Chaotic: Legend of the Chezamon

Chapter 1- Flashes of Gray.

Perim had many secrets; some had already been found, others were still waiting to be discovered. One of those secrets, however, was about to be discovered… not by the Creatures of Perim, but by humans. Five especial humans would bring the secret out to light…

Legends say that deep within Mist Forest, there's a part of the forest where there's a veil of mist present in the air, and the trees don't let much light of the sun go through the trees. Nobody dares to put a foot in that part, which is said to be cursed, since all the Creatures that had gone there never came back. That part of the Forest of Life came to be known as Mist Forest. Some Creatures claim that there's a Tribe living there, a Tribe which had been forgotten since ancient time. How they look like and where they live is a mystery, but it is believed that Mist Forest is their domain. If you out a foot in the forest, they strike. However, nobody knows for sure what they do with trespassers… Overworlders think they eat them, but nobody had the courage to go into the forest. Most Creatures say they're just a myth and that probably the explorers that disappeared were killed by a carnivore plant or fell prey to an animal. That is why going to Mist Forest at night is considered insane…

But Chaotic players didn`t think the same. Some of the players went to the Forest of Life and tried to find the so-called Mist Forest; some players went on their own account, while others were sent the Tribes in exchange of scans. However, all of them had the same results; they either couldn't find the forest or were attacked by "flashes of gray". However, before the attacker could capture them, players ported out. Eventually, they came to think as well that the forest was haunted. Now nobody, Creatures and Chaotic players alike, didn't even think about putting a foot on Mist Forest. But curiosity is a very strong feeling…

Two Chaotic players had gone to the Forest of life, their own curiosity getting the better of them. They had heard about Mist Forest at night, and decided to go and take a look, ignoring the warnings of the flashes s of gray that haunted the place. According to the stories they had heard, to find Mist Forest you had to go deep into the Forest of Life and when you say mist on the air and only a few sunlight rays, you had found it. However, you had to be wary about the mysterious attackers that frightened so many…

"I don't understand what's so frightening about this; it's only an old forest. Perhaps the others simply exaggerate," one of the players commented while looking for a sign of the 'gray flashes'

"Hey, don't say that! You'll bring us bad luck!" the other player growled, trembling in fear.

"Oh, come on! I doubt there's a living Creature actually living here! Just look at this! There's almost no moonlight, the plants look poisonous and there hasn't been a sign of life here!"

"That doesn't mean there's nothing living here! Perhaps they're asleep or-"

The first player rolled his eyes, "forget about it! Let's just find something that is worth scanning!"

However, they didn't know they were being followed. The Creature moved like a shadow; it stopped when they stopped and moved when they moved. Despite its ferocious mood, there was a glint of curiosity in its golden eyes. These strange beings had been coming into the forest since a few months ago, but they had never the chance to find out about them. Their orders were clear: capture trespassers and don't let them escape. However, in its thoughts, the Creature stepped on a branch. The second player which was getting nervous by the minute, started to panic when he heard a branch snap.

"Did you hear that?" he mumbled while looking around frenetically

"Hear what?" his companion inquired in annoyance at his partner's cowardice

"I'm sure I heard something, let's port out of here!"

"And miss this chance? Forget about it!"

"B-but don't you have the feeling that something is following us?"

"Don't be ridiculous! What could be following-?"

That's when the Creature decided to strike. It rushed from out of the bushes it was hiding, as fast as a lighting, and delivered a bite on one of the being`s leg. Then it jumped into another bush, preparing to strike again.

"What was that?" the first player kneeled to take a look at his leg, and saw in horror that there were fang marks which were bleeding pretty badly.

"See? I told you we should have ported out!" his partner began to look for his scanner on his pockets.

However, another flash of gray attacked and the player dropped his scanner. His partner tried to escape, but his leg was killing him. Both humans looked up and saw in horror that golden eyes with slit pupils were growling at them from the shadows, but the darkness enabled them to distinguish the appearance of the Creatures. They could tell, however, that they were not happy to see them. The player with the injured leg was the one panicking now; they looked as if they were going to attack at any minute. His partner was frenetically looking around for his scanner, but it was too dark for him to find anything. However, he was also trying not to incite the Creatures to attack. At last, he found his scanner, but as soon as the Creatures saw him pick it up, they dashed towards the two humans.

"Let's port the heck out of here!" the injured player shouted before taking out his own scanner; both players had ported out, and the Creatures' fangs closed in the air. When the players were gone, the Creatures just kept staring in shock and confusion at the place where the beings once stood; how had they done that? They simply disappeared! Then, the creatures let out angry howls howl… the Beta Male would not be pleased in the least.