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So the tributes for this story… that I "did not" get from other writers. They were all suggested by my "imaginary friends."

*Okay, so I'm desperate I actually read the rules and guidelines. So no lists or interactive stories. Let's just say, I dedicate this chapter to Amata le Fay, who I kind of took the following idea from, just edited it a bit.*

(Following the reapings of the Districts)

President Frost (Yeah, her name was Frost, weird, huh?) slammed down a stack of papers. I glanced up from the diagram I had been studying, every detail of the new arena exact. Frost's icy blue eyes stared like daggers into me, her face grim. Such a beautiful face, worn down by twenty-five years of playing her powerful angle of President of all of Panem. Her ebony black hair was pulled back tight from her snow white face.

"May I help you?" I asked, brushing the form aside. Frost grabbed the remote from the little stand I had it in, pressing the on button. The large flat screen hummed as it turned on, and I propped my elbows up on the desk, leaning on my hands. Whenever Frost barges in like this, I know it's going to take awhile.

She surfed through the channels, onto the network only found in the homes of officials. In this case, the office of an official. It was the recap of the Reapings. I watched, unfazed through all of it. District Twelve surprised me a bit, but not much.

Frost laid her hands on my desk, leaning forward. Her expression seemed anxious, as well as furious.

…Oh, yeah.

I ran a hand from my hair nervously. "Didn't the escorts receive the message? The mayors?" I had to keep this charade going.

"We think the rebels caught drift of our plans and were able to intercept the message," Frost said. I leaned back in my chair.

"Is there any major differences?" I asked. Frost passed me forward a sheet of paper with a list of names:

District One: Westria Vise (17) & Carson Drox (18)

District Two: Cadette Flinch (16) & Rimmer Kamerman (18)

District Three: Violet Calloway (14) & Nicholas Calloway (13)

District Four: Brooke Liam (15) & Filler Charlesworthe (18)

District Five: Dia Lockhart (17) & Kaeden Whitrow (17)

District Six: Arianne Misham (15) & Dorian Happens (15)

District Seven: Reeda "Ree" Kails (14) & Trey Canter (16)

District Eight: Allie Manson (16) & Rocker Tripp (13)

District Nine: Kyla Sprit (12) & Quinten Wilkens (12)

District Ten: Tanya Ride (14) & Drale Shelter (17)

District Eleven: Robyn Achene (17) & Jayden Crush (14)

District Twelve: Teagan Aniston (14) & Kellen Mellark (14)

I nodded as I reviewed the familiar names, taking in the ones I didn't recognize. Frost's stubby finger pointed out certain names.

"These kids are the ones who weren't supposed to be there," she said, scrolling over the names I didn't fully know. "The most notable of the ones who got out of it was the Riptide child and Manna." Thank goodness. Those two were probably the most likely to die first.

In mock thought, I drummed my fingers on the table. "Well, it will be more likely to have them die, with Careers and all. And it's not like we lost this one," I said, pointing to a name. If you're bright, it will be way too easy to figure out who I pointed at.

Frost gave me a small smile. "If he hadn't I'd probably would have killed him myself." The woman picked up her paperwork, walking to the door. "Well, I'm off, Fulton. Hope everything is alright with the arena." I nodded, looking down at the list again.

Panem save their souls.

There was a certain pain to this job. The rebels understood this, but it didn't make this any easier. As Head Gamemaker, I had to make the arenas alive and unforgiving.

Yup, no breaking of rules here.

Quarter Quell ruling:

"To remind the rebels that they should always think twice, our Quell rules will be kept secret, and the twist will go unannounced."

*Hint* Your Tributes will have to be thinking twice very often if they want to make it past the first few days alive

*Bangs head against wall* Please, this has got to work.

May the odds be ever in your favor