Power Rangers Turbo Reboot

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Chapter four

Tommy heard the voice and turned to her with an odd expression on his face. There he was with Kim back in his arms, her hands on his chest with her cheek pressed into his chest as tears of happiness and sadness ran down her face. All he wanted to do was hold her, talk to her and sort out the mess of a love they seemed to be wrapped up in but then there was Katherine screaming at him and making a scene like a five year old. He had to admit he's sent her for a loop with the off and on dating they had went through in the last few months but they were never actually together, nor had he said he loved her or anything of the sort. This anger just didn't make sense to him, then again he was a man and his mind was wrapped around Kimberly at the moment. He simply stared at her in thought, wondering what exactly she wanted him to say. To his shock, along with everyone else's, Kim was the one to speak first. She let go of Tommy and stepped away from them all she had covered her face with her hands. Taking in a deep breath she met Kat's eyes. "I never meant to come back into his life; I wanted him to move on, to be happy without me. I hoped it would have been with you Katherine, so I owe you my deepest apologises for coming back..."

"Kim..." Tommy stepped forward, "I'm sorry too...Kat I let you know a long time ago there was nothing between you and I but you kept holding on. The truth is I could never forget Kim and I never will. I love her, only her." he looked to Kim and smiled at her softly, looking back to Katherine and hoping she would understand, "I know you're going to be angry and I don't blame you, but don't blame Kim ok?"

"There you go doing it again! Sticking up for that stupid midget again!" she fumed, letting her emotions get the best of her in a hurry. Katherine walked straight passed the group and stood in front of Kim. "He's always defending you, always making excuses for his perfect little Kimmy! First you choose gymnastics over him, choosing to move across the country and desert him and the rangers for some stupid dream. Then you're dumb enough to get yourself knocked up and not tell him about it! Serves you right to lose it, you're not deserving of his children and definitely not his love. You are unbelievable! All of you for buying her crap!" Katherine stormed out of the command center, having Alpha warp her home with Tanya so they could talk it out and try to calm down.

All the while Kimberly stood on her own apart from the others wishing nothing more than to disappear into the darkness and never be found again. In a way she wished she never came to angel grove, never agreed to see Jason and Trini but then again she found Tommy again. Sensing the need for the couple to talk everyone was sent back to their homes except Tommy and Kim. Zordon allowed them privacy as the two were left to stare at one another. Tommy smiled sweetly to his beautiful girl before he rushed to her and threw his arms around her. "Don't you dare do this to yourself." he knew exactly what she was thinking. "Our links remember, I can feel how upset you get over this but stop it. She will be fine, Kat's an emotional person and she didn't mean half the things she said I'm sure. Besides, I am never letting you out of my arms again. I don't care if you kick, scream, bite or beg for me to let go I swear it will never happen."

"I wouldn't have it any of other way Tommy..." she whispered, reaching her arms up behind her and gripping his shirt tightly in her small hands.

"I asked Jason to bring all your stuff back to my place." she hard his words and looked up at him in shock. "I told you, I'm not letting you go." he smirked and claimed her lips before she could have a chance to respond. He poured every ounce of love into it he could, one hand on her waist as the other ran through her light brown hair to cup her skull and deepen the kiss.

Leaving the young women breathless he pulled away and brushed some of her hair away from her eyes. "Come on, let me take you home..." he picked her up, causing the girl to giggle as she remembered all the times he had rescued her like this. "Aright Alpha, warp us to my place."

"Okie, dokie Tommy!" he beeped before the white and pink light surrounded them.

x x x

Katherine paced her room for hours ranting to Tanya who was left to listen intently as to what was going on between her kind of ex-boyfriend and Kimberly. "I mean, I can't hate them if they love each other but did he have to fool around with my feelings for so long?"

"Tommy didn't really play with you...Think about it, you guys went on a few dates but he didn't ask you and he didn't kiss you or anything..." she pointed out carefully, not wanting to make the other mad."And acting like this not only ruins your chances to ever be with him in that way but you could lose him as your friend altogether. Is screaming at Kim when she's already upset over the baby thing really going to make the situation better?"

"You sometimes I hate having a best friend..." she sighed as she flopped on the bed."I just can't face them right now. If I said sorry I wouldn't be telling the truth because I'm still mad enough to not be truthfully in feeling bad for her."

Tanya sighed as her friend went off another tandem...it was going to be a long night for sure.

x x

Arriving at Tommy's apartment the couple thought it was best to retire for the evening. The events of the day had been both emotionally and physically exhausting on the pair so they took quick showers and settled in the bed. Tommy pulled her close, laying over her to kiss her shoulder as the spooned under the thick covers. His hand found its way t her belly, drawing circles where their baby would have been. Kimberly started to cry as she thought about it, what it would have been like to have him there when she had been pregnant. IN gentle words he whispered softly, "someday beautiful, someday we'll be parents and this time it will be right." he heard he cry and leaned over to kiss away her tears. The white ranger spent the night cooing soft words and stroking her hair until she passed out into a deep slumber to which he soon followed her into.

x x x

The fighters tournament went well, the rangers coming out on top as Jason stepped up to take Rocky's place while he recovered from the neck injury. Luckily nothing was broken in the end, but he did need to be very careful and wore a brace to avoid further muscle damage. Kimberly sat in the audience as she watched her lover and friends tear up the ring and destroy all the competitors that stood in their way. It wasn't even a contest as a certain point.

When the trophy was handed out and the guys came off the stage like ring Tommy raced to Kim's side, sweeping her up in his arms. "We did it!"

"You bet you did! Now would you mind putting me down." she laughed, trying to keep her pink skirt from flying up in the process of his swinging.

"Oh right..." he set her down noticing the blush apparent on Adam's face. The group came together, including Kat to Tommy's surprise and decided to head back to Jason's for some pizza.

After settling down for a movie Jason's phone rang. Upon answering it he quickly handed it off to Kim as a very angry man hollered from the other end of the line. She spoke to her coach, telling him she was very sorry he had been worried about her disappearance. Kimberly explained that everything was fine and she was safely with friends and as she looked to Tommy she explained, "I have been given the chance to come home, for good." She smiled softly as her coach congratulated her, knowing it was from a reconcile with Tommy. He explained that he would contact the gyms close by and ensure he gave her good recommendations so she could find a steady job right away. After hanging up she turned to see Trini tearing up, "Are you really going to stay?" she asked her best friend, watching Kim nod before the two were holding each other tightly and enjoying the moment.

When the group came back together in the living room Trini burst out in happiness, "Kimberly is staying with us for good!" she watched as most of the rangers ran to Kim and congratulated her on the news, talking about how great it was to have the gang back together for good this time. Zack cranked up the music as the group found their places on the couches while some of the guys decided to play pool off to the side. Tanya came over and plopped down on the seat next to Kat who was glaring over at Kim not so discretely. "Kat, you know it doesn't help to glare or act like this."

"I know Tanya...I just can't help it. She's here forever...I was her replacement for when she left, why do I stay now?"

"You were never her replacement." Tommy said as he stood behind the couch and looked down at her. "Kat, kitchen, now." He asked, nodding towards the kitchen so they could talk.

Sighing she followed him and they took a seat at the table, sitting beside each other and neither knowing what to say. He had sat a few seats away so there was no risk of her reaching to touch him, he was setting barriers already. "I love her Kat." He spoke softly, breaking the silence.

"I know.."

"I've asked her to move in with me, marriage is a genuine thought."

"But you only just got back together. Does that really make sense? You guys have been apart for so long and now you've simply forgiven and forgotten everything? It doesn't seem right."

"It's not your place to tell us how to run our relationship."

"I'm just concerned."

"You have a bias to what you're concerned about." Tommy said with a raise of the eyebrow, he could read her like an open book. "Kat, you need to calm down and realize that there will never be an us...whether Kim is around or not." He stood up and went to walk away when she grabbed his hand and made him turn to look at her.

"Tommy, are you certain that there isn't anything?" she stood up and moved in to kiss him. If she could only sway his judgement for a moment...it was then that Kimberly walked in and saw the pair of them.

"I think it's time for us to go." Tommy said as he broke away from Katherine and took Kimberly's hand and looked right at her. "Are you ready beautiful?" she nodded in agreement but there was a silent engage between the group to keep what happened in the kitchen, a secret.

X x x