Hi everyone ! So this is an other translation. The original story is titled ' Bloody Mary ', you may have read it if you're a French-speaking reader who got lost here. I felt courageous enough to try to translate my probably longest story ever ( it's not ended yet but with everything I planned to write, I'll break my own record ! ) because I went through a few sad moments, knowing that the story was read but not reviewed much. So, as soon as I'm done with the translation of the chapters I've already written, I'll continue to lucubrate in both French and English ( which is gonna be pretty useful because I usually write in Frenglish ).

Also, I am sorry for the likely mistakes in my plot. I'm not a doctor, I've never been pregnant and I'm an only child, so I don't know much about pregnancy and babies.

Flash-backs are written in italics and with present conjugation. Regular is written with past. Tell me if it's too complicated to read, I'll try to fix that !

Spoilers for season 7. The flash-backs take place after Bombshells ( except for the prologue. Well it's already getting complicated. Oops ), assuming a month went by between 7x17 ' Fall From Grace ' and 7x18 ' The Dig '. Nothing after ' Fall From Grace ' happened in my story.

I do not own House, MD.

And many thanks to BJAllen815 for being a fantastic beta-reader ( until the last chapter, hopefully ) !

From The Cradle To The Grave


"Why isn't she crying?"

Cuddy, lying on an operating table, legs apart, completely panicked. House by her side, holding her hand tight. And, in the same room, but a thousand miles away from them, their baby, surrounded by two doctors and a midwife.

"Come on Dr. Cuddy, I can see her head already... Breathe in, breathe out... Come on, come on, push!"

Cuddy is pushing, with all the might a mother can give. She is exhausted, but she keeps going. She has never felt so strong. She can do it, oh yes she can! House mops her brow, wet from sweat and whispers encouragements in her ear. His hand never lets go of hers.

In spite of everything, she doesn't accomplish her goal. Not with success. She went through the three stages, but her daughter hasn't cried. The obstetrician doesn't allow House to cut the cord that connects the mother to her child; he does it by himself because they can't waste any precious seconds.

There is a problem. Cuddy realized it as soon as the doctor took her daughter away from her without laying her on her mother's stomach.

The couple was staring at the scene, with no reaction. They couldn't make one single move. The team was struggling. Doing CPR, and the baby couldn't breathe. They never stopped their cardiac massage, trying over and over again to make the baby take its very first breath.

Cuddy kept asking House why their daughter wasn't crying. He was unable to answer. She knew as well as he did. And they couldn't admit it.

Four minutes after the delivery, they heard one of the doctors say in a toneless voice:

"Mary Joy Cuddy, time of death...Seven fifteen p.m."

This was way too much for House. He squeezed Cuddy's hand so hard that he thought he might break her knuckles and left the operating room, trying his best to ignore her tears. They both had to be strong.

TBC.. The first chapter will be published soon !