Kurt could not have been more crushed. Here Blaine freaking Anderson was, telling him he wasn't sexy. 'How are we supposed to sell sexy to the judges at regionals when I have as much sexual appeal and knowledge as a baby penguin.' Blaine smiled, an idea occurring to him. 'We'll figure something out' Kurt looked slightly scared but intrigued at Blaine, wondering what that could possibly entail.

Kurt had never been so embarrassed in his whole life. He was sitting in front of his mirror, with Blaine next to him. Blaine was trying to teach him to be sexy. 'Ok now give me sensual. But don't make fun of it really try.' Kurt threw back his head and bit his lip, contorting his face into a sort of grimace. 'Now give me sultry' Blaine said. Kurt did the same face again, causing Blaine to laugh under his breathe. 'Urm Kurt they are all kind of looking the same' Kurt sighed inwardly 'that's because the face I'm actually doing is uncomfortable. This is hopeless Blaine. I don't know how to be sexy because, I don't know the first thing about sex.' Blaine couldn't believe Kurt's embarrassment. 'Kurt, you're blushing!'

'I've tried watching those movies,' Kurt started to ramble, 'but I just get horribly depressed because I think about how they were all kids once and they all have mothers and god what would their mothers think and why would you get that tattoo there?' Blaine was touched by Kurt's naivety. But he wanted to help his friend. 'Well, maybe we should have a conversation about it. I can tell you what I know.'

'I don't want to know, not today. I think you should leave.' Blaine got up to go, but stopped once he was off the chair, remembering his idea. He took one miniscule step towards Kurt and whispered huskily: 'Maybe I should show you instead' Kurt's brain shut down. Time seemed to have frozen. Blaine wanted to show him what sex was like.

When Kurt didn't answer, he stepped slightly further towards him. 'First I will teach you about seduction. Allow me to seduce you Kurt. You know you want me too' Kurt's eyes widened in shock as he took in Blaine's lustful gaze. 'But, we are friends' Kurt said, trying to hide the fact he wanted Blaine to seduce him more than he wanted a solo at regional's. Blaine took a bigger step towards Kurt and murmured 'Well, that's why I want to help you. I care about you Kurt.' Kurt was confused at the genuine tenderness he heard in Blaine's voice. Blaine doesn't have feelings for me does he? Kurt thought, trying to squash the hope.

Blaine stepped just a bit closer, so he was now standing right in front of Kurt and whispered: 'you can trust me Kurt, I'll look after you. I am a good teacher and I bet you're a fast learner.' Kurt shivered as he wondered what exactly Blaine would be teaching him.

Blaine was so eager to start his sex tutorial as he stared intently at the scared but intrigued, beautiful boy in front of him. 'So, in order to have sexual relations with someone,' Blaine began, loving the blush that crept up Kurt's face. 'You have to show them you're interested and persuade them to want to do it with you.' Blaine placed one hand on Kurt's hip and took a deep breath. 'First, you kiss them' Kurt nearly jumped in shock when he saw Blaine leaning towards him. He's actually going to kiss me to teach me! Kurt thought. He wasn't kidding when he said he was going to show me rather than tell me! All Kurt could do was close his eyes when Blaine leaned forward and connected his delicious lips to his. The kiss was soft at first, loving. His hand began to grip Kurt's hip as the gentle caress became more passionate. Kurt tried to suppress a moan as Blaine held his face securely to his with his other hand. Blaine pulled back, giving Kurt an intense gaze. 'I heard that, Mr Hummel. Don't try to suppress your moans, I want to hear them. Let go Kurt. Succumb to the pleasure.'

Kurt just about managed to suppress a deep, needy groan at the sound of Blaine's alluring words, by biting his lip so hard he thought it would bleed. He didn't want to be seduced by Blaine so easily. Blaine however, sensed that Kurt was still holding back. He pulled away again and smiled devilishly at Kurt 'I will hear you moan Kurt. Looks like I am going to have to work harder to break you.'

With this enthralling promise, Blaine thrust his tongue into Kurt's barely open mouth. Jolts of pleasure shot through Kurt as their tongues collided. Blaine pushed Kurt backwards till he was pressed up against the wall. He thoroughly explored Kurt's mouth and won dominance easily. Kurt sighed in defeat as he allowed himself to tangle his fingers in Blaine's luscious hair. Blaine took this as a sign he was lessening Kurt's resolve and so began to pay attention to his unexplored neck, as Kurt tried to regain his breathe. Kurt's arms fell limply by his sides as he allowed the pleasure to wash over him as Blaine did amazing things with his lips.

Though pleased with his progress, Blaine was still annoyed with Kurt's lack of vocal response. He looked directly into Kurt's eyes as he began to grind into him. Kurt's eyes widened and his mouth fell open as the lower half of their bodies completely touched. Blaine smiled smugly as he began to thrust into Kurt, who at last elicited a loud, low moan as his resolve was worn down by ever thrust. 'That's right Kurt, relax. Enjoy this. Tell me how much you want me' this earned Blaine another moan, which caused Blaine to soften, kissing Kurt's forehead as he admired the dazed boy in front of him.

Kurt came out of his daze enough to think of a question. 'Blaine,' he said, his voice filled with bliss. 'Yes my student.' Blaine said, slowing down his thrusts to allow Kurt to speak. 'How… do you know if, you have, seduced someone?' Kurt asked, the blush turning his face beetroot red. 'Good question Kurt' Blaine smiled, glad that Kurt was using this opportunity to actually learn about sex. 'Well, even if they try to hid it, like you. Their body will always give them away.' Before Kurt could think about what Blaine meant, Blaine began to palm him in his trousers. 'Oh Blaine, ah!' Kurt said, the pleasure becoming too much. 'So your arousal tells me that my seduction technique has worked.' Kurt's face fell. Annoyed that he had been seduced so easily, he was scared Blaine would think he was desperate.

Blaine lifted his head to look at him. 'Hey, being seduced is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm flattered actually.' Kurt looked at Blaine's serious expression. 'Really?' he asked tentatively. 'Of course, I haven't tried to seduce anyone before so I didn't know if I could.' Kurt shock was clear on his face. 'Blaine, look at me. Just because no one has been lucky enough to be seduced by you yet, doesn't mean you're not good at it' Blaine smiled at the belief Kurt had in him and how sensible he was being about sex for a change. 'Well keep that in mind while I tell you the next part of the lesson.' Blaine broke away and sat on Kurt's bed. 'You can't really learn something till you do it yourself.' Kurt looked confused, no idea what Blaine was getting at. 'You have learnt the theory now it's time to do the practical.' Kurt was still confused. 'It's your turn. Seduce me Kurt. Make me want you.' Kurt's hands began to shake as the image of causing Blaine to moan and shake flooded his mind. Blaine sensed Kurt's anxiety, as he could read him like a book so added: 'Kurt, I know you can do this.' Kurt took a deep breath and began to walk slowly towards his bed. 'I am going to prove you wrong Blaine Anderson.' Kurt said, in the confident tone Blaine loved. Kurt pushed Blaine backwards onto the bed and straddled him before Blaine could even comprehend what he was referring too. Blaine gulped as he saw Kurt's eyes glow with power as he began to grind into Blaine, the friction their jeans created sending them into sensual overload. Kurt's eyes glinted as he saw that Blaine was not going to let Kurt complete his task easily.

Determined to show Blaine he could be sexy, he laid his body completely on top of Blaine and began to move against him torturously slow. Blaine tried to resist the temptation to wrap his arms around his lithe body, determined to make Kurt really try. Kurt put his head right next to Blaine's ear and whispered silkily: 'Looks like you're the one who needs to relax now.' He sucked on the sensitive skin just below his ear and stated: 'I'm going to loosen you up a little. No more Blaine the gentleman.' Blaine felt his heart stop at Kurt's determined statement. Kurt resumed exploring Blaine's neck and as he sucked and licked Blaine wondered if this really was Kurt's first sexual experience.

Filled with confidence, Kurt began to thrust forcibly into Blaine as he resumed kissing him fervently. When they were thoroughly breathless, Kurt drew back and said loudly 'Blaine, this is your reward for being such a good teacher. Ever since I saw you I have wanted you to fuck me senseless.' Blaine moan filled the entire room to Kurt's elation. 'Looks like I taught you well' Blaine ground out before pulling Kurt on top of him and kissing him. Both boys began to moan, unable to hold in the pleasure anymore.

Moans and groans filled the room as Blaine ran his hands all over Kurt's body. After what seemed like forever, Blaine broke the kiss to remark: 'I take back what I said earlier. You are sexy. You were just trying too hard before.' Kurt smiled widely, as if he had been given a hundred solos. 'Thank you, you are quite attractive yourself.' Blaine smiled, loving the fact that he had been to one to get Kurt to come out of his shell. 'Lesson one complete. Next lesson…' Kurt held his breath, his anticipation rising 'Foreplay' Kurt gulped which made Blaine laugh. 'Oh yes, there is so much I have left to teach you Kurt. I feel you will enjoy it' Kurt thought he was going to faint as Blaine winked at him. He had a feeling he was going to enjoy it too.