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I've always considered myself gifted.

Wealth has always surrounded me, but that isn't what I'm talking about. I'm not even talking about the fact that I have two wings sprouting out of my back.

And you thought puberty was bad for you.

I'm an X-Man. That can mean a variety of things -- but for me, especially since I'm a member of the original team, it means that I'm a part of something which I never want to leave.

I couldn't if I tried. Believe me.. because I have. The only thing I got out of that was blue skin, an "upgrade" in the wing department, and a lot of hatred.

My friends helped me through all of that. I couldn't have asked for more support. For more tears of pain and of happiness.

I came out of it a changed person. It would've been impossible not to. Eventually I regained my feathers -- and my ability to love.

I fell in love with Elizabeth Braddock -- the X-Man known as Psylocke. The attraction was so much more than a physical one, even if she was drop-dead gorgeous. I could open up to her. I could touch her without fear.

We shared a love that will forever be a part of who I am.

Betsy and I were together for so long -- and with any relationship, you begin to have problems. Aside from the fact that we were both X-Men, facing death every day of our lives, jealousy began to ensnare our relationship.

The most recent case was with one of the X-Men's newest recruits -- the third man to go by the name of Thunderbird. His eyes, when looking into hers, began to reflect the passion that she and I had shared for years.

And it hit me that things between the two of us had changed. The attraction between the two of them was obvious, and I was always so busy with the family business -- I had taken a more active role in ensuring the continuation of the Worthington name.

I ended it. I had no other choice.

But I never stopped loving her. I never will.

I only wish that I'd have had the chance to tell her that one last time.

The details are sketchy. I'd prefer it any other way, considering how close Betsy and I were. But there's an entire faction of X-Men, being led by Storm, which are functioning in a sort of secrecy. Something about Destiny's diaries, I think. I have my sources.

Thanks, Hank.

From what he told me, she died a noble death -- fighting, hard, until the end. As beautiful as she was -- as enchanting -- Betsy was a warrior. She deserved a warrior's death.

Because I know she wouldn't have wanted it any other way, it was comforting to know. When I found out, that is. I was so furious when I received the information. She had been dead for over two weeks. If not for Hank, I can't help but wonder if I'd have ever found out.

Betsy was buried on private property. Land of Brian Braddock's, her fellow super-hero brother and former leader of Excalibur. He's a good person.

It ran in the family.

It's because of that fact that I can't stand here, looking down at her name etched in stone, and focus on her death. I have to focus on her life.

Her love. Her skill. Her incredible will and determination.

Her smile.

Four words escape my mouth along with the tears which leave my eyes. "I love you, Betsy."

And I've never meant it more.