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Oddly enough, what annoyed Raven most about her green teammate was not his laugh or his tofu or endlessly crappy jokes or his goofy grin or… Well it wasn't any of the obvious things. What annoyed her most was how complicated he was. On face value he seemed to be a six year old in a teenagers body but then he had to go and ruin that idea by being serious sometimes… like when he gave her the lucky penny. It wasn't his normal smile, the one he wore most of the time, it was a different one and so all the more sincere because of it. He was saying that everything was going to be alright.

When he bugs her endlessly to listen to one of his jokes, fighting daily for that smile, it's his childish self but underneath it all Raven is intensely aware that he really really wants her to smile and it's frustrating and confusing because she has no idea why. She has no idea why he'd continue to let her ignore him when he could get a laugh out of anybody else.

She's considered looking into his mind but something stops her. Something tells her that it's his own place and even if another part of her reasons that he has been into her mind and it's only fair, she still doesn't do it. Beast Boy has his own secrets and they're his own and nobody else's after all. So she keeps reading her books and she keeps waiting for him to start on some lame knock knock joke because though she'll never admit it, it's about the only thing about him she truly understands which is that whatever the reason is… He wants to see her smile and maybe if she's honest, she's worried that if he gets the smile, he'll stop bothering her. The thought isn't as pleasant as it should be.

Raven doesn't understand him but she want's to and she's determined that one day she's going to figure him out and she's going to do it the old fashioned way, by talking… Not today though. Today she's reading…

"C'mon Raven! This ones funny!" Beast Boy whines and from beneath her hood, where he can't see, her mouth twitches in a reluctant smile.

"Go tell it to someone who wants to hear it then," She replies and BB groans in exasperation.


"Don't call me that."

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