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Full Summary: 11/OC. Before the Ponds, the Doctor had another companion. Takes place in the two years the Doctor was away in 'The Eleventh Hour'. This is the fifth story in the series. You don't have to read the others but I think it probably would help a great deal in getting to know my OC.

Author's Note: Ooh! This is so exciting! I probably shouldn't be posting this yet as I like to write a few chapters ahead but I couldn't wait any longer! I'm currently working on the second chapter which going to be pretty long. I really hope you like this...I have so many ideas for sequels and one-shots. I know, I know...I'm getting ahead of myself. Enjoy!

Mind Games

Chapter One

"I wonder what's in all these rooms." Amy said, half to herself, half to her husband as they strolled down the corridors leading to the control room in the T.A.R.D.I.S.

"You've never looked?" Rory asked, surprised.

"Have you?"

"No. I just thought you would've. You're nosy."

"Oh, thanks!"

"Good morning, Ponds!" The Doctor called, beaming at his companions from his seat by the console. "Where are we off to today then? The past? Hey! You know who I've always wanted to meet? Otto von Bismarck! Or Bizzy to his friends. We could go and see him! Or we could toddle off into the future for a bit? Meet a few peeps, make a few chums that sort of thing. Or – "

"Doctor," Rory began tentatively. "We were thinking...maybe we could, sort've have a...rest day."

"A rest day?" The Doctor repeated as though it was the most absurd thing he had ever heard.

"Yes. You know, just eating, sleeping and...resting."

"Oh. Well, I suppose so." He studied the monitor that hung over the console before looking at them again. "A rest day? Are you sure? It's a bit..."

"A bit what?" Amy chipped in, a little irritated by the Doctor's disbelief. It was alright for him, he didn't need as much rest as they did.

"Well, a bit boring."

"Doctor, we're tired. Can we please just have one day where we don't do anything?"

"Oh, alright. Fine. I'll just...tinker all day." He gave an exaggerated fake yawn, picked up his sonic screwdriver and descended the steps to the lower level of the T.A.R.D.I.S' console.

Oddly, when it came to actually resting, Amy found that she didn't want it. Whilst Rory enjoyed a well deserved shower and nap, she pottered around the T.A.R.D.I.S. exploring corridors and opening doors. She found that some doors insisted on being knocked before you entered even though no one was in there, while others opened before she even touched the handle and some didn't open at all, no matter how much she pushed, pulled and prodded the keypad on the wall.

On her fourth corridor, all of the doors opened except one. That one door intrigued Amy more than any of the others she had encountered before. There was something different about it. It had obviously been used a fair amount, its handle was slightly faded and scratched and the keypad outside had soft buttons, like someone had often pushed them. Questions flew around in her head; who had pushed the buttons and used the handle? Whose room was this? For a moment, she wondered if it was the Doctor's room but then she saw a layer of dust on the handle. Someone had used this room a lot and stopped. Why? Amy pushed and pulled on the door to no avail. She huffed and briefly considered giving up but she knew it'd drive her crazy if she didn't get to see what was inside. As she had with all the past rooms that were locked, she jabbed at the keypad next to the door hoping that there was some sort of password that she might type in.


"Damn it!" There was something in there, she was sure of it. The doorway just didn't feel like the others did. When she found the other locked doors, she had just thought the Doctor had some possessions that he'd prefer his companions not rifle through. But this? This felt different. She sighed and rested her head against the door. "Oh, please! Please! C'mon...what does he call you? Old girl! C'mon, old girl, let me in!"

There was a woosh and Amy nearly fell flat on her face. At her words, the door had flown open and Amy was finally in and the sight that met her was nothing like she was expecting. She thought that in here there would be something of incredible significance to the Doctor, maybe objects from his childhood, some old artefacts of his race that he had managed to find. Instead, it was a just a bedroom.

Amy glanced around just to check it was deserted before entering fully. She immediately noticed, with a slight pang of annoyance, that the room was much better than the one she and Rory currently resided in. The walls were a deep aubergine colour and instead of the dreaded bunk beds she and Rory suffered, there was a large four-poster bed in the middle of the room surrounded by sheer white drapes that had gathered a little dust. Amy smoothed one before turning her attention to the wall on the left of the bed where a large vanity table stood, covered in jewellery, money (foreign and alien), scarves, keys, make-up and...Amy reached down and from beneath a mass of tangled necklaces and earrings, pulled a small brown book. Amy turned it over and then again. There was no title on the cover, no clue as to what the book's contents were.

She walked backwards to the bed and plopped down on it, ran her fingers over the cover once more before opening it. On the first page, there was nothing but the scribbles of someone testing out whether their pen was working or not. A few blue, mostly black though, with the occasional red line here and there. Amy turned the page and saw a small paragraph of writing.

'I suppose it might be a bit late, but I've just found this book in one of the cupboards and I thought it'd make a good diary. I asked the Doctor first of course, in case there's something written in here in invisible ink or something. He told me it might but said that I could use it anyway as whatever I have to say will be much more interesting than anything already in here. So here I am, beginning a diary about my adventures with the Doctor. I hope this will be something amazing I can look back on when I'm old and have grandkids. So, hello me! Glad we're still alive and kicking! Anyway, this is the 8th month I've been travelling with the Doctor and, frankly, it's getting weirder and weirder."

Amy grinned, overjoyed to have found something that belonged to another companion before her. She was about to turn the page when she remembered: this woman wasn't here anymore. She didn't write in the diary anymore, she didn't open that door anymore and she didn't sleep in this room anymore. Caught between scared and intrigued, Amy turned the page and read the first entry...

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