Bolt – The Warriors Soul – Book 2

The Soul Guardians Saga

Bolt and all its characters belong to Walt Disney Pictures, not me.


Every one searches for their soul mate, that significant other, that one person that makes them happy. Most never find that one person that can complete them. Those that do, are the lucky few who didn't have to give up. This is the story of how I almost missed my significant other because of someone else less than dependable. My name is Bolt, I'm an American white shepherd with real super powers, and my significant other is a cat named…

Chapter 1 – Rescue

"Mittens, do you copy?" the white shepherd asked into a wireless head set in his right ear. Running through the jungle, weaving in and out of trees and bushes, this is how his life was now. It had been three months since the alien's ship exploded in space. Three months since Bolt and his friends saved the planet secretly. Mittens, the black cat with white fur on her back legs, front feet, chest and muzzle, crawled along a tree branch out of sight. On her right ear cradled a similar device as Bolt's except for the single eye visor attached to it. "I hear you Bolt, I can see him. And he's got something in his hands. It looks like a cat kennel." At her feet, she had green grass like claws protruding out of her feet and sinking into the bark like roots, leaving no marks at all. "I'm glad we finally found a use for your Grass Claws, cat." They heard over the air waves. "Shut it Rhino." She said in irritation. Rhino was a small light brown hamster, with a white chest and a small spot of brown fur on his left side in the shape of what he calls a bolt, but looks more like a crooked peanut. His specialty was intelligence as he was sitting in front of what looked to be a hologram of a computer coming out of a small dime sized disc with a small glass hemisphere in the dead center, typing away. His surroundings were much different than Bolt's and Mitten's, Rhino was back at home. "Climbing soft material like trees without leaving tracks. Genius." the hamster nearly shouted in excitement. "Keep it down Rhino, dogs and cats have hypersensitive ears." Rhino heard Bolt say in slight pain. Lowering his voice back to normal talking levels, Rhino apologized, "Oops, sorry you two." Next to him, sitting on the couch were two humans one a thirteen year old girl with red hair and brown eyes named Penny. She wore a grey three quarter sleeve under shirt and a red short-sleeved shirt over top. A black short skirt paired with black and purple striped tights were topped by her favorite black boots and cotton socks. The other, a much taller lady wearing a faded pink shirt and pink cotton vest, she is Penny's Mother. Penny also had a device in her ear, a single black earpiece with a microphone sticking out toward her mouth, "Just focus you two. The paper said that he was stationed in this secret military base." Bolt just sped up as he continued to take the turns tight.

"Hey Penny, read me his files again." "Roger Bolt." Penny said as she pulled out a folder filled with news paper clippings and other info. "Let's see, his name is Dr. Catzer, he is Neutrosian and has long white hair, yellow cat eyes and stands about five feet ten inches tall with a slim build. About 87 years old and has various experience in bioengineering, TIP tech, and chemistry. Mentally unstable and very obsessive. Last known location is the Midnight Jungle base." "That's the guy I just saw with the cat carrier." Mittens said to the others as she slid down her tree to meet Bolt on the ground. A few seconds later, Bolt appeared from one of the bushes. Walking up to her, Bolt looked into her emerald eyes for any sign of doubt. Between the two of them, was probably a month's worth of real field experience, and he never left her side. "Are you sure about this Mitts? If you have any doubts we'll turn back and try again." As he spoke he had an air of concern about him, feeling the worry for her well being weighed on him. Swishing the tip of her tail against Bolt's nose, Mittens said coyly "Bolt, remember when I said I'd always be by your side?" "Yah." He said twitching his nose in reaction. "I meant it. I'm not leaving just because you don't want me involved, because I don't want to see you hurt either." Smiling greatly and wagging his tail, Bolt closed the gap between him and his cat, kissing her and giving both of them a few seconds of heaven. "Have I told you I love you today?" he asked smoothly. "Three times at breakfast." She retorted trying to get as close to him as possible. "You two can finish that at home. Right now we're trying to expose Dr. Catzer's plot, so get moving." They heard Penny's mom scold them over the head set. "Yes mam." Bolt sighed slightly irritated. Mittens climbed onto the Shepherd's back and using her grass claws, she latched onto Bolt's neck and back so she wouldn't fall off. When he knew Mittens was secure, Bolt took off like a bullet. Moving through the Jungle at break neck speeds he arrived at the entrance of the base within a minute. Seeing the Dr. enter the facility briefly, Bolt kept running and cleared the door easily, almost running into the back of Catzer's legs. Turning abruptly and skidding to a halt, Bolt pushed himself and Mittens as far to the side of the room as possible to avoid any detection from the Neutrosian.

"Nice moves Bolt." Mittens whispered her congratulations when the Dr. was out of earshot. "Thanks." He said slightly out of breath with his ears pulled back. Tailing him was no easy task; the Neutrosian would turn down different hallways and almost disappear at times. Others he would turn around abruptly and the two of them would have to quickly hide. Finally Dr. Catzer entered one of the rooms and let the door close behind him. "Don't you think it's getting too easy Bolt?" Mittens asked in worry. "Yah I do, I haven't seen a single Military Personnel since we entered. This was supposed to be an active base, right Penny?" Bolt asked as he to felt his instincts tell him that danger was none too far away. He swiveled his ears back and forth keeping alert for any ambushes. "That's right Bolt, It was supposed to be brand new. They had state of the art equipment in there." They heard over the head piece. "So where is every one?" Mittens asked. Suddenly an old creaky voice came over the building's PA system, "They all became my experiments you two." "Dr. Catzer."They said together. Bolt's tail lowered in an irritated anger and Mittens let her tail sway in frustration. "HE HE HE. I've known you two were following me, so I led you to my main lab. HE HE HE. Come, come. Have a look see." The PA announced as the doors in front of Bolt and Mittens slid open. Entering cautiously, Bolt and Mittens stayed side by side as the lab came into view, what they saw was monstrous. Humans changed physically to look like something else. Some had patches of orange or black fur growing from their chest, arms, legs and other places Mittens didn't want to look. Some had tails growing while others had their faces mutated to look similar to an animal's face. Three in particular had bat wings growing out of their backs. There had to be over four hundred humans turned into the Neutrosians experiments, and he was using probably fifty or more animals as parts of the projects. "They are just the failures to; I have maybe two hundred that have succeeded their mutations. HE HE HE. I have you to thank cat, if you hadn't given me your DNA, I'd have never been able to get this far. HE HE HE." The scientist announced over the speakers. Bolt's eyes widened and he lowered his ears. Turning his head, he looked at Mittens just before she shouted, "I never gave it to you Catzer, you stole it from me. Then you were going to cut me open just for your sick pleasure." Bolt let out a silent breath in relief hearing that his lover hadn't helped the mad man do this willingly. His ears rose back to their original position as he heard Catzer speak through the speakers again. "HE HE HE. But you have been helping me all this time cat. Come, come. There's more to see." The next set of doors opened to revile Dr Catzer standing next to a cat carrier and maybe four large humanoid panthers, three male and one female. One of the males had bat wings, and the female stayed on all fours. None wore cloths.

"What do you think my friends? Wonderful aren't they?" Catzer asked in person, motioning to the four large bio-experiments to his right. "What have you done to them?" Bolt gasped in disgust. "I've made them into a new race of living creatures, the first of their kind. Soon I will have countless creatures like this, and this world will be my laboratory for all kinds of experiments. Doesn't that sound exiting?" as he spoke his twisted excitement grew to uncontrollable levels, his voice rising in volume and lifting his arms to indicate everything. "That's not going to happen on my watch." Mittens announced pulling her ears back in anger and extending her metal claws. "Oh, but I have been under your watch, cat. Let me introduce your clone to you. Say hi Sassy." While Catzer spoke, he grabbed the cat cage and lowered it to the floor, inside was a cat similar to Mittens in many ways. Her fur was white almost all around, black fur covered her chest area and her front paws. Her back legs were also black up to her knees, and she had a black patch on the tip of her tail. Her algae green eyes glittered with fright as she shivered inside her cage. "She's not a perfect clone of course but she helped with my research quite efficiently." Catzer stated with a broad smile on his face. "How dare you?" Mittens roared in fury pinning her ears against her head and jumping at the scientist claws first. One of the panther people moved in front of the attack and batted her away. "MITTENS!" Bolt called out as she hit the ground hard. Turning to the assailant, he folded his ears back and down then yelled at the beast, "YOU BASTARD!" Bolt took off at top speed becoming a blur as he smashed his head into the stomach of the creature, then turning around Bolt ran back to Mittens to see if she was alright. "You ok Mitts?" he said sliding his head under her paw attempting to help her up. "Yah, thank you Bolt." She said pain evident in her voice as she stood on the three paws Bolt wasn't assisting. "I'll distract the mutants so you can rescue your clone." Bolt suggested. "Bolt no, I can't just…" Mittens was interrupted when Bolt said, "We have no time to argue just go." With that he sped off toward the mutant panthers. Mittens looked on in shock, her ears pulled back as Bolt tackled one of the males, and used a low power super bark to knock out the female, the shock wave from his mouth threw the mutant all the way across the room. Shaking off her surprise Mittens limped towards the cat carrier, finding her front left leg slightly injured. Sighing, she whispered to herself, "I thought men weren't able to handle pain very well." Reaching Sassy's cage, she saw the cat terrified of what was happening around her, "Hey you're Sassy right?" Mittens asked. "Yah." The other cat said still scared. Mittens extracted her Metal claws and took a quick swipe at the locks of the cage. Opening the front of the kennel, Mittens told Sassy, "You'd better follow us, if you want to get out of here." Sassy didn't even hesitate; she jumped out of the cage and ran for the door. Mittens looked around for a moment trying to understand the chaos; Bolt was fighting off the last of the male mutants, the one with wings. What bothered her was she couldn't find the true target. Dr. Catzer had apparently escaped during the commotion. "Shoot." She whispered to herself, and then she shouted, "Bolt quit playing with the monster, and let's get out of here." "On it Mittens." He shouted back. Landing on his feet, Bolt inhaled deeply and released it in a ferocious Super Bark. The wave of destruction decimated everything other than the Panther creatures, throwing each of them against the wall unconscious, and the three animals escaped through the front door.

End - Chapter 1