The Day Byakuya Got Drunk

Kuchiki Byakuya is known to be one of the sternest if not the sternest captain in Seretie. He is stoic, set in his ways and ever so unyielding. Well, "set in his ways" is an understatement when it comes to the Raven haired heir, as there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that could get him to deviate from his ever so stoic path. Ummm, well, nothing except for Yoruichi Shihōin. The former 2nd division captain has always known what buttons to push to get the Kuchiki heir to fly off the handle. However, this was a long time ago, Byakuya is no longer a boy, he's a man, a captain nonetheless, and there is no way the purple haired brat could ever get to him again. Or so he thought.

"Your tea is ready sir" Kuchiki's butler stated to his master who was currently in the bathroom taking his morning shower.

"Place it on the table" Byakuya said in an emotionless voice.

Moments later the 6th squad captain emerged from the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair free of its binding Kensaikan cascaded down his shoulders framing his face, the contrast between his jet black hair and his pale skin was incredibly alluring.

In fact he was very alluring that the moment he walked out of the bathroom he heard a wolf whistle. Byakuya's eyes snapped sharply towards the source of the sound, his mind suddenly very aware of the fact that he didn't have Senbonzakura on him at the moment, as he mentally chastised himself for not realizing that someone has just snuck into his room. All those thoughts went through his mind as he turned towards the origin of the sound; however, as he saw the woman lying on his bed, the only thought possessing him was that of sheer annoyance.

Yoruichi was lying on his bed like it was her very own. She prodded herself on it, lifting herself off of it slightly using her elbows. At the moment she was scanning Byakuya from head to toe talking in his delicious physique. He hadn't seen her for a while, by virtue of the fact that she was marked as a traitor for years. However, now she was free to come and go as she pleases.

Byakuya regarded her for a second before turning away and walking towards the table to drink his tea. The purple haired Shinigami raised an eye brow at him, or rather at his back.

She then got off the bed and made her way over to the tea table, taking a seat in front of him.

"Well, well Bya-Kun I thought you had more manners than to ignore a guest like that" she said teasingly

"You are not a guest, you broke in" came his monotonous response

"mmm, that's a matter of opinion" she said snatching his cup of tea, before taking a sip, and making a disgusted face.

"Not enough sugar" she said as she helped herself to some sugar and effectively ruined his tea.

Byakuya looked as stoic as ever. "Is there something you need" he stated calmly

"Not really" she said offhandedly

"Then what brings you here" he pushed on serenely, mentally steeling himself for what she'd say next

"As I said I have no reason for being here" she said before taking a sip of her/his tea "I just had sometime on my hands so I decided to come visit" she finished truthfully

"I apologize Shihoin, but I have to work today, so it would be best if you leave" he said effectively maintaining his monotone

"Nope" she said with a smile

"Excuse me"

"I said I'm not leaving Bya-Kun" she said innocently "I know you have to work, but don't worry I won't get bored following you around while you tend to your squad's duties"

"Listen…" he was cut off mid command

"Need I remind you Bya that by orders of Sotaicho I am allowed to roam the Seritie as freely as I want?"

Byakuya looked at her, his face devoid of all emotion

"It's his way of apologizing for accusing me of treason I guess. Anyway, I choose to roam the parts of Seritie where you happen to be. If you want to take this up with Sotaicho please do."

Byakuya glared at her, he didn't really like to admit defeat, but there was nothing he could do. So he got up to get dressed for the day, earning another whistle from the cat like lady still crouching on the ground drinking his tea.

"Get out" he commanded as he walked over to his closet

"I didn't know you were the shy type Bya, if I stayed and watched you, would you blush" she finished winking at him. However, it seemed like that was the wrong thing to say, as before she knew it she was trapped in a pair of strong arms. Byakuya dragged her off her feet and threw her over his shoulder. He then walked over to the door, then threw her out, and locked the door.

The former captain got up instantaneously rubbing her now sore butt and laughing.

"You would have blushed wouldn't you" she yelled

Moments later he emerged from the room fully dressed, only to be met by yet another whistle. Byakuya was getting fed up with her really fast, and he knew it. No one in Seritie ever dared to address him like that, Hell, most people were even too scared to talk to him *But this hell cat…* he caught himself using his old name for her, and quickly rearranged his thoughts to more composed ones.

A few moments later Kuchiki Byakuya and his shadowing cat arrived at the office much to everyone's surprise. She was walking too close to him, silently, but she was walking companionably with him. To say the truth he didn't really mind it that much, he actually liked it when she just fell silent and acted like a civilized human being. However his comfort was short lived as the moment he got behind his desk, she hopped on said desk, sitting directly on the paper he was about to sign.

"You're boring"

"Excuse me"

"You're excused, now do something about it"

"This is a work place, get off my desk"

"You Know Bya Bya you used to be so much fun as a child, what happened to you?"

"I grew up"

"Well that's no fun"

"Get off"


He moved to force her off his desk but to his surprise he discovered that he couldn't actually move.

"I bound you to your chair the moment I sat down, I had a feeling you'd try to force me out again."

Byakuya stared at her for a moment. He knew he could get out of the binding spell, but he was too impressed with her at the moment. This morning she snuck into his house and now she bound him to his chair, she is truly remarkable *Damn it* Byakuya thought exasperated

"I take it you choose to listen" The purple haired woman remarked "The thing is I want my friend back"

Byakuya raised an eyebrow

"I want to have fun with you today. But you're no fun when you're sober so I want to get you drunk"

"There is no way"

"If you don't do it I will spend the rest of the month tagging along with you day and night. I'll make sure that you get absolutely nothing done and we both know…." He interrupted

"You should know better than to threaten me. I will not be coaxed into anything" he stated with finality

"Will you be blackmailed then" Yoruichi said smiling


"You know that time when you were really young and you had a crush on me" her smile now turned feral as Byakuya cursed his former self for being too damn reckless

"I still have your love letters Bya. I also have a picture of you wearing that T-shirt you had custom made. Remember? The one which had a picture of you and me, with a caption reading "I'd let you steal my hair tie any day", Please tell me you didn't forget that KU-CHI-KI Taicho"

*Damn it all to hell*

"Listen demon cat" he started but trailed off as he realized what he had just done. She got him to lose his stoic demeanor, even if it was for a second, damn it, she was winning and that stupid grin on her face showed it clearly.

Byakuya decided to cut his losses

"I'll have a drink with you that's all" he bargained

"Not acceptable, we'll have a drinking contest. You'll have to keep drinking until I can no longer drink"

"I will not…"

"T-shirrrtttttttttttt" she sang

"I will meet you tonight"

"I'll be waiting"

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