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Harry was standing there for a long time, alone, unmoved and untouched, while the chaos in his head made him feel like he was just about to get lost in the middle of a freaking tornado, his heartbeats were racing at the speed of light, and he couldn't just simply pick one of his heated emotions…anger…hatred…regret…and, although he was struggling to admit it, lust.

So what now? Am I going to act like some friggin' puppet for him?

But Harry knew very well that he would do anything for his friends…and also, that he would never give up the fight, even though he had to admit he had no bloody idea how he could keep on fighting like this.

Harry wasn't sure how much time could've passed, minutes, hours, or maybe days, when the doors opened and a tall, bald man in black robes stepped in to the halllike room. Harry immediately stood up, trying to look as self-conscious and fierce as he could, while Voldemort walked casually up to the long marble table that stood in the middle of the place, and took a seat, without even looking at the boy.

'Come here, Harry.'

The cold voice sent chills up his spine, and he took a deep breath, forming fists from his hands, when he finally obeyed. When he reached Voldemort, the man still didn't waste a glance at the boy-who-lived, just leisurely rest his chin on his own hand, as if observing some kinda play.

'I'm here, you bastard.' Harry spit, and he immediately cursed himself for not being able to stop his tongue. He prepared himself for the pain, but Voldemort didn't seem to care at the moment.

'Sit on the table.' The clear order came in a snakelike hiss, but Harry was unfortunate enough to understand parseltongue. He clenched his teeth, naming Voldemort everything he could think of in his mind, while shoving one of the chairs away from his way as he sat on the table.

' No, Harry, not there.'

Harry Potter was really close to kick the table to the calmly sitting man, but he stopped himself, trying to use the method from earlier- think of your friends….He jumped down from the table with a loud stomp, staring into the face of Voldemort quizzically.

' Then where, if I may ask? I'm not such a good legilimens, if you haven't realized it yet!' Harry spat, and he knew, he shouldn't lose his composure, but what the hell, it wasn't that easy. Not when you were facing your own enemy.

Voldemort slowly motioned to the table just in front of him with his long fingers, and Harry froze for a second. What the hell…?

Hermione…Ron…he climbed up, and now he felt like this day really wanted to outwin the most weird and awkward moments in his life. He was sitting on a table, while just in front of him, in the middle of his legs sat his archenemy.

'Very well, Potter. Now unzip your trousers.'

'WHAT?' Harry shouted without even realizing it, but this time the dark lord's answer followed his comment immediately, as inconceivable pain striked his body. When it stopped, his was gripping the edge of the table, trying not to simply fall down to the lap of the dark lord.

'When will you learn, that you must obey me, Potter?' With that, the man grabbed his wand, and pointed it at Harry's trousers. The boy stared back in fear, when suddenly he felt the material being ripped of his body…Voldemort slowly lowered his wand, and, as if an invisible knife would have made its way on the boy's trousers, the fabric came apart, leaving his personal parts ungracefully exposed.

'Stop it!' Harry hissed in anger and in parseltongue, but he didn't move. When Voldemort finished with his work, he looked at the boy's manhood, observing it, and Harry couldn't help feeling as if he was some kind of soulless plant in a flower shop.

'Touch yourself.' The words were dripping maliciously from Voldemort's lips, and Harry could see that the man got a sly smile. This annoyed the boy beyond belief, and as his mind processed what Voldemort had said, he wanted to shout out as loudly as he could, in his mind naming Voldemort the worst things he could come up with, whilst slowly hovering his right hand above his member…

'Calling me these names, Harry, does it make you feel hot?'

Harry blinked a second. Quit messing with my thoughts, you bastard jerk!

'Do it Potter. I don't have the whole day.'

Harry gripped himself, and as he saw Voldemort satisfied smirk, he forced himself to close his eyes. Harry couldn't stand watching this bizarre scene, and as he slowly started to move his hand, holding onto his member, he felt a hand touching his face.

Voldemort's long fingers slowly caressed the boy's chin, then suddenly his middle finger made a way through his lips, getting inside of the boy's mouth. Harry tried to yank his head away, but Voldemort's cold words reached him before he could've done anything.

'I don't see you enjoying this, Potter. Should I help you or are you gonna do it properly?'

Harry grabbed his penis tightly, and without knowing what he was doing, he slowly started to suck on the man's finger, trying hard to forget whose finger that is. His tongue circled around the long digit, and he could feel his member getting fully erected in his hands…He felt a shock of guilt and disgust at himself, but this wasn't the time to stop…

He intrepidly opened his eyes, just to find Voldemort's slit like pupils staring at him in a very unknown way…he could see the dark lord's chest heaving rather harshly, and that was the second when Harry had lost his control. He was stroking his pink manhood with incredible speed, his tongue dancing around the man's finger that was being pulled out of his mouth and pushed back in constantly, he could feel hot sweatdrops forming on his forehead…

…and he knew he could come, that he would come in any second, he was so close, too close to stop, too close to think about anything else, yes, the bliss was coming so fast and so close, he was just about to come, when…

'NO!' Harry cried out in agony as suddenly Voldemort's finger slipped out of his wet mouth, grabbing his wand and whispering some unknown spell, that formed a tiny little black ribbon around the boy's painfully erected manhood, not letting him reach his satisfaction.

Harry was in pain, beyond belief. It was grotesque, it was bizarre, it was disgusting and simply cruel, his mouth was wide open, his heart was racing, his hands were glued to his member, but he was helplessly unable to do anything.

It was true: he was completely at the dark lord's mercy. Voldemort tilted his head to the side, looking up and down on his prey, his lipless mouth curled into a wry smile.

'Now tell me Harry, what do you want? Do you want to come? Oh surely, you do.' His smile grew into a vicious, short laugh and Harry gritted his teeth.

'Then be a polite boy, Harry, and beg me.'

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