Go Onward Nine Companions

(Author's note) Not the best poem, but I thought I'd put it up and see what people think of it.


The cold horizon darkens
Evil's threat is coming near
Who will stand as this happens?
Who will save the world from fear?

In the West nine souls hearken
As the dark hour grows near
The Fellowship has risen
To defend all they hold dear

This is the greatest mission
To destroy Isildur's Bane
Each one of these companions
Will know both glory and pain

Aragorn, king of the West!
The noble Lord Elessar
Son of Rivendell the blest
Favored of the Evenstar

Frodo Baggins, Ring Bearer
His is the heaviest load
Every evil and terror
Will face him on this long road

Samwise, bravest of hobbits!
Faithful servant, loyal friend
Through trial and fear and darkness
Never does his courage end

Gandalf, the great Mithrandir
Wisest of all the learned
The glory of the Valar
Hidden in the grey wizard

Gimli, Gloin's son, the fearless!
Dwarf of Erebor the great
Strong is his arm and tireless
Every evil knows his hate

Legolas, prince of the wood
Image of the days of old
He fights for all that is good
His arrow swift, his stride bold

Boromir, the Steward's son
Man of Gondor, ever strong
His will is forged of iron
His deeds are many and long

Meriadoc, hobbit great
Of the house of Brandybuck
He follows the paths of fate
And never stops to look back

Peregrin, the Shire's son
Though lowly 'mongst the halflings,
Before this journey ends,
He'll be honored among kings.

To Mordor their quest will go
Fell land of darkness and fear
Never their pace will they slow
Danger will always be near

The road will be hard and long
The end won by blood and tears
They will go, a world to guard
They will go, and conquer fear

Go onward, nine companions!
Be firm, be brave, and stand tall!
Strive on though the sky darkens
With you goes the hope of all