Chapter 7: the act of betrayal?

Next day, Zane and the girls head out to go to the beach. Emma's parents, Cleo's parents and Rikki's father are concerned because if they swim, their secret will be revealed. But they reassure them that they have gone to the beach many times and they have been careful. But today was different, Sophie, Miriam and dr. denmen were at the beach. They were within distance to watch their plan fall in to place.

Zane was very sacred; he thought that if he went through with this he might lose Rikki for good. They have such a great history with a lot of ups and downs in the past. But they managed to make it all right again. From a distance Miriam and Sophie were snickering that Zane was actually going through this. Which also meant that Miriam will be with Zane again. Bella the other girls thought it was just a normal day, they out their blankets and sunblock so they can get a nice tan. Zane looked over at Sophie, Miriam and dr. denmen they gave the

"Do it now" signal. He gave them a death stare and gulped nervously. "Zane? Are you okay?" asked Emma. "Huh? Oh yea…I'm fine" he said with an unsure tone. "You don't sound like your fine Zane" said Rikki. "Trust me I'm okay really. Let's have some fun... before it's over" he said the last part under his breath hoping they didn't hear that. Rikki looks at Zane with a slight concerned look. But shakes it off and they start to tan. Zane looks out to the ocean and sighs softly; he goes through memory lane in his mind. "i-I can't do that to them…I have to make this right." He thought to himself.

He does his best to keep the girls distracted and the same make Sophie, Miriam and dr. denmen think he's still going through with the plan. Throughout the day, he tries to stall; Rikki clearly knew something was wrong. But couldn't quite place on what it was. Then she saw the three people she despises the most, she instantly knew it was a trap. But what Rikki didn't know was that Zane was a part of it. "Uh…guys maybe we should go" said Rikki. "What's the rush Rikki? We don't have to leave yet. Our performance isn't til six and right now it's only one o' clock. " Said Bella.

"Yea, well don't look now but the hate squad is here." She said. As they casually looked to where Sophie and the others were. Their eyes widened. "On second thought the café is more fun to hang out at" said Emma. Zane smiled in relief how Rikki figured out they were there. But he's smile faded, because they didn't know what their plan was. Sophie saw their plan was not going well. So they took matters in to their own hands. Sophie and Miriam went up to them casually. "Hey girls" they said in unison. "What do you want?" said Rikki coldly.

She didn't like neither of them. "Nothing, just wanting to chat with you ladies" said Sophie. "There's nothing to talk about" said Emma. "Yea, so why don't you just leave" said Bella. "Now, now can't we just have a nice chat? Or better yet a swim?" suggested Miriam with an evil smirk. "No thanks, we were just leaving" said Cleo. With so much hesitation, stalling and bad blood going around. Zane knew this was the end. There was no way to stop it. Sophie and Miriam dragged the girls to the ocean, Rikki and the others screamed for help but Zane didn't help them.

He felt so bad that he actually went along with this. The moment the girls, touched water ten seconds later they turned in to mermaids. Everyone at the beach was shocked, even their friends from school were at the beach. And a local news station was there covering a surfing competition. "ZANE HOW COULD YOU?! I TRUSTED YOU!" said Rikki who was furious. "Rikki i… I had no choice. One day you will understand" he said. Instead of being there supporting his girlfriend or in this case his ex-girlfriend.

He leaves; Sophie and Miriam couldn't believe their eyes either. The news reporter comes by and covers this amazing discovery that mermaids actually exist. There was no way they could leave, too many people were around. They were all over the news. Even their parents saw them on the news. They rushed to the beach to save them. Dr. Denmen, Sophie and Miriam were being interviewed for revealing their secret. When Cleo's family, Emma's family and Rikki's dad came. They were crowded by the reporters. "Cleo get to mako island now! We'll meet you there go!" yelled mister satori. Cleo nodded as the girls enter the ocean and swim to Mako Island.

The reporter asked tons of questions to their families and to dr. denmen, Sophie and Miriam. It wasn't long until William and Louis came to the beach. It was total chaos right now; Louis asked mister satori where the girls are. And he told him they went to Mako Island. So Louis and William took a boat to get there. As the girls arrived to the underwater cave entrance. They were all scared and felt betrayed by Zane for exposing them like this. But Emma knew that there is still good left in Zane.

He wouldn't be a harsh low class jerk. Rikki was hurt so much; she wanted to believe Zane is a good person. And wanted to believe him. But right now she just wanted to be a lone, try to figure out how she was going to live her life now that everyone knows their secret. Soon after Louis and William show up. "Hey guys, what the heck happened at the beach?" asked Louis. "Sophie and Miriam exposed our secret and Zane was a part of it." Said Rikki. "You don't know that, maybe he tried to help us but he was black mailed or something. I know there's still good left in Zane" said Bella.

"Don't worry we'll handle this" said William. "How? Your sister and Miriam are out of control. And they will find a way turn everyone against us." Said Rikki. "Well get Zane to help us. I know you two are broken up but you need to put a side your differences and help each other. And we will find evidence that he had nothing to do with this plan." Said Louis. "Alright fine, but I won't like it. He has to earn back my trust and respect." Said Rikki accepting the idea even though she didn't want to.

She was so hurt and sad. Until things cooled down at the beach they all stayed there. About four minutes later, their families came to the island to check on the girls. It wasn't long until the paparazzi found them. They couldn't go anyway without being spotted. They only safe place was to be at home, as they swim home they got in contacted with each other by calling each other. But Dr. Denmen, put a sensor near the water cave entrance on their phones to monitor the conversation and to wherever the mermaids were. She was going to use them and their powers for her own personal gain.

That is if their families got anything to say about it. They got stricter on their daughters, towards where they are going and what they wanted to do. But it was out of love, and they didn't want them to get hurt. Since Rikki's father was going out of town for a while, Rikki stays with Cleo. And Bella stayed with Emma, since her parents are also out of town. "This is not fair Cleo is a super star and she gets all the fame." Said Kim. "That's not true runt. We happen to be in a middle of a chaotic situation because our enemy wants all the fame to herself. " Said Rikki a bit coldly.

"There has to be another way for us to deal with us, rather than being cooped up and hounded by paparazzi." Said Cleo. At Emma's house Bella and Emma try to keep themselves busy, buy watching TV. But all that was on was the biggest scandal which was them. So they tried something else, but it was kind of boring without Cleo and Rikki. Emma calls Cleo to chat with and see how are things on her end.

The phone call between Cleo and Emma:

*phone rings*
Cleo: hello?

Emma: hey Cleo its Emma how are you

Cleo: oh hey, I'm good and you?

Emma: been better

Cleo: yea, I can't believe this happened.

Emma: I should have known they were trouble to begin with

Cleo: yea, I guess it can't be helped. The main question is how are we going to convince everyone that we mean no harm at all

Emma: I'm not sure, but maybe if we try to be ourselves they will come around.

Cleo: we'll give it a shot. But we can't go back to Mako Island.

Emma: yea for all we know it could be overrun with paparazzi and try to make it in to a reality show or something.

Cleo: yea, I guess for now we could choose somewhere else to hang out without being spotted.

Emma: yea lets discussed it with the rest of the girls later.

Cleo: right, see ya later and be careful

Emma: you too

Cleo and Emma: bye

*hung up the phone*

Dr. Denmen listened in to their plan, she grinned evilly. She called in Sophie and Miriam to get a counter attack ready. She wanted to see them suffer. "All the myths shall be just a myth and nothing else" she thought to herself. Before she could do that she plans on making a presentation to the board of the representatives of the United knew she will be rich and have all the glory to herself. It was only a matter of time. Until she can go through with the plan. She will start running the lives of those mermaids, by trying to have everyone turn against them. What fate shall our mermaids take? Will they be together or separate and be on their own. Read the next chapter to find out.