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An Invitation

"I can't believe she just let him go." Rory said quietly to Amy as they cleaned up the robot parts in the second floor corridor.

"I know but there's something between them we obviously don't know about." Amy picked a steel leg off the floor and put in the box the Doctor had given her, suddenly realising how surreal this situation was.

"What do you think she'll do now?"

"Go back to Earth, I suppose. She hasn't got much else to do, has she?"

"Shhhhh! She's coming!" Rory hissed as Fred turned the corner and strode down the corridor towards them. She smiled awkwardly when she reached them.

"Hello Amy, Rory. Where's the Doctor?" She asked, seemingly a bit embarrassed.

"He's down in the basement." Amy responded, not sure whether she should like Fred or not. "He's dismantling the panel and putting the transport drive thingy back in the TARDIS."

Fred nodded. "Thanks." She made to walk past them but stopped suddenly. "Umm, listen, I'm...I'm sorry if I've been a bit of a bitch. I'm not normally I promise. I've just...I've had a bit of a weird time lately, you know? Anyway...I hope we're ok."

Amy smiled and Rory said: "Yeah, of course! The Doctor told us about what happened."

"Oh." Fred said simply, not sure what they thought of her or what happened. "Well, anyway, I'd better go and talk to him."

"Fred!" Amy called as she was about to go down the stairs.


"He was devastated, you know. When we asked him about you, he was so upset he could barely tell us. He really cared for you."

Fred made to respond but found she couldn't. Instead, she smiled and nodded, feeling tears prick her eyes.

As Fred descended the steps to the basement, she could hear the Doctor muttering.

"What's he done to you, sexy? The naughty Time Lord broke you. Never mind; we'll have you fixed in no time."

"Aww, is she alright?" Fred said from the doorway. The Doctor jumped and turned to look at her, standing as he did. He noticed her previously smooth hair had begun to return to its wild state. Good, he thought.

"She'll be fine. Thankfully, the Master is a good engineer so he didn't leave too much mess. She'll be fixed in no time."

"Good." She wandered into the room further. The Doctor watched, amused and full of affection as she stroked the blue wood. "Oh, I've missed you, old girl." Suddenly, the TARDIS' door swung open. She whipped around to stare at the Doctor. "Did you do that?"

"No." The Doctor said, looking genuinely baffled. His face broke into that familiar childish grin. "I think she's welcoming you back."

Fred beamed before her face fell a little. "I...I don't suppose I could hitch a ride back to my time with you three, could I?"

The Doctor gazed at her, incredulous. "Of course! You didn't think I was going to leave you in Georgian London, did you?"

She blushed. "I suppose not."

Silence fell over them before the Doctor said, "I mean you could always...you know..." He trailed off.

"I could always what?"

The Doctor sucked in a deep breath. "You could always...come with me...I mean us. Travel again, see the stars with me...us. Drink tea."

She laughed before sighing and saying, "Doctor, I can't."

"Why?" He demanded.

"You already have two companions! You can't have another one!"

"Oh, twaddle! The more, the merrier!"

She laughed again and the Doctor's face and voice softened. "They won't mind. I already told them they'll love you." He found himself desperately wanting to add 'Like I do' but didn't. Besides, he didn't even know if that was true. Fred bit her lip and glanced back at the door to the basement.

"You're sure they won't mind?" She asked, a slight grin already breaking out across her face.

"Of course not! We'll all live together and it'll be fun! Like our own little commune."

She pushed open the door to the TARDIS fully and peered inside. She didn't say anything but he could see her face light up. Unable to resist it any longer, she took a step inside. The Doctor took a step back, admiring the sight of her back in the TARDIS. She laughed, full of joy and he joined in, relief and fondness rocketing around his body.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him and Fred's eyes focused on something over his shoulder. Amy and Rory had entered the basement, two boxes full of dismantled robot parts. Amy looked from Fred to the Doctor, her female intuition sensing that something was going on.

"Everything alright?"

"Oh, yes!" The Doctor replied with glee. "Better in fact!" Amy and Rory shared a glance before giving all their attention to the Doctor. "Miss Knight has consented to join us on our travels!"

The news was met with silence. Rory looked at Fred's anxious face, the Doctor's joyous face and his wife's stunned expression before deciding he should say something to break the quiet.

"Well, that's fantastic! We could always do with another pair of fists when we're in trouble!"

Fred sighed with relief. "You really don't mind?"

"No, of course not!" Rory elbowed his wife. "We don't mind, do we, Amy?"

"No!" Amy said, a little high pitched. "We don't mind at all!"

Fred clapped excitedly and the Doctor said, "See! I told they'd be fine with it!"

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She hugged Rory and Amy before rushing into the TARDIS calling, "I'm going to my room! It's been a while!"

She disappeared out of sight and the Doctor chuckled, watching her go. Amy rounded on him.

"Doctor! What the hell were you thinking?"

He looked at her, baffled. "What do you mean?"

"You invited her to come with us without asking us first?"

The Doctor scowled. "I thought you liked her."

"I do, but I've only just met her and now I'm meant to share life and death situations with her?" She sighed. "It's just a bit weird, that's all."

Rory glared. "Amy, this is the Doctor's TARDIS; he should decide who lives in it."

Amy suddenly realised that she sounded a bit aggressive. "I don't mean that I don't want her here, I just...I just think I'll take some adjusting." She looked at the Doctor and her husband. Her boys. But know she'd have to share them. She sighed and smiled. "But I'll get used to it."

The Doctor beamed. "Well done, Ponds!" He embraced them both.

"I know this is important to you. I know she's important to you. So she's important to us now."

The Doctor's eyes crinkled. "Thank you." His voice was full of emotion. The three of them shared a look, knowing things were going to change but hoping it was for the better. Suddenly, a shout cut through the moment.


The Doctor blanched, remembering his rage early yesterday. "Ah." The Doctor rung his hands. "I think I have some fixing and tidying to do." He widened his eyes at them before bustling inside and calling, "ON MY WAY, DEAR!"

Amy and Rory laughed before following the Doctor inside and closing the door with a snap.

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