The Yoga Instructor

Found myself writing this piece after I was inspired by my Doing the Yoga chapter in my first fanfic Hating Magus. This is unbeta'd so I apologize if there's any grammatical errors.

WARNINGS: boy x boy, Malec (of course, what else?) and a T rating for now (might consider raising it if people ask for it)

Disclaimer: For future references, I don't own the Mortal Instruments Series, it belongs to Cassandra Clare, and I don't think I ever will.

Chapter One

"I don't want to." Alec Lightwood said, resisting the urge to stick out his tongue. He crossed his arms, narrowing his blue-eyed gaze to his sister who was looking sly and devious.

Isabelle scowled, reaching up and tugging Alec's hair roughly. "You should get out of the house more, I don't want to see you cooped up here miserable."

"But I'm not miserable." Alec insisted and it was true. He was perfectly happy wasting his life in front of the TV, watching cartoons and making a tower out of chewing gum and toothpicks.

Isabelle looked at him with her hands on her hips, looking every bit like a scolding parent. "Alexander Lightwood, I demand you come with me this instant! You need to get some sunlight and while you're at it, a social life."

Alec didn't know why she bothered. She knew that he hated interacting with people; he found them annoying and rather self-centered – always thinking about themselves and not considering the fact that maybe he didn't actually want to talk with them. At her brother's stubborn posture, Isabelle decided to take a different approach.

"Please Alec; do your baby sister this one favour. You love me, don't you?"

At the slight softening of her brother's eyes, Isabelle immediately knew she had won this fight. She latched onto his arm, pulling him towards the door.

"Come on, you could use the exercise." Alec struggled for a few moments before he promptly gave up. "Anyway," Isabelle continued, "You had no idea how long I been waiting to go, and who better than to go with my gay older brother?"

Alec winced at her nonchalant tone while wondering what ever had possessed him to tell his sister that he was gay.

… Oh, that's right, someone had spiked his water and he had been completely drunk off his rocker. While it was good that he had someone in on his secret, he regretted it every second each day.

"It's just yoga." Alec said with a frown. "What could be so special about that?"

Isabelle gasped, sounding to the world that he had just told her that he was going to be a porn star. "It's not just yoga." She trailed off hesitantly when she saw Alec's cocked eyebrow. "I heard the yoga instructor is incredibly hot." She finally admitted.

Alec rolled his eyes skyward. Of course, why did that never occur to him?

Isabelle looked affronted. "Don't give me that look; don't tell me you're not curious."

Actually, it was true though. He really didn't care, but Alec didn't voice his thoughts out loud. He had seen Isabelle's hand twitch out of the corner of his eye which usually meant she was one step away from hitting something and Alec had a feeling it would be him.

Isabelle sighed, throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation. "You know what, just come and we'll see for ourselves. Let's go."

There was something that didn't make sense though. Alec furrowed his brows, "but I thought we have the two o'clock class?"

It was twelve o'clock, which meant that it didn't start for another two hours.

"To get there early of course," Isabelle said impatiently as she waited for her brother to lock the door after them. "I heard it gets pretty packed and I want to be in the front so we can get plenty of eye candy."

Alec didn't like how Isabelle used the 'we'.

The walk to the local gym was a reasonably short trip. Alec and Isabelle lived in an apartment near a major shopping centre, so built around were plenty of small quaint coffee shops, Laundromats and then there was the gym two blocks down.

Isabelle pushed through the glass door entrance of the gym first and Alec followed a few steps after. The girl frowned when she noticed a group of five women standing outside one of the rooms, chatting to each other. Apparently, they also had the same idea to arrive early to get a good position. So while Isabelle glowered at them, Alec tugged on his shirt nervously, biting the side of his cheek. For some reason, he had the strangest feeling that he would be the only male here. He stood there, toeing the ground as Isabelle walked to the reception and talked to the lady – a busty blonde woman who Alec would have probably have considered attractive if he wasn't gay – and getting her name crossed off the booking list. She paid for the entrance fee before she all but skipped back to her brother. She took his hand and pulled him into the line.

Great, now they had to wait.

Alec felt his frown deepen. He could think of better things to do with two hours – he could fit in four different TV shows or watch the Lord of the Rings. Again. It wasn't his fault he found Legolas attractive. Or, of course, he could go pwn some noobs in Starcraft II. Yes, Alec had a bit of a nasty streak when it came to gaming. It's probably because of all the violent games he played.

But instead, for two hours he had to play the Lord of the Rings movie in his mind; well, at least of what he could remember that is, since he was stuck here with no hopes of escaping. It just was not the same thing. In that time, Isabelle spent it chatting with the girls that stood in front of them, managing to send four home in tears and securing her spot closer to the front of line. She had her eyes on the last girl in front of her.

Finally, the reception lady took out a key and helped them open the door to the room. She gestured them inside. Apparently the instructor was going to be a little late so they were allowed to get comfortable.

As soon as Alec got inside, he made a beeline for the back of the room but Isabelle caught his arm and brought him right to the very front, much to his horror.

Ever so slowly, more and more women were piling and Alec had a bad feeling that his intuition with him being the only male in an all female class (not including the instructor) was going to be correct. It was good that the room was quite large, so there was enough room for the thirty or so women, so Alec wouldn't brush against one by accident, and the walls that encased them were mirrors, giving all the women an opportunity to preen themselves.

It was ten minutes past two now, the wall clock said so, and still no show with the yoga instructor. Alec could hear Isabelle's hum of disappointment and frowned. What kind of teacher would be late to their own class? Already, Alec could tell that the instructor was going to be a laid-back type of guy, his lack of punctuality says that much. Alec shifted, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. He could feel quite a few glares against his back – they were probably annoyed with him blocking their view with his height but were too polite to scold him. Alec sort of wished they would, so he can at least have an excuse to go to the back away from all the eyes on him, but Isabelle silenced any possible complaints with a glare of her own.

Alec sighed. He should stop raising his hopes for nothing.

All of a sudden, the doors banged open, making everyone in the room, including Alec, jump. A tall tanned man walked in, looking very comfortable with himself. His shoulders were slouched and his hair was in spikes. Alec was right; he had a very laid-back feel about him.

The first thing that Alec noticed about him was that he was… well, bright. He was wearing a hot pink shirt that exposed his midriff, bright yellow sweatbands and headband, a hell lot of rings (one for each finger), bracelets and bright rainbow coloured sweatpants. Alec didn't know why the women crowded around here – it was so obvious that the guy was gay, though if they were lucky, maybe bi but Alec couldn't be too sure. Maybe there was a reason they believed that they had a chance with someone dressed so… outrageously, for a lack of a better word.

But there was one thing for sure, Isabelle was right. The yoga instructor WAS incredibly hot. Like smoking hot. He must have some Asian blood in him, Alec had once heard that mixed-ethnic people were really good looking and if Alec looked at him hard enough, he could see it showing in the slight curve of his eyes. He had amazingly gorgeous goldish green eyes – Alec never even knew that people could have eye colours like that which harmonized into beautiful green with gold flecks and swirls.

"Okay ladies!" The yoga instructor boomed, before he cast Alec a look before the corner of his mouth quirked into a smile. "And boy." Alec fumed at the statement. He was not a boy – he was a man. He was eighteen, thus considered an adult and therefore a man. "My name is Magnus Bane, and I'll be your Yoga instructor for this session. Feel free to call me Bane, Magnus or Magnus the Magnificent."

Alec fought the need to gag at the insincere laughter that followed as the women fawned over him. Magnus either didn't mind or he just didn't notice because he barely batted an eyelash and ignored them.

Magnus clasped his hands together, making his bracelets jingle. "Okay, we're going to first start with some stretching. Would everyone like to partner up?"

Alec's hand immediately snapped forward to grab Isabelle's wrist, just in case she was even considering partnering with someone else.

"Good." Magnus nodded in approval once he noticed everyone was partnered up. "Now, I'll show you how it's gone. Boy, come here."

Alec looked behind him, almost expecting another guy to be standing there, but there wasn't. Alec bit his cheek, feeling his cheeks flare with heat and he gazed at the yoga instructor shyly with half-lidded eyes. Magnus jerked strangely before he regained his composure and beckoned Alec to come quicker.

Alec moved so he was standing in front of Magnus, shifting nervously on his feet as he wondered what he was supposed to do. "What's your name?"

For a second, Alec was taken back before he managed to pull himself together. He didn't know why he wasn't expecting the question, Magnus probably just wanted to know what his partner's name was.

"A-Alec." He suddenly wanted to slap himself for stuttering. Instead, he cleared his throat, as if doing so would stop the stutter. "Alec Lightwood." Well, at least he sounded okay this time.

Magnus nodded, smiling lopsidedly and looked vaguely pleased. Alec found the smile awfully endearing. "Okay then," he turned to the rest of the women; "Me and Alec here are going to do some squats. Would everyone please turn to their partner and do the same?"

Despite no longer having a partner, Isabelle didn't seem to mind – in fact, she looked rather pleased.

Without warning, Magnus' hand was suddenly on his shoulder and Alec felt his heart skip a beat. His hands were warm and his heat was burning through Alec's shirt.

"You know how to do squats, right Alec darling?" The man teased and Alec felt his face go red again and unfortunately he had no way to hide it. Turning his head would be too obvious so he just settled with lowering his gaze to the ground. He found himself staring at Magnus' rainbow shoelaces and purple converse shoes. Alec frowned; they seemed hardly suitable for a gym setting.

When he felt Magnus go down, Alec let himself follow. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Alec let his attention slip and his eyes glazed over in thought. The action he was doing didn't require much attention and Alec had a feeling if he focused on Magnus too much, his brain would suffer from overstimulation.

He was vaguely aware of the beginning of a burn in the muscles of his thighs before Magnus suddenly stopped and straightened his back. Alec blinked, his focus sharpening as Magnus turned back to his class and ordered them quietly to stop. For some reason, even though Magnus had already released him, Alec could still feel the warmth of his touch clinging to his skin.

Just then, Alec wondered whether he would be able to make it through this class with his sanity intact.

I stayed up till 4;30 AM writing this. First chapter up, how did you like it? Do you think I should continue?