The first in a series of short drabbles for the pairing BB/Rae.

Beast Boy couldn't believe it, yet it was there, right before his eyes and he stood gawking like an idiot. Raven hadn't done anything spectacular, she'd just reached up to get the sugar for her morning tea, for some reason deciding not to use her powers because she'd mentioned that she'd become too reliant on them the other day and it was making her lazy. She was wearing civilian clothes which wasn't what got the green changeling staring, they were still dark and still very her, suiting her nicely. Nearly black boot cut jeans and a purple t-shirt hugging her figure with her feet bare… What got Beast Boy's attention wasn't even the fact that said t-shirt had risen up, revealing a flash of a toned stomach that was usually hidden from view beneath her trademark leotard. It was in fact what was on the skin there, it was a raven no doubt, a small detailed tattoo because he WAS Beast Boy and he knew every animal by sight alone and it took him no more than a second to identify it. It didn't really come as a surprise that she'd have a tattoo to match her name, it fit. What stunned him and left him marvelling silently, gawking like an idiot, was the fact that the raven was a very familiar shade of green… HIS shade of green.

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