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Note: Written to the song "Falling Through Time" by Asher Quinn

You tell yourself you will be strong.

…You have to be.

Time was always cruel to you.

(" My past is his future.")

Falling through time in opposite directions.

No, it wasn't fair.

But it was life- and you would take what you could get

He told you something once, when you first met-

(" Everything has a beginning. And everything ends")

..But you didn't want to see that look in his eyes.

After all this time- he still…

("Trust you? Seriously?")

…and now he is going to fall.

His greatest defeat- Demons Run.…and you could not be there. You know this.

It still hurt.

And you hate him. Just a little.

… because he couldn't save you, because you grew up hating him.

Because you couldn't hold your mother until it was all over.

…because you love him so godamn much

And he has no idea who you are.

So, yes, you are scared. You are terrified.

But you will do it.


Today you will answer that question.

("Who are you?")

And someday- someday soon- He will look at you.

Your Doctor.

…and maybe he will know you and love you the way you remember.

("One day I'm going to be someone you trust. Completely.")

…all those years ago.

("Hello River. I'm the Doctor.")

The story of River Song is one of the most tragic loves in Doctor Who. For clarification, the last line is not an actual quote from the show- it is what I imagine to be the first words the Doctor will say to her when she's just a little girl. Reviewers receive hugs and a smoothie!