can't I just l-l-live with y-you?"

The boy was sobbing by now. Flash was trying to hold back sobs. "I want you to, kid... Wally, it's not that I don't want you to live with me. I love you, Wally, I just-"

"I-I know..." the boy sniffled. "T-They'll just t-t-take m-m-m-me away again..."

Flash shed a few tears as he kissed his nephew's head.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

Then, Flash took in a deep breath. "Wally... Wally, I promise, I will do everything within my power to get you back. I promise."

The boy's eyes filled with sorrow. "T-t-that's what you s-s-said last t-time, too..."

Barry looked away, holding the boy's hand tightly. "Wally... I am trying, Wally..."

"I-I know..."

Barry looked back at the boy. He was still oblivious to the others that hung at the door. Barry wiped more hair from Wally's face. "Wally, I- I can't be the Flash and- and I- I don't have a job, Wally... I don't even have time for one, doing so much with the League..."

Wally nodded. "I-I k-k-k-know, Uncle Barry... I u-understand..."

There was another long silence, then Barry spoke. "I'll quit."

Wally's face grew pale. "W-Wha?"

"I'll find a job, Wally. I'll find a job out of state. I'll get us some tickets. I'll quit the League. I'll quit being Flash, Wally. We can go, start somewhere new. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Wally nodded. Barry smiled. "I'll quit. I- I'll send in a resignation form first thing in the morning..."

Wally burst into tears, and Barry was taken aback. "Wally! What-"

"Y-you can't q-q-quit being the F-F-Flash!"

Barry's face fell, and he turned away from Wally.

The other League members wanted to leave, but they were too engrossed in the conversation to pry their eyes away- even Batman.

"You c-can't quit..." Wally said quietly.

Barry turned back to his nephew. "I will do anything for you, Wally. Anything."

"Then never s-s-stop... Never s-stop being a h-h-h-hero, being Flash..." The boy's voice grew stronger as he continued. "Never stop saving people, Uncle Barry... Like my friends. Like Johnathon and Tyler, and even mean kids like Tommy Luis... Uncle Barry... I want to live with you, but you can't be Flash and Barry Allen... So- so be Flash..."

Barry pulled down his cowl and kissed Wally's forehead. He had a lot to think about. "Go to sleep, kid..." he said. Wally nodded and closed his eyes. Before he fell asleep, Wally fingered the silver locket around his neck and whispered, "Goodnight, Mommy..."

Barry stood.

"Having a nice evesdropping, are you?"

Everyone jumped.

Barry turned. Pure, blind fury and rage was in his eyes as he glared at the others. No one knew what to say. Green Lantern slowly limped forward. "Barry-"

"Don't," Barry snapped, turning back around to face Wally. He gripped the foot rail of the bed. "Just don't, John..." The fury in his voice disappeared suddenly. His shoulders shook, and it took everyone a moment to realize that Flash was sobbing. "Don't..." he whispered. "Please..."

Barry dropped down onto one of the chairs in the room and hunched over, his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees. His shoulders shook with sobs.

Hawkgirl sat down next to him and hugged his arm tightly, rubbing comforting circles in his back. "Ssh... Barry, Wally's fine... He's gonna be okay."

"No, he's not," Barry suddenly snapped. Shayera was thrown back by Barry's sudden mood swings.

Green Lantern sat on Barry's other side. Diana walked over to sit next to Wally's bed, across from Barry, and Batman stood at the foot of the bed, watching Barry intensely. J'onn hung in the back of the room. Superman stayed at the doorframe.

Barry shook his head as the sobs extingushed themselves. "I- I don't know what to do... I can't just leave him at another orphanage- he's my nephew for God's sake! But... I can't be Flash and a father..."

Batman stepped forward. "Barry..." everyone was surprised that Batman called him by his first name "Barry, take some time off... Be with Wally. Then, make your decision. And, no matter what you pick, we'll be behind you the whole way."

Everyone echoed their agreements.

Barry stood slowly, looking longingly at Wally as he crossed over to the boy's side. His tiny chest rose and fell as he snored softly. "Right," Barry said. "Take a break..." He took in a deep breath and sighed shakily as he slowly wiped the orange tendrils from Wally's face.

The boy woke up. "Uncle Barry?"

Barry smiled. "I'm sorry, Wally... I didn't mean to wake you-"

"It's okay," the boy said, pulling himself into a sitting position. He yawned heavily. "I'm not tired."

Diana and Shayera giggled.

Wally froze and gaped as he looked around his hospital room. His mouth was open in a large 'O', and his eyes were so wide that they looked as if they would pop out of the boy's head. "Wow," he gasped. "The- the Justice League..."

Green Lantern smiled and stood, walking over to the boy's bed. Everyone else followed and stood around Wally in a 'U'.

The boy's look of shock suddenly turned into one of pure happiness. "Cool."

Everyone smiled and chuckled- even Batman.

"I'm Shayera Hol," Hawkgirl said, offering Wally her hand. He shook it with his good one. Everyone went around, introducing themselves. When they came to Superman, Wally grinned.

"Hey! You sat next to me today to take pictures!"

Superman chuckled and nodded. "Yup. My name is Clark Kent."

"Cool!" the boy squeaked.

He stayed awake for the next several hours, talking with the Justice League. He told them about himself, and they talked to him openly, more openly then they would have ever talked to anyone. Barry stood back in the doorway, smiling, shaking his head as he watched Wally explain in great detail some story about a dragon and a peacock. The boy's eyes grew wide as he gestured to the air, one arm being restricted to the confines of a bright red cast with a little lightning bolt on its side.

Barry sighed.

He didn't need a break to decide.

He knew.

He had chosen.

Six Months Later:

Wally woke up screaming. His head was sweaty, and his heart was leaping into his throat.

The lights to the boy's room came on, and suddenly, Barry was in the room, sitting on the bed. He had just come back from his first mission back with the League, and still had his Flash costume on, but the cowl was pulled off. He put Wally's face gently into his cupped hands.

"Wally, Wally I'm here... It's okay. What's wrong?"

Wally shook visably, pulling himself into his uncle's arms. "Ijusthadanightmarethat'sall."

Barry grinned at how Wally spoke. He could understand it, being a speedster himself, but no one else could tell what the boy was saying half the time. It had only been a few weeks since Wally had gotten his powers, and he was still trying to keep them under control.

Barry sighed. Wally had powers now. And, when he got them under control, he would want to be a hero. Barry knew it. When Flash had found out that he had powers, from the lab incident when he was only twelve, he was thrilled. His own uncle (this one by blood) was a speedster, too. Jay Garrick. He helped Barry learn to control his powers, and, when Jay grew too old to be the Flash, Barry took his place.

Barry looked deep into Wally's eyes. The boy had been living with him for the past four months. It took one month for Barry to find a job, clean up his apartments, and even send out a request for guardianship. It took another month for Wally to become Barry's foster son. Now, Wally was still Barry's foster son. The adoption date was on April 3rd, 1996. And Barry couldn't be any more excited.

He had been given a bit of help with the bills.

He had finished off the past three months with his apartments, and a strange check from Bruce Wayne had appeared in the mail. Barry wasn't giving out how much the check had been, but it bought him a three bed-room house and a good three months worth of groceries for him and Wally.

Wally looked up at his uncle. "-"

Barry held up his hands, grinning. "Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah." He brushed Wally's hair from his face. "Try again. At a normal speed."

The boy nodded and strained to talk slowly. "Uncle Barry, do you have nightmares about... stuff?"

Barry frowned, pulling Wally onto his lap. "Well, that depends. What kind of stuff?"

Wally bit his lip, sniffling. Barry quickly said, "Hey, hey, hey, Wally... Ssh... Ssh, it's okay. Don't cry..."

Wally nodded, catching his breath. "I- I had a nightmare that you left me..."

Barry felt his heart drop as Wally sat there, fiddling with the locket around his neck. "Wally," he crooned, pulling the boy's chin up so that he could look into his nephew's emerald-green eyes. "Wally, I will never leave you."

Wally's eyes began to water. "Y- you promise?"

Barry nodded. "I promise."

Wally extended his pinky. "Pinky promise?"

Barry laughed, but shook pinkies. "Pinky promise..."

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