Tubro Movie Re-booted

Tommy and Kim

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Summary: The Turbo movie turned out differently. Divatox doesn't want to marry that creature, but she intends to give him a bride. Can Tommy get to her in time and save her? And why doesn't Katherine want to help?

Chapter One

Everything had happened so fast it seemed more like a blur than a memory. She had been on her way to Angel Grove after what seemed like ages, nerves had filled her to the brim and her heart was beating was incredibly fast. Since she sent that damn letter Kimberly hadn't been able to face anyone from the team or former team for that matter. The former gymnast had kept in touch with Jason and Trini, but for reasons she didn't like thinking about. She had been in Flordia for three months and her training had been going wonderfully, Tommy and herself had remained close if not closer. He took every chance he had to come down and see her, like a mini vacation they would go to the beach, the mall or simply lay around at the apartment she lived in. Her life had never seemed better, until her first competition.

The routines were flawless and her scores were high enough, placing first in two events, second in her floor routine and gold on vault. She thought everything was great until a routine screening test found an abnormality that left Kimberly in a confusing state of mind. She was pregnant. Her training had to stop immediately, in fear of losing the baby if she fell, tripped or was otherwise injured. A part of her cried in joy at the idea of having Tommy's child but the realization hit that they were only in their senior year of high school, this was no time to be having the baby. On top of the normal problems in being teenage parents Tommy was also the leader of the Power rangers, how could she expect him to drop everything to have a baby with her? It didn't seem right to the former pink ranger but she knew she had to tell him. Kimberly was on her computer was night, thinking about calling Tommy when she opened an email from Aisha. It was a trip the group of them took the beach in Angel Grove and showed the entire group and some pictures of each of her friends. She read the email but when she reached the final picture that was sent her heart clenched in her chest. It was Tommy and Katherine lying on the beach towels together. She knew Tommy would never cheat on her but the way they were looking at each other instead of the camera, how much fun they seemed to be having, she couldn't help but think about much better his life would be if he gave Katherine his heart instead of Kim crashing his world with a pregnancy.

She wrote the letter the next day, hoping to make him move on and be with Katherine. She would deal the pregnancy on her own and hopefully, she was praying, that everything would work itself out. Sadly when her mother discovered the truth, and that Kimberly wouldn't have an abortion, the ties were cut. She rarely spoke to her mother afterwards and instead of being a gymnast she became a couch and was earning her rent and such with that job while finishing up her studies. The pan global gym was very supportive, realizing she was still very much dedicated to her teammates and wanted to help them anyway she could. She stayed healthy, kept up with the checkups and did everything she was supposed to, but it just wasn't meant to be. Her child never made it to term and had a still birth. Nine months of being heartbroken over losing Tommy, and now she faced a life time of it for losing his child. It was only two months later and there she was driving to Angel Grove by request of Jason. He and Trini had convinced her to take some much needed time off after finishing up her schooling and coaching to come and stay with them and after locking herself away after the baby died, she knew their hearts were in the right place. Both had known about the baby but had sworn not to tell Tommy by her wishes and now she was definitely thankful. Guilt still dwelled in Kim heavily whenever she thought of Tommy and their child. Tears stung her eyes as she drove but she forced them back, trying desperately not to let her emotions get the best of her.

She remembered pulling into a self serve gas station and getting out to fill up her car when she felt a presence behind her. Ignoring the paranoia she had become accustomed to feeling since losing her powers, she opened the gas cap and started to fill it up, it was then that things changed. She felt a rough hand grip her shoulder and spin her around, slamming her back into the side of her car as another hand slapped over her mouth. She tried to scream but the body was too powerful and quickly hauled her over his shoulder and dragged her away from the vehicle. It was the dead of night and no one noticed, her car filled up, the gas line shut off and nothing happened. It wasn't until the gas attendant noticed the vehicle was out there for a long time that he went to investigate and found it empty.

Now she was laying on a cold damp landing of some sort, it appeared to be some kind of prison cell. A groan slipped by her lips as she hauled herself to sit up, legs swinging down to dangle on the side of the make-shift bed she had been tossed onto. She shrieked as she found something unexpected on the floor, she was ankle deep in water. Leaning her head back against the metal wall she sighed heavily, she couldn't figure out which was worse, being kidnapped and held in an unknown submarine or facing Tommy Oliver again after so much had happened since the fucking letter. Either way she was stuck here now with no guarantee when she was going to be set free.


Tommy was in his apartment, sweating heavily as he towel dried his face from his work out. The tournament was coming up and he wanted to be in his top shape. Walking through the kitchen he reached into the fridge for a water bottle when the phone rang. It was rare to have that noise in his house, most of the people he spoke to when not in person used communicators after all. Jogging across the room he picked up to hear a stern voice on the end of the line. "Tommy Oliver?"

"Yes...May I ask who is calling?" he said worried.

"This is the Angel Grove Police Department. I was wondering if you have had any calls from a Miss Hart within the last twenty four hours." He said seriously.

Tommy thought this was a joke, he hadn't spoken to Kimberly in about a year. "No sir, but why would you be calling me?"

"You were listed an emergency contact on her file from the pan global gymnast team, it was where we got her information from. If you hear from please notify police immediately."

"Hold on a second, what's going on? Did she do something?"

"No sir, but her car was found unattended at a gas station and it appears that Miss Hart has been kidnapped. We are beginning searches over the county and we have raised the alert. Sorry for the news."

"Okay...thank you." He hung up and stood still for a terribly long time. Staring at the floor his hands began to shake. Missing? How could she have possibly been missing? And why was she in Angel Grove? Tommy didn't have a lot of time to think because his phone rang yet again. He answered more hastily with a sharp, "What?" before hearing the voice on the other end.

"Tommy, It's Jason."

"Hey bro.." he sighed in relief. He needed to talk to the former red ranger, he knew Jason and Kim were still close and maybe he'd have an idea of one, why she was in the area, and two how to find her now that she was missing.

"I take you got the call too."

"Yeah, just now. Anything you want to tell me?"

"She was on her way to stay with us but she didn't show up last night. Then when they found her vehicle they checked the GPS and notified us that we were her planned destination. The worst part is, Alpha has contacted Trini and I, Zack and Billy are on their way too. Apparently something's up Bro and we've got to get a move on. I told Alpha you'd gather the group and meet us there."

"You got it. See you in a few."

Hanging up the phone he had to sit down the kitchen table to contain himself. He hadn't seen her in so long and now she was missing. His heart ached, begging for her to be alright. Tommy had never moved on since that letter arrived at the youth center. It had thrown him for a loop, just the week prior he had been down to see her and everything had been wonderful. They had spent the entire at the beach, had a picnic (knowing it was one of her favourite things to do) and then they made love all night at her apartment. He loved her so dearly and cherished her with everything he could have, and then out of nowhere she has someone else? None of it had ever made sense, but his foolish pride kept him from chasing after her like he dearly wanted to. Now a year later, she was coming to town and never makes it. When Jason told him that Zordon wanted to see them all he knew something was up, the two things had to be related. Someone was after his beautiful and he'd be damned if they hurt her.

The red turbo ranger was already under enough stress as it was. That morning Rocky had gotten hurt and ended himself up in the hospital when they needed him most. A creature named Larago was lost in the forest and needed their help before Divatox stole him away and used him for her own evil plot. He originally wanted to go himself but Adam said that Tommy should stay behind in case Divatox made other attacks or something else happened. Katherine and Adam would be back soon so he called up Tanya and had her meet him with Justin...who now knew of the power rangers thanks to them not completely clearing the room...at the command center where they could figure out what the hell was going on.


"I have gathered you here to discuss a most disturbing revelation." Zordon told them as all the Rangers, and Larago, gathered around to hear him speak. "Divatox intends to use Larago to summon an evil force she will use to control the entire universe. But to do so she will need two things. One of them in Larago, who we now have safe with us. Secondly she will need a pure soul to offer to him as a bride when he awakens. He will drain the bride's power and use it to become immortal. This person must be pure of heart. Observe the viewing screen."

Tommy turned around to see the transmission sent earlier. He saw Divatox, threatening Larago's family if he didn't hand himself over to her soon. Then the camera view switched to a brunette sitting in a cell, huddling up to herself crying. Divatox scoffed, "Aww, poor little pinkie. Look, if you don't hand over Larago she gets it, did you hear me Tommy? Didn't know we knew about you're little soft spot for her did ya?" she laughed before the transmission was cut.

Growling behind his teeth he turned around in anger, smashing his fists into the wall. "God Fucking Dammit!" he pulled his hand back, ready to do it again until he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Trini looking at sympathetically.

"I know Tommy, but breaking the command center doesn't make Kim safe." She turned to Zordon. "She'll never hand Kim over even if we give her Larago. She needs both of them." Trini pointed out.

"But what if we faked her out?" Adam suggested as the others turned to listen to his idea. "Think about it, we contact her and agree to meet her, that way we'll know where they are and be able to find out the location of Kim. We can overpower her goons any day."

"But we can't risk Larago being taken...if she get a hold of both of them we're screw." Jason whispered. "Trini, Billy, Zack and I don't have Turbo ranger powers like you guys do. The only way to get Kim back is to go to where ever the hell this ritual thing needs to be done and stop it from happening. In the mean time Trini, you look after Larago and keep him safe here in the command center. " Jason then froze and looked at Tommy, "Sorry man, over stepping my bounds." He realized he was taking charge a team that wasn't even his.

"It's alright, that's exactly what we'll do. But what are you Zack and Billy going to do. You can't possibly be staying out of the action." Tommy said, trying to lighten the mood as much as one could in that situation.

"I have a solution. Along with the Tubro ranger powers, I have a gift to the four of them. Jason, you are the Red Legend Ranger, in command of the Phoenix Zord. Trini you are the Yellow Legend Ranger, in command of the Gryphon Zord. Billy you are the Blue Legend Ranger, commander of the Water Dragon Zord, and Zack you are the Black Legend Ranger, commander of the Centaur Zord. Treat theses powers well and be careful on your quest." The new rangers took their morphers and Tommy ran his fingers along the last one. "That is for Kimberly should she survive this endeavour. The Pink Legend Ranger, commander of the Pegasus Zord."

Tommy looked down at it in his hand for a few moments before he slipped it into his pocket. "I'll get her back Zordon. We all will." He turned to his team and saw them getting ready, having everyone figure out who they would ride with in the Zords. It was then that he noticed Katherine was off to the side with her arms crossed, she seemed angry about something but he wasn't sure what. Walking over he got her to meet eyes with him. "You wanna fill me in?" he asked curiously.

"Why do you so much about what happens to her?" she spat in jealousy. "She broke your heart remember?" Tommy and Katherine was close since Kimberly's letter, even went on a few dates but nothing had ever happened between them. Each time he went to hold her, kiss her, even that time when they were dancing, he saw Kimberly and couldn't go any farther. His heart was with Kim and always would be.

"Because Katherine. She's my friend and I care about her...alot." He sighed as he thought about her sitting in that cell crying. Normally Kimberly wouldn't be crying during this kind of situation. She was a fighter and strong willed. Turning away from Kat he looked to Jason and Trini, "She was crying...Kim doesn't cry, she'd be pissed off and kicking the walls or something but not breaking down and huddled up scared."

Jason looked to Trini and she gave him a slow nod, they had to tell him, there was no hiding anything from him if they had to work together. "Kimberly has had a rough eleven months to say the least."

Tommy thought for a second before it clicked, that was when the letter was sent. "What's going on? She sent the letter around that time..."

"She didn't send the letter to just break up with you Tommy, something happened to Kimberly and before she could tell you she thought it would be better if you moved on." Trini stood up and approached him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He knew this was serious if Trini was getting emotional over it, she was always so calm and collected. "She found out she was going to have a baby, your baby Tommy."

His swore his heart stopped beating. Kimberly had been pregnant? It was unbelievable, well not entirely they hadn't been celibate in their relationship but that still didn't explain everything. "Go on.."

"She was going to tell you, even thought she was nervous about your reaction. With the power rangers and school and your life here." Trini looked to Katherine, "she thought you'd be happier moving on and being with someone else than staying with her and having a baby. She intended to tell you once she had the child..." Trini wiped a tear from her eye as she explained that the child had not made it to birth. "She was so heart broken Tommy, she shut herself up. She wasn't eating, sleeping or doing anything. It took weeks to convince her to come see us for a little while. She has always loved you and never stopped, there was never another man in her life, but there was a baby."

"She shouldn't have lied!" Katherine yelled from the other side of the room. "Getting knocked up and then getting kidnapped, what next?"

"Kat shut it!" Jason yelled in his baritone voice, silencing her immediately and letting Trini continue talking to Tommy.

"Kimberly's in a weakened state right now, she cries whenever she thinks about how she hurt you in that letter and the minute she put it in the mail box she was calling in sobbing about wrong it was. Please trust me when I tell you how much she loves you Tommy..."

Everyone was waiting as their leader took everything in. The pregnancy and the death of his child. How could she have even tried to do it alone? Was she insane? He would have been there in a second, rangers or no rangers she was the love of his life and nothing would stop him from helping and protecting her. "I love her Trini, that has never changed." He smiled at her through his own misty eyes, "and it never will. I'll her back." He squeezed her hand as looked to everyone. "Come on guys. It's morphing time!"