This is going to be a harem

Kagome/Italy/Southern Italy/Russia

I know this may seem a shock to you so try to like it and I'll try to make it as best a I can especially if Russia will be in my Harem of love

Rated-M for language and sexual speaking and bedroom sex(later chapters)

Oh in case any you peoples want to know Kagome is going to be a nation as well she will start out as a chibi(age 6)and so on she will have the growth spurts and unexpected things pop up Oh and her nation is...

ROMANIA and yes I do know they already have one but this is my chosen fic.




A small girl around six walked along a large river in Romania looking for her kitten.

She had locks of pitch black hair that went to her shoulders, a long curl stuck out from the rest of her bouncy curly locks. Crystal blue with gold rimmed almond eyes that glowed with worry for the kitten and pale skin that shined against her dark hair and crystal eyes.

Her face was chubby and babyish but really cute. The small girl had a button nose and rosy red cheeks, her lips were small and a pinkish color.

She wore a blue dress with red and yellow strips, her hair was french braided with blue, red, and yellow ribbons entwined through the braid and a cute little bonnet sat atop her head.

She was also short for her age being as tall as a three year old.

(Now on with the story)

"Romanialia where are you my sweet dumpling", the girl called out.

A meow could be heard as well as a person in the forest towards the northern region away from the river bank. The girl scurried along that way in hopes that her kitten would finally be found.

...Five Minutes of Walking Later...

As she walked through the forest the voice got louder and the meows could be heard better making her hurry to see her sweet dumpling.

"Ve~you are so cute almost better than pasta", said the voice she heard earlier.

"Hey, can I have my kitty back", she asked when she came into view only to get a white flag on a stick waving in her face.

She stopped the flag and moved it from her view of the person in front of her who was now crying out.

"Ve~I surrender no fighting please".

"I won't hurt you silly I just want to get my cat that's on your head", she said nicely making the person look at her.

"Ve~what a cute little girl", the person thought looking at her features with interest.

"Um sir may I have my kitty back", she asked a second time.

"Eh, oh sure what's your name mines Feliciano", he said while handing over the kitten.

"My name is Kagome, are you another country like me", Kagome asked with childish curiosity when she felt a familiar aura like hers.

"Ve~I'm a country, North Italy to be exact what are you", Feliciano said happy that she was another nation.

"I'm Romania and this is Romanialia", Kagome said while petting the black kitten which look similar to her.

The kitten was small, smaller than other kittens but all the more cuter with the same curl that stuck out of her fur rather than the others.

Her fur was silky and clean with crystal blue, golden rimmed eyes and a blue, red, and yellow bandana around her neck.

"I should take her to the meeting since she is a nation", Italy thought while grabbing the girl to take to the meeting in Germany.

(Scene change to Germany...meeting house)

"Germany where is Italy he usually is with you", commented England.

"Yes he is late I vonder vher-",he didn't finish because the door opened and Italy popped his head in.

"Finally you came I don't think I could stand any longer sitting next to this wine bastard", England said.

"Ve~Germany guess what I found", Italy said in his usual voice.

"Vhat is it that you found Italy", Germany said in a bored tone.

Italy opened the door more and came in the rest of the way and waved a hand over towards whatever was outside.

"Come on no need to be shy they're like us", Italy said while a girl came in slowly with a kitten by her side looking nervous.

"Vhat the hell Italy vhy did you bring a girl", Germany said not knowing that Kagome was a new nation.

"Ve~she is a new nation her name is Romania but her human name is Kagome and this is her kitten Romanialia",Italy said to the members of the G8.

The others were in shock at what Italy had found that is until France decided to get out of his shock quicker.

"Ah, such a cute little girl would you like to come and get to know each other", France said while wiggling his brow in a perverse manner until England punched him on the head after getting out of his shock.

As they fought Kagome went over to a tall man with a panda bear at his side.

"Mister why does that man say such perverse things to me", Kagome said in a watery voice.

"Ah, France he's a big pervert so keep out of his way by the way I'm China or Yao aru", China said while picking up the small child.

"Wah, I am not this pervert you speak of, it is England that is the pervert, 'even though he does it all wrong'", France said and thought the last part.

"No I'm not you wine bastard you always complain about us calling you such a thing when you are", England yelled.

"Everyone stop lets get this meeting at hand and introduce ourselves to the little madchen (1)", Germany said.

"I am Germany my human name is Ludwig", he said in a German accent.

"My name is France my human name is Francis or for you, you can call me your lover", France purred out.

"No she is not you bastard, oh pardon my name is UK or England and my human name is Arthur", England said after smacking the back of France's head.

"Hey, my name is America but my human name is Alfred or better yet your hero", America said in his giddy heroic voice.

"U-um my name is Canada and my human name is Matthew and this is Kumajirou", Canada said nothing above a whisper while looking at the polar bear.

"Mattie when did you get here", America asked clueless to Canada being there the whole time.

"I've been here", Canada said stressed about being left out but speaking in a whisper as usual.

"Konnichiwa my name is Japan and my human name is Kiku", Japan said in his monotone voice.

"Ciao, you already know me I'ma your pasta lovin' Italy and my name is Feliciano", Italy said enthusiastically.

"Hello comrade my name is Russia, my name as a human is Ivan will you be one with Mother Russia da", Russia said in his creepy child like voice adorned with a dangerous smile.

This creeped the others out but it seemed Kagome was not fazed from his creepy persuasion.

She just tilted her head and looked at the water faucet in his lap.

"Why do you have a water faucet connected to a pipe", Kagome asked while walking over towards Russia much to the other nations fear.

"No Romania stop he will do something bad I tell you let me be your hero and save you from utter destruction", yelled America running to grab Kagome.

"No Mister Russia hasn't answered yet", Kagome said pouting making America freeze at such a cute face.

"Comrade let me answer to the girl, she is curious as to why I have this tool yes", Russia said giving off a feeling of creepiness.

"Y-yeah go ahead speak, Iggy save me", America said shaking in his boots while going back to the huddle of nations.

"Little Romania I use this to put fear in people when I get near da", Russia said while putting a hand on her head and smiling in his child like voice but with a nicer tone to it.

"May I see it, I have never seen such a thing that puts fear in people", Kagome asked cheerfully as she got the pipe and turned around.

"Why does such a thing scare you guys it's just a pipe", Kagome said looking dwarfed from the pipe in her small grip but had a creepy smile that made them shiver.

"Why does she look like a version of Russia with that pipe in her hands", the others thought not knowing they thought the same thing well except Italy he thought it was cute and what type of paste she should have as a gift.

"Hey Mister Russia how do you use this thing", Kagome said while running around trying to hit one of the other nations like a pinata.

As she got closer to the nations she was picked up before she could hit America.

"Hey put me down", Kagome said to the mysterious person.

(1)madchen- means girl in German

Okay who is this person that has Kagome in his grasp where will she go to be raised who knows.

Until next time...

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