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Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett picked up the envelope on his desk. The ominous word classified was emblazoned across the front in red ink. Just as he slid his thumb under the lip of the envelope Danny stuck his head around the door,

"We've got a job Steve"

Steve discarded the envelope on the pile of paper work on his desk and slid his gun into its holster. What ever it was it could wait.

5 hours later.

Steve, Danny, Kono and Chin filed slowly into 5-0 HQ. It had been a long day but the out come of the job had been good. There were no injuries amongst the team apart from a few cuts and bruises that Steve had acquired after rolling into the marina during a tussle with a masked gunman. He had received a dressing down from Danny for that. Steve looked back over his shoulder,

"Good job guys drinks on me tonight I-", Steve stopped short. It was the expression on Danny's face that made him falter. The detective had suddenly stiffened, his blue eyes widening then focusing disconcertingly on a target, his hand straying to his gun. Steve began to turn slowly as Kono and Chin began to mirror the New Jersey detective. As his eyes took in the scene he too drew his weapon and pointed it unwaveringly at the figure leaning against the computer table. It was dressed head to toe in black. Black jumpsuit, black boots and gloves. An armadillo like matt black chest plate encircled its torso making it impossible to tell if the figure was male or female and the same plating covered the back of the gloves and arms to just below the elbow, reminding Steve of the armoured gauntlets that knights of old used to wear in the books he read as a child. A matt back full face helmet adorned its head, the mirrored visor was sapphire blue and a cross of the same colour stood out clearly against the black of the figure's left shoulder. Below the cross was a number 7. It stood with its arms crossed and what appeared to be a utility belt lay on the table by it's right side. Steve could just make out the butt of a gun still holstered in the belt.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?"

The 5-0 team fanned out beside him, moving slowly forward. The only movement the figure made was the rhythmical tapping of it's right fingers against the top of it's left arm as if impatient. The head moved slightly, tilting to one side.

"I asked you a question" Steve prompted, he was within two feet of the figure now and despite it's size, smaller than Danny, it was still intimidating. Suddenly the figure moved, turning towards its right side, towards the utility belt...and gun. Steve acted on instinct grabbing the figure's right arm with his free hand. The black clad figure instantly pushed down Steve's gun hand gripping his wrist tightly. Steve felt the tips of bare fingers digging into his skin and suddenly the world went fuzzy, he felt his strength leave him, his gun dropped to the floor and he dropped to his knees.

"Steve!" Danny flicked the safety off his weapon and planted his feet,

"Let him go or so help me God...helmet or not I'll put a bullet in you brain!"

Steve was kneeling at the figure's feet, blinking rapidly, trying to clear the smog in his brain. He felt the grip on his wrist lessen slightly and his senses snapped into focus. Danny was shouting behind him. He looked up, the blue visor was focused on him. He tried to get up but his legs wouldn't obey.

"What do you want?" he asked quietly. Again it reached for the table top,

"Don't move...I said don't move! I will shoot you...what do you not understand english? Right I'll give you to the count of three to let him go. One"

The figure slid something towards it,


Steve saw the corner of a brown envelope appear over the top of the desk,


"Danny wait!"

Danny jumped at the sound of Steve's command but his finger on the trigger was too far gone. The mechanism clicked and fired.

In a split second the black clad figure twisted away from the shot's trajectory and the bullet lodged itself in one of the very high tech...and very expensive touch screens on the back wall of the room. Danny grimaced then noticed that the blue visor was suddenly focused directly on him.

"What? I did warn you, did I not" he appealed to his fellow officers. Chin didn't move but Danny saw the slight smile playing on Kono's lips. The figure flicked the envelope at him and he jumped back when it hit his chest. He managed to catch it before it hit the floor.

"Can I get up now please?" Steve intoned from the floor. The figure relinquished it's grip and Steve felt the feeling rush back to his lower body. He groaned at the sensation and two small but strong hands gripped his shoulders and helped him to his feet. He swayed slightly but shrugged off the supporting hands and leaned against the table, eyeing the shorter person beside him. The person in question made a placating hand gesture then stepped back giving him space. Steve then looked to Danny who had torn open the envelope. He recognised it from this morning. He watched Danny read for a moment then the blonde detective looked up at the figure beside him.

"Well Danny?"

Danny crossed the room, handing Steve the paper. Steve scanned the page. It read:

For the attention of Lt Commander McGarrett,

You team has been selected to trial a new member of a classified special forces unit. They are to remain with you for six months or until other wise notified. At the end of this trial period you may choose to keep them on as a permanent member of you task force or they will move on to another assignment. They will arrive at 2.30pm.

At this point Steve glanced at his watch, it was 5.15pm. He returned to the letter,

Please see below for details of the trail candidate. You will be further notified of operational instructions within two days.

Name: Seven

Gender: Female

Classification: Medic

Offensive training: Complete

Defensive Training: Complete

Fire Arms Training: Complete

Additional Abilities: Classified

It was signed by the Governor. Steve looked up.

"Your name is Seven?"

He received a nod in reply,

"And you're a medic?"

Another nod,

"I'm sorry about all of this, I...we didn't know you were arriving, that is I got the letter this morning but something came up and I didn' it"

Seven gave a gesture that Steve translated as 'think nothing of it'. He stuck out his hand, he was slightly wary of touching this being again but manners over rode his inhibitions,

"I'm Commander Steve McGarrett" he said as Seven reached out and shook his hand, he took note of the fingerless gloves, only noticeable if Seven turned her hand palm side up. She repeated the gesture with Kono and Chin. Typically Danny had to be different.

"Woah up a second here, this person...are you even a person?"

Seven tilted her head slightly,

"Cos to be honest the whole expressionless face thing...the helmet makes you look more like a robot but hey I deviate from my original point. She comes in here, how I have no idea considering all the security features on that door"

Danny gesticulated wildly at the entrance,

"Then downs Super Seal here and destroys some of our operations room - "

"Actually Detective I believe that was you fault"

" - yes but I was shooting at you and you moved ergo its your fault -" Danny stopped mid rant, gesticulations freezing in mid air,

"Did you just talk?"

Seven nodded,

"I did yes", Seven's words were remarkably clear despite the helmet but her voice was soft. Her accent was British but not the stereotypical clipped Queens English. It was lilting and musical but Steve couldn't place it. Danny looked incredulous,

"Well why didn't you employ this amazing ability before and all of this could have been avoided"

Seven shrugged. Steve smiled,

"Seems like she's just as stubborn as you are Danno"

Danny glared at them before turning away,

"I'm going for coffee" he grunted. Chin moved away as well,

"If you'll excuse me a moment I need to talk to Chin, then we can discuss arrangements"

Steve followed him. Kono moved to one of the side benches to strip down and clean her weapon. She pulled back the sleeve of her right arm grimacing at the nasty graze that she had gotten diving for cover. She had hid it from the guys and would dress the wound once she got home. Kono turned and started in fright. Seven had managed to cross the room in complete silence and stood right beside her. She reached out and took Kono's arm examining the wound, then she removed one glove and placed her hand back on the graze. Kono felt a pulse of warmth and when Seven removed her hand the wound was gone. Kono stared in amazement,


Seven replaced her glove then raised one finger to where her lips would be. It was clear what the gesture meant. Kono nodded,

"Thank you"


Steve was striding across the room towards them,

"Everything OK Kono?"

"Yes sir fine"

Steve gave her a measured look then turned to Seven,

"Come into my office I have a few questions I need to ask you"

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