Title: Four seasons of love (One-shot/AU Clois)

Author: ebatcl/Natalie

Rating: Suitable for all

Spoiler: Starts from s4, except that Clark and Alicia never happen. Everything's the same until Chloe returns to normal in Spirit. Elements from following seasons will also be present.

Summary: Lois and Clark's changing relationship through the years.

Author's note: Just a little something I felt like writing :).

Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville.


It was supposed to be their dance, maybe become their song. That was what he had wanted for almost four years. More even, considering he fell in love with her when he was just five. And yet, as he saw her, in the shadows dancing with Jason Teague, Clark Kent was surprised to feel no regret.

"That is...unexpected," Lois broke the silence, as they awkwardly maneuvered together around the dance floor. "I didn't expect Lana and Jason to show up at the prom. I mean, considering how people in this town looks at such relationships even though they are both adults..."

"She looks happy," Clark remarked, when Lois seemed lost for words.

"And that makes you happy," Lois said with a smirk, maybe because she thought she had figured him out – that he was nothing more than a masochistic, small town, wanna-be farmer. Clark did a little soul searching to try and find out if she was right. Satisfied with what he found, Clark smiled broadly.

"Yeah, I'm happy...where I am."

Lois gave him a puzzled look, but didn't complain as he pulled her closer and placed his cheek on top of her head. After a few seconds of standing stiffly, she gave in and rested her head on his shoulder.

As the bright green leaves blossomed on trees, announcing that spring was already here, a new love affair blossomed between the two, like it did every second between millions of people around the world.



"I'm not surprised," Clark murmured in a matter-of-fact sort of way, as he folded his arms and stood casually in the middle of the street, like it was something he did every day. Even though he was tall guy, the heavy down pour made him look like a drowned rat.

At Lois' raised eye-brows, he shrugged. "I always expect you to do the unexpected, even when you are sober and happy. Considering you just broke up with Oliver, I'll not even mention the scenarios that had been running through my mind. Why do you think I came to see you right away when Oliver told me he was leaving town?"

Although Clark grinned, he was unable to stop his heart from aching as he thought of Lois and Oliver together. Things had not gone between him and Lois the way he had envisioned after the prom. Unable to gather enough courage to ask Lois for more than just friendship, she had somehow slipped through his fingers.

College, Lois' father demanding her presence while they went in search for her runaway sister, Johnathan Kent's untimely death, Martha Kent's move to Washington...obstacles were placed one after another, and while Clark and Lois had remained best friends, Oliver Queen had appeared out of nowhere and swept Lois off her feet.

And now he was gone, leaving behind a heart-broken Lois. While Clark appreciated the good work Oliver was doing for the world, he couldn't help resenting the blond billionaire for what he had done to Lois.

"It's called being spontaneous, Smallville," Lois muttered, breaking into his thoughts. "Ever heard of it?"

Clark looked down at her. Lois stood beside him under the rain, her hands on her hips and a wide smile across her face, as if she was mighty proud of herself for doing what the people of this town were scared to do – enjoy life.

"Oliver is just one man. You think I'm gonna sit around the Talon and mope? No way. I'll stand in here and let the rain wash away all the pain and sorrow. Tomorrow is a brand new day."

"How about we start it a little early?"

As Lois turned towards him with a frown, Clark swooped in and planted a kiss on her full lips. Lois' eyes widened in surprise.

"Wha-what was that?"

"Me being spontaneous," Clark smiled.

After a moment, Lois smiled back and pulled him down for another heart stopping kiss...in the middle of the street...under millions and millions of drops of water from the sky, like a blessing from the heavens.



"Lois, wait!" Clark shouted, as he walked faster to keep up with her. After what seemed like forever, even though it was most likely just two minutes, he finally caught up with her. Pulling her by the arm, he turned Lois towards him.

"What?" she hissed, her face a msak of anger.

"What you saw out there...it was not what it looked like."

"Really?" Lois asked sarcastically. "So you weren't kissing Lana back there? It was all a figment of my imagination?"

"I did not kiss her!" Clark replied hotly. "She..."

"Clark, you are faster than a speeding bullet. Are you seriously asking me to believe that you couldn't dodge her hot lips?"

With a sad shake of her head, Lois turned and walked away...and even with all his super powers, Clark didn't have the power to stop her. For as long as they continued to questione why they were together, they couldn't make their relationship work. Clark always thought Lois was with him because Oliver left her, and Lois always believed that Clark chose her because Lana preferred Jason over him.

Tonight, when Clark had spotted Oliver for the first time in two years here at Chloe's wedding to Jimmy, he couldn't help but doubt what he had with Lois, esp when he saw the two of them whispering in a corner. Hence, he had agreed to Lana's diabolical plan. It was later on that he found out that Oliver was actually seeing one of his team-mate, Dinah Lance. But by then, Lana had found a perfect spot for her and Clark to pretend to liplock, and it was too late to warn Lois about the plan – that it was all for salvaging Lana's marriage to Jason, who had gotten tired of her and ignored her all the time, even though Jason accompanied Lana everywhere, like Chloe's wedding today.

As Clark looked around, he saw a happy Chloe and Jimmy dancing, Lana and Jason feeding each other desserts, meaning Lana's little act had worked, and Oliver endlessly flirting with Dinah. However, there was no happy ending for Lois and Clark. Their relationship had gone as cold as the icy flakes that shrouded the city in white.



Clark wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and switched it on one more time. The disco ball casted a thousand spots all across the barn, and during this time of the evening, it looked like the barn was the night sky and the little dots of lights were stars. Happy with his handy work, Clark couldn't wait for Lois to arrive. He wanted to surprise her, but he was also curious as to what her surprise for him would be.

Deciding not to get too excited, Clark's only worry at the moment was that the electricity wouldn't go off. It was summer, and sometimes because of the load of all the electronic gadgets run by the town's people to avoid the heat, the electricity went off and it had to be fixed.

In the past two years, he and Lois had gone through a lot together. Finally, he believed that they were ready for the next step of their relationship. However, being the hero of Metropolis came with its share of burdens, and so, Clark decided he would let Lois guide them through the next chapter of their courtship.


Clark heard Lois shout from where she had just parked her car in front of the house, and he quickly shut off the light and hid beneath the stairs. As he had instructed her, Lois made her way into the barn, and at the right moment, Clark switched on the disco-ball. Lois looked visibly surprised and Clark smiled, seeing her look so happy.

"Well," Lois drawled, "this must be part of your surprise for me. Hmm, I still believe mine will be better."

Lois winked at Clark and he simply grinned.

"Actually, I've a little more planned," Clark replied and with the press of another button on the small remote in his hand, music floated in the barn.

"Oh, this is perfect..."

"Thank you, kind ma'am," Clark said, with a little bow.

He might have been the greatest hero of Metropolis, but Lois knew how awkward Clark found it to make big, romantic gestures. Hence, she almost burst out laughing when he bowed, but kept it in, so that she could utter, "...for my surprise."

At Clark's half smile, half frown look, Lois took a deep breath and muttered, "Here goes nothing."

Clark was a man who could leap tall buildings in a single bound. Needless to say, there wasn't much that could surprise him. In fact, Lois Lane was the only exception he knew off. But as the summer breeze surrounded them with floral smells, even he couldn't stop his eyes from involuntarily widening when he saw the love of his life get down on one knee.

"Clark Kent, my best-friend, my home, my true love, will you marry me?"