"What's with all the Ruckus" the 9th squad vice captain and acting captain questioned his companion as he made his way back to his house.

"Oh, you don't know" his blonde haired friend replied nonchalantly

"Know what?"

"Renji's getting married in a few minutes" Kira said offhandedly

"WHAT?" Hisagi screamed stopping dead in his tracks

"ya, It seems like captain Kuchiki got really drunk and started inviting people to Renji and Rukia's wedding" he paused sighing dramatically "he invited almost all the captains and vice captains" he paused again looking miserable "Except for us"

"You mean he actually agreed to that" shuuhi questioned

"Yup, he sure did"

"Then what the hell are we waiting for" Hisagi said before running towards the Kuchiki manor

"Where are you going" Kira said as he started to run himself in order to keep up with his friend

"To the Kuchiki manor, of course. This, I have to see".

A huge number of Shinigami have now assembled in front of the Kuchiki household. Many of them (Or rather the majority of them) weren't invited to the wedding. But word travels fast in Seireitei. Accordingly, those who weren't fortunate enough to run into Byakuya or Yoruichi, heard about the preparations that Renji and Rukia were putting in place. After all, calling each and every bridal shop in the soul society and asking them to deliver within an hour, tends to draw people's attention. Not to mention that Byakuya's actions alone were enough to draw in more than a few suspicious onlookers. Consequently, curious Shinigami now littered the streets leading to the renowned household. They were all hoping to catch a glimpse of the bride or the groom, but more importantly they wanted to see Byakuya and verify for themselves that what they heard was true.

On the other hand, many of those who were personally invited by the Kuchiki heir didn't hesitate for a second to make an appearance, even So-Taicho himself came. However, he dragged his lieutenant along to ensure that Byakuya doesn't at any point sit in his lap again. So far all the captains of the gotie 13th (except for Zaraki and Mayuri) were making their way through the crowd. None of them talked to the other, as if they had some sort of an unspoken agreement to just watch and never to discuss the situation with Byakuya or their respective encounters with him. So they simply walked in a single fold line behind So-Taicho and his lieutenant. The squad 10 lieutenant was also following in her captain's footsteps. However, Matsumoto appeared to be in some sort of a daze, all dreamy eyed.

"Snap out of it Matsumoto" came her captain's cold remark as he heard his lieutenant sigh for the umpteenth time "he kissed you simply because he was drunk" he hissed

This merited a very interested look from Kyoraku Taicho, who was walking a few steps in front of them. However, he chose not to comment, and just watch what was to come next. He turned his head just in time to see Soifon Taicho's expression. She was eyeing Matsumoto venomously for a second, before she rearranged her face into its normal disgruntled mask and proceeded to make her way to the Kuchiki manor. On her side, her husky lieutenant looked as sullen as shinsui has ever seen him. He looked distracted and straight out pale. *he must have met Byakuya* Shinsui concluded. Satisfied with his reasoning he made haste in an attempt to catch up to his best friend who was walking just a few steps behind So-Taicho.

"This is going to be even more interesting than we thought" Shinsui whispered to Jushiro once he caught up to him. Ukitake, on the other hand was far less excited than his childhood friend.

"I just hope it all ends well" he paused "So-taicho doesn't look well"

"That's perfectly normal" the guy in the pink Kimono retorted "If he's here then he must have met Byakuya, which explains his face"

Ukitake just sighed in response and continued to follow in his sensei's footsteps.

Envious Shinigami watched on as the superior officers' proceeded to file into the Kuchiki household. Inside, Rukia and Renji awaited Byakuya's arrival on pins and needles. Renji was scared that Byakuya would just sober up and call everything off. On the other hand, Rukia feared her brother's response the next morning when he figures out what has happened. However, they both agreed that it was too late to undo what has happened. Accordingly, they decided to just keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best. They invited many people and prepared for the wedding the best way they can, given that; they had only two hours to do it. However, it helped that the Kuchiki family was the biggest in Seireitei and everyone was eager to serve them. So they managed to get everything together just in time, even Rukia's dress, which was a breathe taking flowing pink gown. With her hair up in a messy bun, she looked absolutely perfect, or so were Renji's thoughts.

The two joined hands and walked to the middle of the main hall. They stood there greeting their guests as they arrived. They couldn't proceed with the ceremony until Byakuya arrived, given that he was the one conducting it and all. So they just stood there hoping for the best.

An hour later the ceremonial hall was packed, everyone was enjoying their drinks, while waiting for the bride's brother to make an appearance. Some people actually started to doubt if he was even going to come. However, a few seconds later things started to get really interesting.

First shouting and screaming echoed through the room as Rukia greeted a very un-amused Grandma Kuchiki. Then Byakuya burst in through the door. He was still shirtless but now he seemed to have changed out of his formal pants. He was wearing (or rather wrapping) a towel around his waist, and that was the only thing he was wearing. However, Byakuya's looks weren't the only shocking alterations to his normally stoic look. This is because, he was wearing the only two accessories that could divert the attention away from his astonishing physique, and those were Yuruichi Shihoen and the one and only robotic lieutenant Nemu kurotsuchi. However, at this particular moment, as she clung to his hand for dear life, Nemu looked nothing like her usual self. This could be partially attributed to the fact that she was wearing a very revealing string Bikini. It was pink, and very bright at that. On the other side of Byakuya former captain Shihoen wore an astounding red Bikini, which highlighted her breasts in the most outstanding way possible. Both women clung to the Kuchiki heir, every once in a while, one of them would turn to the other and flash her; a venomous glare before looking adoringly at a blissfully clueless Byakuya.

The moment this trio made their entrance, the entire room fell silent, as they watched the new entrants. The trio had no problem what so ever with the astonished glares they were receiving. For his part, Byakuya flashed a huge smile, before making his way over to where his sister and his grandmother were standing.

"Rukiaaaaaa" Byakuya said before picking her up and swirling her around in the air. "You look great" he said lovingly as he put her down, before leaning down and kissing her forehead. Rukia alongside everyone else in the room blanched.

"N-N-Nii Sama thank you" Rukia whispered tears streaming down her face *I know he's drunk but this is the sweetest thing he's ever said or done for me, I Love you Nii-Sama* Rukia thought as she smiled through her tears. However, her happiness was short lived as grandma Kuchiki decided she's had enough.

"Byakuya" she started sharply "what is this supposed to mean. Are you really giving Rukia's hand in marriage to that commoner? And what is wrong with your attire. What got into you? Have you forgotten that you're the head of this clan" she finished reprimanding.

Byakuya raised a dismissing eyebrow at her "Chill" he said coolely before turning around and walking in the other direction. The woman's eyes went wide, she has raised this man, she has known him all of his life, and never has she ever heard him utter the word "Chill" in his life.

"It's all your fault Shihoen" she screamed at Yoruichi who was in the middle of a staring contest with Nemu. "I always knew that you were a bad influence on him"

At that Yoruichi simply smiled brightly before bowing to the old lady "It has been a pleasure" the purple haired lady said happily.

"What is wrong with you Shihoen? And what is wrong with you" she said addressing So-taicho who was watching silently from the side lines "why did you ever let this demon child back" she screamed at So-taicho who was at a loss for words to say. So she simply snapped; "and what the hell is wrong with you Byakuya, what are you and those women wearing" she addressed Byakuya who was now finishing his third helping of Saki since she started speaking.

"Me and those lovely ladies decided that we needed to stand out" he said simply before motioning for a servant to pour him another drink.

"What?" his grandmother screamed

"yup, Yoruichi said that I always try to blend in and abide by the laws" he said putting his cup down

"No more going by the rules" Yoruichi screamed running over to Byakuya and flinging herself at him, causing everyone to gasp in unison.

"Unhand her, this instant Byakuya, what the hell do you think you're doing" his grandmother screamed getting redder and redder by the second, as Yoruichi proceeded to wrap her legs around Byakuya's waist.

"Calm down, lady Kuchiki" Ukitake's calming voice came from behind her "Byakuya is merely drunk, he doesn't know what he's doing or saying" he said kindly putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I know what I'm doing" Byakuya said calmly as he wrapped his hands around Yoruichi's legs to adjust her position.

"And what the hell would that be" came a sharp voice from behind Byakuya. Said voice caused Yoruichi to lose her grip and once again fall down, and lay sprawled on the floor. On the other hand everyone in the room blanched as they saw the enraged face of the squad 11 captain.

"Zaraki you came" was Byakuya's level observation. He then walked over to Zaraki and once again produced a single red rose out of nowhere; he then offered the rose to Zaraki. "I knew you would" he said romantically as he handed Zaraki the rose. Kenpachi who promised to kick Byakuya's ass for embarrassing him in front of his squad members, found himself once more at a loss for words. Behind him his third and fifth seats once again froze in place. Renji on the other hand felt his entire body go numb as he watched his captain shamelessly flirt with none other than the sadistic Kenpachi Zaraki. *WTF* was the only thought that ran through the entire room.

Millions of thought simultaneously ran through Zaraki's head, before he finally snapped. "I AM GOING TO KILLL YOU" came his battle cry as he started sprinting towards an unimpressed Byakuya.

Renji made a move to come to his captain's aid however, he was stopped by captain Unohana "Zaraki Taicho" she started causing the man to somehow freeze mid step "I trust you understand that Byakuya taicho is not in a condition that enables him to make sound judgments" she said in a saccharine sweet voice that caused even So-Taicho to sweat drop.

"I don't care…" Zaraki started but got interrupted as So-Taicho tapped the floor three times using his cane/ zanpakuto.

"Zaraki Taicho I believe Unohana Taicho is correct. You can't hold Kuchiki Taicho accountable for his actions"

"But, old man you saw what he has just done, he was about to…"

"Don't fight him" came the old man's no-nonsense response; his voice might have sounded calm. However, his tone suggested an air of "oppose-me –and-you-shall-be-burnt-to-death"

"But what do you expect me to do" Zaraki asked defiantly

"Humor him" came Komamura's subtle suggestion. This caused the still on the floor Yoruichi to smirk evilly at the 11th squad captain.

"In that case don't you think you should dance with your date Bya" the purple haired lady suggested innocently


"That's a great idea" Byakuya agreed cheerfully, during the last conversation Byakuya busied himself with drinking and arguing with his still livid grandmother. However, now he was hell bent on dancing with his date. AKA; the most dangerous man in seritie. "Shall we" he said offering his hand to Zaraki.

"Hell no" Zaraki screamed causing some people to blanch and others to snicker at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.

"It's only a dance Zaraki, don't be such a prude" Byakuya offered helpfully. A crowd has now assembled around the place where Byakuya and Zaraki as well as all the other captains were standing.

"Listen you dip shit…"

"I'll dance with you Kuchiki Taicho" Nemu's voice sounded, reminding everyone that she was still (for some reason) in the room.

This caused the formerly silently bemused, Kyōraku Taicho to finally decide to step in. *I expected things to get weird, but this is just too weird.* he thought. "So you get drunk for a day and all hell breaks loose, Byakuya" he started "I get drunk almost every day and nothing of the sort ever happened"

"What do you mean?" Byakuya asked earnestly

"I mean that; you've caused little miss no-nonsense Nemu over there to get turned into a fan girl"

"I'm not a fan girl, I want Byakuya Taicho" said no-nonsense lieutenant said simply shocking everyone in the room.

"You what?" "Soifon questioned, finally finding her voice.

"I want him" she repeated offhandedly

"What the hell do you mean?" she asked, eyes going wide.

"I mean that I want to sleep with him"

"WHAT" Screamed the few people in the room who weren't too thrown off by shock.

"Don't worry, Soifon Taicho" Byakuya said seductively taking a few steps away from a now frozen Zaraki and towards Soifon. "Yoruichi, Nemu and I will still have lots of room in bed for you tonight" he said as the room went completely silent, a few people started to rob their eyes and smack their cheeks to make sure they were in fact awake.

"Wha-what did you just say" the youngest captain of the Gotie 13th was the only one who managed to question.

"I said that as promised; me Yoruichi, Nemu and Soifon Taicho will share a bed tonight" the dignified Kuchiki Taicho said as Yoruichi and Nemu nodded their approval.

"How about me" Matsumoto screamed from behind her captain. She didn't care that he already looked like he was about to pass out. She was just offended to have been ignored and pushed aside like that.

"You can come too" Byakuya said simply, as, Kyōraku's eyes went wide. On the other hand Yumichika started drooling uncontrollably. And So-taicho and Rukia's minds stopped working all together.

"I'm in"

"Matsumoto" her now dizzy captain hissed at her.

"Is that true, Soifon Taicho" Ukitake questioned


"Of course it is" Yoruichi answered for her, she has now finally decided to attempt to get back to her feet.

"I swear this is Aizen's doing" Ikkaku screamed out of nowhere.

"I promise you that it's not" came a very familiar and widely despised sound out of the shadows. In a second everyone in the room appeared to be battle ready, as they watched Aizen walk into the room, followed by none other than a forever grinning Ichimaru Gin.

"What are you doing here Aizen" So-Taicho questioned as he tapped his cane on the floor causing his Zanpakuto to be revealed.

"I am here to attend the wedding of course" Aizen said simply

"What the hell do you mean" Zaraki who was very happy to have a valid outlet for his rage questioned dangerously.

"I invited him" Byakuya said simply "Gin too" he added monotonously in a throw back to his old self.

"you did what?" , Kyōraku screamed

"Yoruichi said that I never forgive those who have wronged me so I am merely attempting to prove her wrong" he said impassively

Everyone was now eyeing Yoruichi venomously, which Yoruichi found really impressive, as they did so without taking their eyes off of Aizen and Gin.

"So where do we sit" Gin asked nonchalantly

"What the hell are you talking about, we'll kill you right here and now" Zaraki screamed in what sounded like a battle cry.

"I believe that's not possible" Gin replied simply "as long as we're inside the Kuchiki estate we are under the protection of the Kuchiki clan. So unless the head of the Kuchiki clan himself orders an attack on us, you are not allowed to fight us" he explained, his fox like smile not leaving his face for a second.

"That is an unfortunate truth" Ukitake said solemnly "Everyone who gets invited into the Kuchiki estate is under the protection of the Kuchiki family"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean" Zaraki asked fuming

"It means that; we get to sit down and enjoy the wedding" Aizen said simply

"we also brought gifts" Gin added before producing two giant bags and making his way over to the Groom and bride to be "Forgive us, our invites were very short noticed, so we didn't have much time to go shopping. Here you go" he said handing the bags to the two stunned Shinigami in front of him.

"Arrancar outfits!" Rukia exclaimed

"Not exactly" Aizen rationed

"Then what are those?" Renji questioned

"They are your very own Espada outfits" Gin chirped

"They have been custom made for our new top male and female Espada" Aizen explained

"You should be really proud" Gin weighed in "Aizen Sama doesn't give those out to just anyone"

"Oh" was all Rukia managed to say.

The entire room was stunned speechless for the hundredth time. Not only was the most respectfully stoic man in Seireitei acting like he was a frat boy, they also had to deal with their most hated enemy hanging out with them as if nothing has transpired.

"Well then; now that everyone I have invited has arrived: why don't we proceed with the ceremony" Byakuya said impassively in a business like tone. He then motioned for Rukia and Renji to follow him, as he made his way to the large podium that was erected just for reasons of this ceremony.

For his part, Renji looked like a kid who was just offered candy. *Finally* he thought ecstatically. However, his hopes were crushed as So-taicho placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Kuchiki Taicho, don't you think that we should wait for Kurotsuchi Taicho to arrive" the old man rationed in a desperate attempt to delay this irrational act.

"I don't really think he wants to come" Nemu responded stoically

"I take it, he has been invited" Yamamoto So-Taicho questioned

"Yes, I have invited him" Byakuya answered thoughtfully "You're right we should wait for his arrival." he paused for a second grinning at Yoruichi "I should attempt to be more hospitable as well as mindful of people." He paused once more "However, if we know he's not coming then I see no reason to wait" he added determinately

And much to Renji content and everyone else's pure shock; Byakuya hopped on the podium and took center stage. "Renji, Rukia" he said monotonously "Please come here and join hands"

And before everyone's eyes the pair took center stage and joined hands. Yoruichi also hopped on the podium and proceeded to stand behind Byakuya as he performed the ceremony. Everything, felt surreal, not only for the soon-to-be-married couple but also for the stunned guests. In a few seconds Rukia and Renji were officially married. Byakuya then hugged his new brother in law happily, before he heartedly congratulated his speechless sister.

"Shall we eat then" Yoruichi suggested to the entire room. However, no one responded and no one seemed to move; not even the very recently married Rukia and Renji. So, she alongside Byakuya and Nemu made their way over to the giant buffet and started helping themselves to some food. The room remained frozen in disbelief as the three sat down and started eating as Byakuya poured himself a drink. In a few seconds, the music started playing and people started to regain some consciousness. No one moved however, people were exchanging meaningful glances while murmuring "Did that just happen?"

After the trio finished eating Byakuya stood up authoritatively and said "Shall we"

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow at him while Nemu instantaneously got to her feet

"I think we should go to bed now" he explained to Yoruichi who shot up from her chair grinning.

The three made their way through the crowd of still stunned and frozen Shinigami when they reached Soifon taicho, Yoruichi grabbed her and dragged her along with them. The woman who was still reeling from shock let herself be dragged along peacefully. She had no clue what was going on and she doubted that her mind might be able to process anything at the moment, so she simply walked on beside her mentor. Ukitake taicho attempted to stop her, however, he too was frozen with shock so he ended up just facing her as she walked on by. No one else had the presence of mind to act. They continued in their frozen stupor as the four people walked out of the room. Moreover, none of them moved as Matsumoto ran after them crying "I'm coming too" and none of them found it bizarre when Gin ran after her saying "No you don't" or when Aizen simply vanished in thin air. The Gotie 13th crème de la crème remained frozen in place for what seemed like hours.

Afterwards they felt a surge of spiritual pressure as Kurotsuchi Taicho appeared in the middle of the room.

The man looked livid and the moment he appeared he turned to a still frozen Rukia "Where is your brother" he screamed

No response

"I said where is he" he yelled again


"Where is your captain Abarai" he snapped at Renji

Still no response

"Why the hell won't you tell me where he is" he growled before turning to So-taicho "So-taicho where is Kuchiki Byakuya" however, the old man simply eyed him with a blank expression on his face.

"WHERE THE HELL IS THAT MAN AND WHAT HAS HE DONE WITH MY NEMU" the enraged Kurotsuchi Taicho screamed at the entire room. However, he still got no response.

When he lost all hope of getting a response by simply screaming, the man attempted to scare the hell out of all of them by calling forth his Bankai. However, none of them seemed to even notice the giant infant soaring in the middle of the room. Kurotsuchi then entertained the idea of killing them all. *now that's a way to turn a bad situation into a good one* he thought. Fortunately for them; he was so mad at Byakuya that he couldn't even consider killing anyone but him at the moment. *Lucky bastards* he thought as he made his way through the frozen crowd. *I'm gonna find that bastard and kill him*

A few hours later, as dawn was breaking in an abandoned training ground

Yoruichi made her way across the training ground. She wasn't wobbling as she was before and she seemed to be fully aware of her surroundings even though she was still wearing her swimsuit. Her purple hair shimmered in the early morning rays, as she made her way over to the guy who was standing on the opposite side of the clearing.

"Nice outfit" he said sarcastically as he watched her approach him

"You like it" the purple haired shinigami replied seductively

"It's alright" he said offhandedly

"Alright!" she repeated with indignation "It's bloody awesome that's what it is, Not alright" she snapped

"Yah, whatever Yoruichi. You lost all rights to reprimand me when you had me do your dirty work"

"What dirty work?" she questioned innocently

"What dirty work? What do you mean; what dirty work. I have been following you and Byakuya and taking pictures of him all night. It doesn't get dirtier than that" he snapped

"Oh come on Ichigo, It's not like you like Byakuya or something. I thought you'd jump at the opportunity of pranking him" she said offhandedly

"Yah, but…" the strawberry haired shinigami rationed, however he was interrupted by the purple haired demon cat.

"But what? Didn't you think that was fun. I personally thought it was brilliant" she said proudly

"Well, fine, I'll give you that, it was kinda awesome. But why the hell do you need pictures of it. Haven't you done enough" he said indignantly

"Not really, the photos are for a very good reason"

"I'll have you know Yoruichi I will not let those pictures be used against him in any way,, and I…" he was interrupted again.

"Oh calm down Mr Ethics, I will not be using them against him. Actually, I need you to send them to him" she said simply


"Yup, just mail them to him and make sure he sees them the moment he wakes up"

"But, why?"

"well, it is possible that he won't remember anything that happened, so I need him to have a memento of the best day of his life" she paused thoughtfully "I'm such a good friend" she added happily

"But, Yoruichi san, if he saw those pictures he will…"

"EX-AC-TLY" she said surely

"Ah whatever" Ichigo said in defeat before he dissipated to go deliver the pictures, and be done with this heinous night.

Many, Many hours later in a shabby motel room at the edge of Seireitei:

Byakuya struggled to open his eyes. This was his fifth attempt at opening them, however, every time he managed to open them a little, they would get attacked by light and he'd have to close them again.

*why does it hurt so much to open my eyes, what's going on* Byakuya thought in confusion. *and what is this smell* the noble man was referring to a very weird smell that started filling his nose the moment he woke up. It was the smell of a place that hasn't been aired out for a very long while. *I'll have to talk to the servants about that* he rationed

He then steeled himself and opened his eyes. However, he still couldn't see *What the* the Kuchiki heir thought as he blinked his eyes in an attempt to see. He then realized that there was something covering his eyes. He then picked it up, however he instantaneously threw it away, for he was holding in his hands a very pink, very very huge bra. *what the hell* Byakuya thought before attempting to get up. However, he realized that he was being weighed down by something. On looking down the Kuchiki heir almost cried in shock, something that was most uncharacteristic of his stoic highness. This was because he found a woman sprawled across his stomach. Said woman was none other than Soifon Taicho. Byakuya's eyes went wide *Why the hell is she here* he paused taking in a very deep breathe "and why is she naked* he steeled himself once more *And why the hell am I naked* The kuchiki heir was freaking out. *what the hell happened and where am I* he thought.

Byakuya really felt the need to get out of there. He needed fresh air to think. He knew that the noble thing to do was to wait for her to wake up and then ask her what happened. However, he didn't care much for nobility at the moment. He just wanted to think and maybe freak out a little. Accordingly, Byakuya slowly moved the unconscious body of his colleague, desperately attempting not to think about what might have transpired between the two of them. However, once he laid her down next to him he couldn't help but admire her beauty *she is indeed beautiful* he thought before chastising himself for peeking at a naked and unconscious colleague. He then got off the bed; however, the second he started to move he tripped on something and fell down face first. He expected to feel the impact as his face hit the ground but he didn't.

Byakuya thankfully opened his eyes, but saw nothing. Something was obstructing his vision. He seems to have fallen on a very soft pink cushion, said cushion was keeping him from seeing anything at the moment. Byakuya then brought his hands to the cushion and felt it. It was really soft and squishy and it just moaned; Byakuya's eyes once again went wide as he shot up from his current position. He realized that his doubts were indeed true. This was no cushion this was a person. Byakuya froze, as he saw that his hands were still caressing the breasts of a very unconscious Matsumoto. *Damn it* he said as he withdrew his hands quickly. And stood up in a haste, however, his attention was drawn to what tripped him in the first place and his shock suddenly sky rocketed as he once again saw an unconscious and very naked body but this time it was that of Nemu *what the hell* Byakuya thought frantically.

He then ran to the dresser to try and find anything to wear, but his attempts were in vain as he found nothing. So he ran back to the bed and wrapped himself in a blanket. He then took a step towards the door, but the second he moved an envelope which fell from the edge of the bed drew his attention. Consumed by curiosity, Byakuya picked the envelope up and opened it. He then stopped breathing as understanding dawned on him. *Yoruichi* was the only thought that went through his mind. However, before he could muster up enough rage to go after her the wall to the room came crashing down somehow. Byakuya blinked in confusion at the sheer weirdness of this day. He was then snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a battle cry *KUCHIKIIIII, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU* came Mayuri's ominous voice. Byakuya then flash stepped out of the room in an attempt to avoid a killer blow from the mad man, in the process he dropped the envelope scattering the pictures all over the floor.

So here they were, very life like pictures of Byakuya in So-taicho's lap. Byakuya carring Yoruichi. Byakuya hugging, kissing, Caressing and ordering people to drop their pants. Byakuya having a drink with Aizen with his hand around Gin, Byakuya performing a marriage ceremony. Byakuya clad in a towel with two bikini clad ladies. Not to mention some very vivid images of his intimate encounter with Zaraki, all wrapped in an envelope affectionately signed… Love Yuroichi

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