He woke up at the sound of clanging. He had been sleeping peacefully, Angie beside him, when the noise came. He thought it sounded like his radiator.

That reminded him of Rae.

It had been a year since she and Ronnie had gotten married and moved to Knoxville. He still talked to her on the phone, but it wasn't the same. He missed his girl. He didn't realize how empty the house felt with her so far away, even after Angie had moved in, following his divorce being finalized.

He walked as quietly as he could, trying not to wake Angie, and made his way out to the main part of the house. He found someone curled into a ball on the floor, fast asleep and clutching the radiator.

As he stepped closer, he gently pulled their shoulder back so he could get a better look at them.

It seemed like déjà-vu.

Her face was bloody and bruised. Her arms and neck had dark imprints. He couldn't imagine this had happened again.

He gently shook her awake, trying to keep the tears from his eyes.



Author's Note: Okay, this is my first Black Snake Moan fic, and I believe the first one on this site. I don't even know if anyone would read this, but I felt I had to get my ideas out. I know this chapter is really short, but it's just the intro. I had to see if I could write this at all. Thanks so much for reading.