The Yoga Instructor

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Chapter Two

As Magnus walked around, barking orders to different women on correct postures and stances in yoga, Alec found his eyes following him. He was so utterly unique, it was difficult not to be drawn in by him and suddenly, Alec had an understanding why there were fangirls that crowded around him and squealed like pigs whenever he is even mentioned. Alec wasn't quite sure whether this sudden empathy could be considered a good thing.

"You're supposed to lift your legs higher." Alec squeaked abruptly as tanned arms grabbed his legs and bent him in a near impossible angle. "See? Much better."

Alec didn't see it that way. Every muscle in his body protested at the awkward angle and he could feel the blood rushing to his head. He didn't know why Magnus liked picking on him; Alec didn't even know what he did to garner the man's attention and make him dislike him so much, either than the fact that Alec was so noticeable because he was the tallest in the class. For some reason, Magnus would always pass by him and correct him some way or another and then maneuver his limbs like he was a rag doll. Even when he didn't move from his position, Magnus would come back two and a half minutes later and correct him again, grabbing him and directing a limb somewhere else that was completely different to what he said earlier. It was almost like Magnus was correcting him just for the sake of correcting him.

Alec didn't get it though. When Magnus went around to everyone else, he didn't correct them on every little mistake they did and if he did, he would tell them nicely and wouldn't randomly grab them. Alec could only assume that Magnus was softer on them because they were girls. Furthermore, Alec didn't like it when Magnus manhandled him. Actually he did… it's complicated. He liked how warm Magnus' hands were when they touched him, but then he would blush and he hated it when he did.

Alec's neck was cramping. He had most of his weight distributed on his upper back and shoulder-blades and the rest of his lower body was pointing vertically towards the ceiling. Had it been anyone but Magnus, Alec would have firmly decided to never give in to Isabelle's whims and return. But since it was Magnus, Alec had a feeling that his suffering was going to be really drawn out.

"And now hold it."

Alec gave his instructor a tormented look and the man laughed, brushing it off. Sadist, Alec thought glumly, wondering whether it was normal to lose the feel of one's toes. Pull yourself together, Alec told himself, just hold it a few more minutes. Any second now, the class is going to finish.

"Okay ladies and Alec, that will end us for today's session."

Alec immediately let the rest of his body drop, feeling his joints sing with relief and laid there unmoving for a few moments, flat on his back, and stared at the ceiling. He could hear a chorus of 'thank you' by the women, followed by giggling.

"I'll see you on Thursday." Magnus said, waving them away. Alec sat himself up and watched as Isabelle walked out of the gym without him. He frowned. Just because we live close doesn't mean she can just ditch me, he thought sourly, rising to his feet and dusting his pants.

Alec made a move to leave, but Magnus' voice stopped him in his tracks. "Alec, can I have a moment?"

Omigod. Omigod. Alec's brain supplied and his blue eyes widened in alarm as he realized just how much trouble he was in. Magnus must dislike him more than he had first thought to actually challenge him to a fight as soon as class finished. Alec turned around slowly so he was facing Magnus fully but let his gaze drop to the ground.

"Y-Yes?" Alec shoved his hands in his pocket to hide the tremble.

Magnus ran a hand through his spiked hair and hadn't Alec been so terrified, he might have stopped to admire him.

"7:30 tonight outside of here sound good?" He sounded so confident, like he issued challenges to poor unsuspecting dorks on a regular basis. No, it did not sound good. In Alec's opinion, it was beyond good. It was bad. Very bad.

"I-I…" Magnus turned and left before Alec even had the chance to form a proper response, throwing a wave over his shoulder. Alec felt as though the wave was to mock him. Alec stood there in a dumbfounded silence.

For the rest of the night, Alec sat at home on the brink of having an anxious fit. He didn't want to fight Magnus. There was no way he wanted to lift a finger against the man and it didn't help that he wasn't too confident with his own fighting ability. He didn't expect he could win. There was also the factor that he wasn't masochistic either, he didn't like pain that much – even the sight of blood made him queasy. He could just not go, but then Magnus would give him hell in class and should he stop going to the gym, Magnus would probably start bullying his sister. No, as the big brother, he couldn't let that happen.

He was sweating and he had bitten his fingernails down to the nub. He was so nervous he couldn't even enjoy watching the Lord of the Rings. And that was saying something.

Isabelle came through the door, a bag of groceries on hand. She frowned, noticing that most of the lights were still off, either than the flickering of the TV as Legolas came into view. "Alec?" She called out, switching on the lights so light flooded their apartment. No response. She walked into the living room, fully intent to turn off the TV when something caught her eye.

It was a mountain of pillows piled together to resemble a fortress, which would have been strange, if she didn't spot the top of her brother's head half hidden beneath. She squatted down in front of where she assumed her brother was hiding and cleared her throat. The mountain jerked slightly, though not hard enough to send the pillows rolling off.

"Any particular reason why you're in your corporeal happy place?" She asked, and despite being a bit worried about why Alec had felt the need to go there, she found an amused smile appear on her face at her brother's antics. Though Alec was usually the mature one, there were times when it seemed like Alec was the younger sibling.

"I don't know what to do." The mountain said. "Magnus wants me to meet him outside the gym at 7:30 tonight."

Alec didn't know why he told her that – he didn't want his baby sister to worry about him. This is something he had to do, for her sake at least.

However, instead of Isabelle crying on his shoulder, betting him not to go, the girl squealed, "I knew it!" Alec trembled inside his pillow. Was Magnus' murderous intent that noticeable?

"You should go!"

Alec frantically shrugged the pillows off him so he could give his sister a baffled look. Well, sure, he had reluctantly decided to go, but he didn't expect Isabelle to sound so enthusiastic when he was more than likely going to get hurt.

Isabelle grabbed his wrists and pulled him to his feet. "I can understand why you're nervous, but you're going to have to relax. Don't worry your pretty head too much."

It was hard to not think about it when you know you're about to get the beating of your life.

"Come, come Alec, you got to change into something nice."

"I can't." Alec replied. Well, Alec guessed that he could understand that if you were inevitably about to get beat up, it's better to get beat up AND look good at the same time. But Alec didn't care about looking like a sexy bloody mess. "He'll destroy it." Alec explained and Isabelle blinked before she made a sound of agreement at the back of her throat.

"Ah, good idea. It's best to plan ahead in case he ends up ripping the clothes off your body."

Alec whimpered at the thought. She sounded so excited; it was like she was on a completely different page to him. She was supposed to be a bit more sympathetic to his plight. Instead, all he got was amusement.

After that, Isabelle left him to do her own thing, more than likely to go on Facebook and most likely update her status to My brother is so BAAAADASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Alec frowned, and sat there anxiously until 7:20. He didn't even eat; afraid that Magnus would punch him in the stomach and make him vomit it out. Or maybe he should have eaten, because then he would be able to blow his chunk over Magnus' purple converse shoes. It would serve him right.

"Time to face the music." Alec moaned to himself as he rose to his feet. he couldn't delay it any longer. He was more than convinced that this was going to be the worst night of his life.

Despite dragging his feet the whole way, Alec still managed to get to the gym on time. He had half-hoped Magnus would be late, but unfortunately as soon as he spotted the gym he saw Magnus leaning against the brick wall.

God, he's so hot. Alec thought wistfully. If Magnus had looked amazing in the gym; under the streetlight, he was absolutely breathtaking. And his clothes were really nice, consisting of a pair of tight black leather pants and an emerald green silk shirt that brought out his greenish eyes. They were much more toned down compared to his exercise clothes and made him look indescribably gorgeous.

It hardly seemed suitable for fighting and the pants looked awfully restrictive but Magnus was probably confident that he wouldn't break a sweat. It was such a shame though. Alec had a feeling that for most of this encounter, he was going to be on the ground eating dust so he wouldn't be able to give the clothes the admiration it deserved.

Magnus spotted him shortly after and straightened himself so he was no longer leaning against the wall. "Ah good, you're here." Alec flinched when the man moved towards him, but instead of hitting him, Magnus wrapped his long fingers around his wrist and pulled him in a random direction.

Alec's eyes widened even more. Oh God, he must be planning something bad to me if he's going to take me somewhere where there's no witnesses, he thought fearfully, imagining his broken body shoved in a trash can somewhere in a dark alleyway. His breathing deepened as he suddenly felt the onset of hysteria flaring in his chest. Magnus must have felt his hand tremble or something because he suddenly turned around and looked at him.

"Alec darling, are you okay?" His eyes swept over Alec's shaking form, taking in his wide eyes and white pale face. "You know, if you didn't want to go out with me, you could have said so."

It's not like he was left with much of a choice. If he didn't do it, Isabelle would – Wait, what? Alec blinked owlishly, wondering if he had misheard Magnus. The guy couldn't have said what he thought he said.

"What do you mean?" Alec said faintly, earning a distressed sound from Magnus as the young man ran another hand through his hair. It was the first time in Alec's experience that Magnus was not oozing confidence.

"I thought you were interested. Or at least I assumed you were so I asked you on a date but it never occurred to me that you didn't want to go. I mean, I'm usually good at noticing this kind of stuff but I guess I… misread your signals." Magnus was babbling. Alec found it absolutely adorable.

Relief. All Alec felt was relief. He had thought wrong. Magnus wasn't planning to beat him up, he wanted to – Alec felt a shock of electricity go through him as what Magnus said hit home. Magnus Bane: Mr. Hot 'n' Sexy Yoga Instructor wants to go on a date with him? Suddenly, Isabelle's reactions at home seemed to make a lot more sense.

Alec felt faint again, this time not from fear. "I-I…" His voice caught so he cleared his throat. "I am. Interested that is. Very, very… I… uh…" Without even thinking, he buried his face into Magnus' shirt to hide the blush that was flaring like a beacon.

Magnus looked stunned for a moment before his widest smile yet appeared on his face and suddenly, the confidence ooze was back. "Ah, good."

Alec glanced up at the man before moving away, embarrassed that he had grabbed the other man like that. Even if it looked like Magnus liked it.

Everything seemed perfect… except one thing.

Alec looked down at his clothes, horrified. Before he left, he changed into his oldest and most worn out clothes with various holes and tears because he was afraid his good clothes would get damaged in the fight.

"But… I'm not really dressed for the occasion."

Magnus' eyes raked over him before a grin appeared on his face and his eyes sparkled. Just by the look, Alec could tell that he could be dressed in a cardboard box and Magnus would still like it. For the first time in his life, Alec actually felt beautiful.

Alec blushed, looking at the man shyly as Magnus reached out and grabbed his hand. He entwined their fingers before swinging their joined hands back and forth.

"Shall we go then, my dear?"

Alec pressed his face against Magnus' shoulder to hide the smile threatening to blossom on his lips.


What Alec had thought was going to be the worst night of his life suddenly had the potential to be the best.

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