H20: The secret is coming to an end for the girls

Chapter 1

After 4 years of keeping the secret of being mermaids, Cleo, Emma, Rikki and Bella celebrate the anniversary at mako island with junk food and a movie on a battery powered portable DVD player.

With Cleo and Emma 's parents plus Rikki's dad watching very closely on them since they are wondering why they always go out and they never want to go to the beach as a family anymore. Kim (Cleo's little sister) has a hunch that they are mermaids, she tried to exposed them but she got in trouble because not only she didn't have proof but she ruined the under the sea pageant.

This time she has a lead and she's going to follow them with out being spotted by Cleo or the other girls. Lewis (friends to Cleo, Emma and Rikki) is bringing the junk food and the movie, But he's been threatened by Kim to bring her to mako island or else she will tell her parents, Emma's parents, and Rikki's dad that they are mermaids and to prove it when they are not looking she'll pour water on them to see the truth.

Lewis has no other choice but to take her there since he can't find a logical reason for Kim about this. The girls are getting kind of worried about Lewis. "where is he? he should've been here an hour ago." said Rikki. " I'm sure he's just still getting the food. or probably his motor isn't working." said Cleo.