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The golden warrior shuffled down the hallway under his brother's weight, his red counterpart groaning in pain. Their first fragging battle after transferring to the Ark had not gone well. At least, for his brother. They'd been working on a form of fighting that they called 'Jet Judo'. Anything to get those annoying and screechy Seekers out of the air and into a fair fight. They'd only tried it a few times before and it had seemed to work, but against the Elite Trine, as Sunstreaker had learned courtesy of some annoying little red fragger, a few times just wouldn't cut it. What were they supposed to do? It's not like they had anybody to practice on. The few flying Autobots they'd ever come into contact with were wary of them at best and terrified at worst. Every bot they'd ever encountered seemed to have something against them without ever knowing them. They only had each other. Which was why he was marching the red glitch to their least favorite place in any encampment. The slagging Medbay.

It was common knowledge that medics didn't like dealing with their kind. And by their kind, it was meant that any bot who had 'bloodthirsty' tendencies. If Sunstreaker wasn't standing right there to make sure that the medics in charge of his brother were doing their fragging jobs he was positive they'd allow him to offline. It was vice versa as well. But much more so. Neither of them was considered savable apparently.

But he couldn't very well reattach an arm and patch a gaping hole in the side himself. It was unfortunate, but he needed a medic to keep his twin online. "Fraggit Sideswipe!" He cursed, dragging his slowly offlining brother past nervous soldiers. Most would take one look at his face before averting their optics and shuffling by as fast as they could.

It was with a strange mix of relief and apprehension that the golden frontline warrior reached the medbay doors of the Ark. Aside from their initial physical when they had first joined, they had yet to actually enter the medbay since joining their CO and his crew. So with his customary scowl, Sunny stepped through the Medical Bay doors.

The first thing he always noticed was the stares. Many of the medical assistants were looking at them nervously, none of them wanting to deal with the obviously on edge warrior, but unwilling to just forget that there was somebody injured. Many averted their gazes and continued whatever they had been doing.

"Fix him." Sunstreaker growled dangerously, watching in growing irritation when all of the staff hesitated… Until one bot stepped out of an office screaming at the top of his vocal proximity.

"I don't fragging care that he's a Towers Mech! He gets to wait in fragging line like every other injured mech before –" The tirade that was obviously about to start was cut off when he saw the twins, one obviously about to drop off from either energon loss or the fragging hole in his side. The red and white medibot was suddenly a flurry of movement. "What the slag are you all standing around for! Get him on a berth! Hoist! Give me a hand with this!"

For a moment, Sunny was at a loss for words as Sideswipe was carefully taken from him before he could really process what was going on, his twin being supported across the medbay by the yelling docbot and whatever assistant he'd called over. As soon as his processor had caught up, he was launching himself at his brother and grabbing an arm, surprising the one called Hoist and earning a withering glare from the red and white mech.

"You're going to fix him?" Sunstreaker growled, remembering to make it a question rather than a demand. He was so very tempted to. It sometimes seemed to be the only way to get his brother any help at all. He didn't trust this mech any more than the nervous little grunts he had working around him on other injured mechs.

"If you slagging let go you fragger!" Sunny felt the energon boil in his lines, his protectiveness of his brother beginning to override the need of a medic. This guy was obviously a loose screw that was just on his way to the scrap heap via processor glitch and he wasn't sure he wanted his brother in his hands.

Hoist was staring at his boss, wide-opticked. "Uh, Ratchet…" He flinched when the medbot's glare turned on him. "Y-you – um, you may wanna tone it down."

Ratchet snorted and pulled a wrench from subspace, slamming it over the golden twin's knuckles. Sunstreaker yelped in surprised pain and immediately drew his hand back in a knee jerk reaction, freeing his brother's arm from his grasp. "I know who he is, Hoist. And I'll be slag if I let him offline a patient because of his insecurities!"

Sunny was livid and was about to launch himself at the CMO with murder in his optics when a red hand suddenly snaked out and twined itself around the neural cable in his neck. He stopped, feeling a jolt down his spinal relays when there was a sharp tug on said cable. The tug brought him face level with the smaller mech. The smaller, snarling mech.

"Now you listen here, Sunstreaker." The mech said low and dangerous. "Your brother is going to die without any medical help soon, and as much as you obviously hate it, this is the only medical team on board the Ark. As it so happens, I know the exact layout for your frame type and with a pull on the cable I'm holding now; I can paralyze you until it's reconnected. And so help me, Primus, if I have to, I will! Now let me help your brother and stay out of the fragging way!"

Sunstreaker was at a loss for words, but when he saw the conviction in the doc's optics he backed off, though not entirely. He retreated to a medbay nearby and allowed the nervous little grunts to work on him while he surveyed the medic shouting orders and working on his brother. It was methodical, and concise, but seemingly far too easy for Sunstreaker's liking as he watched the red hands dance through his brother's internals, soldering leaking lines, replacing key components and fried wires before His brother's side was being worked at with a welder as Ratchet placed temporary plating over the hole in his brother's side. Sunstreaker clenched at the med berth under him, his own damage having long since been taking care of with nervous fingers that had scratched his paint more than once. It was taking everything he had not to tear the torch from the doc's hands and throw it across the fragging room and away from his brother. The constant thrum of his and Sideswipe's bond was the only thing rooting him in place at the moment.

Finally, finally, the CMO was finished and beginning to put his tools down with a long suffering sigh. Probably couldn't wait to get rid of them. He tensed as the overly bright optics turned his direction. "You're brother will be fine, but I want him in here for a check up tomorrow. He can be moved to your own quarters once I remove him from stasis, but he needs to be careful until I can get that temporary plating replaced and painted over. He'll be on light duty until further notice. As soon as your brother is up, you two are to get to your quarters and rest."

Rest was the last thing on Sunstreaker's processors, but glancing at his internal chronometer, he was surprised to see that cycles had passed without him realizing it. He'd been so concerned about his brother he hadn't noticed that the time had slipped by. Now it was late into the joor and most mechs were probably in recharge. And looking at his brother, he could see the major differences compared to how he had been when Sunstreaker had dragged his aft through the halls. He wasn't grimacing in pain, and his plating was replaced and welded back together. He still looked roughed up, but that was only cosmetic damage as far as Sunstreaker could tell. Nothing a little buffing and paint couldn't fix.

"Then wake him up." Sunstreaker replied shortly, none of the relief he felt bleeding into his tone and already knowing that Sides was gonna throw a fit over the light duty. There was no way this little med bot was going to keep them from the frontlines. He knew that Sideswipe would completely agree.

The medic's optics narrowed to slits, but he flipped a switch and allowed the machines connected to the red twin to drain the sedatives from his systems. They both watched as Sideswipe cycled on his optics once, twice and a third time to adjust and sit up. No sooner had he done so with a groan when a wrench was colliding with his helm, setting his audios ringing and forcing another groan from his vocalizer. He clutched at the offended spot as his brother bolted to stand straight, his fists clenching at his sides as if he were imagining strangling the medbot. He probably was.

"Are you glitched!" He snarled while his brother rubbed at the small dent in his helm. Where most would have cowered away, muttering apologies or pleas of mercy, Ratchet merely glared back just as dangerously.

"I should be asking the two of you that." He snorted, cherry hands moving to rest purposefully on equally cherry hips. "Don't think I don't know what the frag tyou two crazy pit spawns were doing out there. I've heard of you two and that pit fragged 'Jet Judo' you're so fond of. Bots call you devils with wings. Sounds to me that you're just asking for a death wish. But I can promise you one thing. You won't be getting any fragging sympathy from me for your crazed idealisms!"

Sideswipe pouted while Sunstreaker continued glaring icily. Their opinion of the CMO was, if possible, worse than most other medics they had met and they had spent only the one evening in his company. After having sorted through his brother's memories of when he was offline, Sideswipe was furious to find that the medic had threatened his twin. Sunstreaker was just pissed all around for the medic's rough treatment and refusal to be intimidated. If it wasn't so 'un-Autobot' like, this self righteous bot would already be in pieces. Sideswipe sent a wave of agreement over their bond.

Completely unaware of the creative thoughts of murder from the Twins, the CMO continued. "The two of you are on light duty until further notice. If I see either of your sorry afts in here within the next stellar cycle, I'll rebuild you into something unpleasant. Now, get the frag out of my medbay!"

After the enlightening joors spent in the company of the Autobot Chief Medical Officer, Sunstreaker was pacing the halls restlessly. How dare he! How dare that piece of weakling slag order them about! This one was so blatant in his dislike and it was obvious that the Twins weren't going to get any back up in their defense! He just dared the irksome medic to walk down a dark corridor alone!

Picking up on his brother's thoughts from their quarters, Sideswipe was inclined to agree. And that alone was putting his own ideas into his head.

'Hey, Sunny…'

'Don't call me Sunny!'

'Don't get your diodes in a twist, Sunshine.' Sideswipe grinned at the string of curses that followed his second favorite nickname. 'Seriously though. Who said we have to sit and take this kind of harassment?'

A questioning buzz was all he got in answer. Not that he was really expecting one to his rhetorical question in the first place. Instead he merely pushed his thoughts across the bond and he mentally noted that Sunstreaker had stopped his manic marching and was now standing in the middle of whatever hallway he had halted in. Apparently the mirrored grin on the yellow mechs faceplates was enough to make a group of minibots turn and head back the way they had come with nervous glances backwards.

After a moment of 'listening', Sunstreaker purred back across their bond. 'I like the way you think, brother.'

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