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It was a Saturday night and Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Blaine had all decided to go to a gay club. Kurt and Rachel were currently taking a break from dancing, while the other two were somewhere on the dance floor having a good time.

Rachel sipped her drink while watching Kurt, who had the biggest smile on his face. Rachel softly smiled, resting her hand over Kurt's.

"It's comfortable here." Rachel said loud enough to be heard over the music.

Kurt focused his attention on her, letting out a breath and nodding. "Yes." He lightly laughed, "I can kiss Blaine and I don't have to worry about getting judged or stared at."

"Exactly why we decided to come here." She smirked her attention going back to the dance floor, successful in finding Santana in the crowd of people, causing her smile to grow even bigger.

However that smile soon faltered when a shooter girl with big breasts kept coming around Santana, offering her shot after shot, the Latina gladly accepting. Rachel's brows furrowed, watching as the girl placed a hand on Santana's bicep, hoping the reason Santana was letting this girl so close was because she was most likely drunk.

This time Kurt reached out placing his hand over Rachel's, seeing the distressed look on her face, "They flirt to sell drinks don't worry about it." He said trying to catch Rachel before she fell out of her happy mood.

"Well I can't exactly say that I take pleasure in watching her flirt with my girlfriend." Rachel said eyes still boring into the sight.

"Hey, what're we looking at?" Blaine asked coming to a stop next to Kurt, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

"Rachel's about to go all Carrie on us." Kurt teased.

Blaine softly smirked, taking a sip of Kurt's drink, "Rachel Berry with mind killing powers, uh oh."

"I'm not going to harm anyone..." Rachel said standing from her seat, fixing the outfit she was wearing.

Kurt leaned into Blaine, finding his hand and lacing their fingers together, "But if looks could kill."

Rachel made a point to relax her features, plastering on a smile, "I'll be right back." She said in a sweet tone and then headed in the direction of Santana.

When she reached her, Rachel slipped her arms around her waist from behind pressing into her while her lips found her ear, "Hey."

Santana smiled, a pleasant shiver running up her spine. She turned in Rachel's arms, "Hey, you came back to dance with me." She said tugging Rachel even closer.

"Something like that." Rachel said sliding her hands up Santana's ribs and passed her shoulders and finally wrapping her arms around the taller girl's neck. She leaned in close, her lips once again pressed to Santana's ear, "I've been watching you out here dancing, and as appealing as that is I can't help but be a little put off by that flirty waitress always coming around you. Now I don't like the thought of being possessive, but in a situation like this I am here to claim what is mine. Do you understand?"

Santana's breath caught in her throat, and all she could do was nod. She never thought in a million years she'd let someone "claim her" that was so 1940s and she was definitely no one's housewife. But the fact that Rachel Berry was declaring her as her own was in a weird way a huge turn on.

"Excellent." Rachel whispered, nibbling on her earlobe for a second, before pressing kisses down her neck, finding her pulse point and lightly biting. She soothed it over with her tongue, before sucking lightly and then harder, making it her goal to leave behind a mark.

Santana's eyes fluttered shut, titling her head to the side, running her hands down Rachel's lower back and grabbing her ass, moaning as she pulled her impossibly closer.

After a minute or so Rachel pulled away admiring her work. She brushed her thumb over the new hickey, looking up at Santana, "Mine."

Santana's eyes were full of desire, nodding. She then quickly leaned down capturing Rachel's lips with her own. The kiss started off slow at first, but it didn't take long for Santana's curious tongue to find Rachel's, and they were in a full blown make out session on the dance floor.

Rachel pulled away after a bit needing some air. She rested her forehead against Santana's, slowly opening her eyes. "That was..."

"Intense." Santana finished smirking.

Rachel nodded, rubbing their noses together, "Santana?" She whispered.

"Yeah?" Santana answered her voice hoarse.

"Let's go back to my place." Rachel said pressing a quick kiss to her lips.

"Yeah okay." Santana nodded, pulling away, lacing their fingers together, and tugging her off of the dance floor and over to the table.

"That's quite a mark." Blaine smirked, his eyes having no other choice but to land on the hickey Rachel had made.

"My girl knows how to get her game on." Santana winked, grabbing her jacket and sliding it on.

Kurt watched the two gather their things, "You two are leaving?"

Santana nodded, taking Rachel's hand, "Yeah. We had fun, see you guys later." She said pretty much dragging Rachel towards the door. If she knew Rachel wouldn't protest, she probably would have picked the girl up and carried her over her shoulder that's how turned on she was right now.

"Bye!" Rachel shouted, not having a chance to hug her friends goodbye. As she bumped into a few people and made their way to the exit, the last thing Rachel saw was the shooter girl with a scowl on her face, watching as Santana escorted Rachel out of the club. Rachel put on a bright smile and simply waved to her.

Once outside, Rachel wrapped her arms around Santana's waist, leaning into her, smiling. "The girl is mine." She whispered.

Santana looked down at her, "Mm?"

"Nothing, baby." She said stopping only so she could lean up and place a kiss to her lips.

"Whatever you say." Santana smirked wrapping an arm around Rachel's shoulder and guiding her back to walking. "Whatever you say."

The End


Sorry for the lame ending. I'm just trying to get back into writing again...