Okay, since everyone has been giving me crap about my other Naruhina story, here's a new one. NO OC, no harem, just plain old Naruhina. Anyway this is based off my own challenge, which you can check on the very bottom of my profile. Anyway just to tell you I will be focused on my other stories over this one so don't expect as many updates ok. Here we go. Warning lemons in this story. (what can I say they're fun)

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Naruto was heading was school like always. He went to Konoha University. It was a cool school last year and he hoped it would be just as cool if not better than that. Especially since he was no longer a college freshman. Anyway he walked on to his first class and throughout the day his classes were fine, but then he got to his last class. One he had most days he had class and walked in. It was taught by someone named miss Hyuuga and Naruto really hoped she wasn't anything like the other professor here Neji Hyuuga. The bell rang and he noticed that one, this class was extremely unpopular due to the total lack of people. He wondered why so few people didn't like history or thought it was useless (I Love history!) and two his teacher had yet to arrive. He looked out the window and noticed it was raining so he figured she got caught in the rain. For about five minutes he sat there relaxed until the door opened and he popped up into his seat. What he saw almost gave him a heart attack. There was miss Hyuuga, who had could only described to have a goddess like body. (You guys know what she looks like in the manga think that but a little taller and wearing glasses.) Her clothes were wet and stuck to her showing her curves and grabbing her skirt to her. (Think The Mask with Cameron Diaz first entering.) Naruto could only stare with a blush as she came in.

"I'm sorry I'm late, the rain made everything hectic." She said. She looked up and noticed that only Naruto was there, which kind of saddened her knowing few people liked history. But she still had the one student and it was a bonus that he was cute, especially with the blush he adorned. She blushed too because she realize he was completely focused on her. "Oh, so are you my only student?" She asked breaking Naruto out of his mini coma.

"Ah yeah, I guess I am. My name's Naruto." He said. She smiled.

"I'm Miss Hyuuga. If you'd like you can call me Hinata. Also I'm 24 and the reason I'm a teacher here so young is because I skipped a few grades." She said. Naruto just looked at her, he was a little depressed because he had problems just getting through some years, and here she was skipping years.

"Okay. Well as I said I'm Naruto and I'll be turning 19 in October." He said. And with the introductions over the lesson started. They went over World War 2, the Cold War and many other subjects that they both enjoyed. Naruto was making jokes to which Hinata would giggle. Eventually they got close to each other since Hinata didn't need to sit at her desk because she only had the one student. They were looking at the history book together when Naruto got a whiff of her perfume. It smelled like lavender and vanilla. (I was going to say cinnamon but I read that's an anti-aphrodisiac so I took it away.) Naruto grew a blush and tilted his head down so she wouldn't see. Hinata noticed and asked him what was wrong.

"Um, your perfume smells good." He said with a blush. Hinata looked at him and saw his blush.

"Well thank you." She said smiling making Naruto blush more. (Ha! Shy Naruto) "Oh come now let's see that face." She said razing his face with her finger. Once his face was looking at her she smiled. But something inside Naruto's subconscious pushed him forward to capture her lips. She looked at him shocked but still hadn't pulled away. But Naruto soon realized what he was doing and so pulled back quickly.

"I-I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that." And not knowing what to do he grabbed his stuff to leave, but Hinata grabbed him before he could go.

"T-That was my first kiss." She said.

"R-Really? You should have guys fighting over you with your beauty." Naruto said.

"I did, but they only ever wanted my body and so I never gave them the time of day. Why did you kiss me?" she asked.

"Uh, I just did, something was pulling me toward you and I couldn't help myself, I just really wanted to." She smiled at that.

"Do you want to do it again?" She asked shocking Naruto.

"Won't you get in trouble?"

"No, a teacher a few years ago sued the school over dating between teachers and students. We can be in a relationship as long as I don't show favoritism." She said. (I just wanted to make things simpler that way.)

"Hehe, I think that will be hard since I'm your only student." He said and she smiled.

"Well I think the history lessons over, how about I teach you something else?" She said.

"Like what?" Naruto asked and to which Hinata just smiled and pulled him down to her and kissed him. Surprise was a common thing today so Naruto was adapting quickly and soon returned the kiss with more vigor and passion. Wanting to experiment he let his tongue touch her lips to which she opened her mouth to allow entrance. The tongue battle that happened next just increased the lust and passion inside them and Naruto decided to press his luck and grabbed at Hinata's breast. She mewed in pleasure at what is hand was doing to her. Naruto just continued, now egged on by her moans.

"Ah that's it Naruto, how many girls have you been with to be this good." She asked.

"None. This is my first everything, including kiss. I'm just going by instinct." He said. Hinata smiled, she had natural born talent pleasuring her.

"Sweet." Was all she could think of. Wanting to return the favor she grabbed at his bulge and starting to stroke him through his pants.

"Ah, that feels good Miss Hyuuga." He said. She liked the way he said that right now and wanted it to continue.

"Alright Naruto I'll take this to the next level if you continue to say my name like that. Deal?" she said and to which he nodded. She soon pushed him off and took off her top and bra. Naruto was amazed by what he was seeing. She was beautiful and now it looked like his. She wagged her finger at Naruto and he came over. She grabbed his head into a kiss and then brought his head to her breasts. The message was clear and Naruto started to suck. He sucked and when he noticed her other nipple was lonely pitched making her scream his name.

"Ah, Naruto that's it, good boy. Ah you're so good at this. Ah! I think I'm going to CUM!" She said. She was amazed that he made her cum with only playing with her breasts and she was eager for more. She pushed Naruto off and got on her knees. She pulled down his pants and boxers. "Well aren't we a big one Naruto?" she said causing Naruto to blush until she put him in her mouth.

"Ah, Miss Hyuuga, that feels so good! I can't believe someone as beautiful and kind as you id doing this." He said. Hinata was basking in his compliments and continued to suck and lick Naruto harder until he finally came filling her mouth with. While Naruto was coming from his orgasmic high Hinata swallowed his cum finding she licked it.

"I think it's time for the main course Naruto." She said.

"Don't you want me to pleasure you?" he asked. She was very happy to learn he was worried about her needs.

"You already made me cum Naruto and I was just returning the favor. Maybe another time." She said making Naruto smile at the prospect of another 'lesson'.

"Okay but first let me do something." Naruto said as he grabbed a condom from his backpack.

"I thought you said you never had sex?" she said that he lied to her.

"I haven't but my friend Shikimaru gave it to just in case I got lucky. It was a joke and I didn't think I would ever do anything like that, but I guess it's a good thing I kept it huh?" Hinata felt relieved that Naruto hadn't been with another girl even though she didn't know why. She guessed she was possessive of her soon to be lover. Naruto sat down at his desk as Hinata slowly pushed her self down. Naruto looked at her when he hit her barrier and she nodded for him to go. He did it quickly so to get it over with. Hinata cringed in pain, but with Naruto's soothing words and the fact he started playing with her breasts to distract her she quickly got over it. Soon Naruto started to slowly thrust into her to get her used to her used to the feeling and get himself used to the incredible feeling also. Soon Hinata was getting kind of frustrated with the slow pace.

"Naruto please, faster, harder." She said. Naruto increased the pace but still not enough for Hinata. "Oh God Naruto Faster! Harder! Please Fuck me faster!" she screamed and Naruto couldn't stand it either. He started to pound her into him faster and using gravity to his advantage as he met her downward thrust with his upward making her scream and even drools from the pleasure. It was a good thing that this was a remote classroom or else anyone passing by would hear them and probably either blush and leave or giggle and listen in like that old pervy teacher Jiraiya. The pleasure was soon taking them over and they soon both came.

"That was great Hinata."

"I agree I wish we could do it again." Hinata said.

"We can if you want. I've still got plenty of energy." Naruto said. Hinata looked at him and smiled. She was soon pinned to the wall and the being fucked. This continued for over an hour and eventually after they were official tired out and had cleaned up any mess they had made did they leave.

"I had I great time Miss Hyuuga, and I learned a lot." Naruto said in a sultry voice.

"I'm glad you enjoyed Naruto. I very much enjoyed teaching you." She said returning the lust. They gave each other a kiss and left promising to see each other tomorrow. Both of them really wanted to have a 'review' of that 'lesson'. And with that thought on their minds they went home happy about how their day had turned out and fell asleep with smiles and pleasant memories in their heads. These pleasant memories would lead to very pleasant replays of the events in their dreams.

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