For several weeks, things have been all right. That girl, Laura, is somewhat bothersome. I can tell by the way she talks that she knows the Boogeyman exists, too. She'll be a problem in the future. Boogeyman is also a bit bothered by her. He wants to get rid of her and everyone else in here. As great as this sounds, it makes me worried. If the police show up and find out everyone but me is dead, that'll raise a lot of suspicion. Maybe he has a better plan than I'm aware of.

I wait for the Boogeyman to show up but he doesn't appear. I was starting to wonder why he wasn't coming until I felt his pressence at my bedside.

"Where were you? I've been waiting for almost 15 minutes." He took my notebook and pen and began writing. He gave it back to me as I pulled out my flashlight to read his note.

I was killing Mark in the basement.

"Why? Why did you do that?"

I've decided I wanted everyone to die now.

"Will everyone die tonight?"

No. I may finish the rest tomorrow night.

"Oh, okay." He's been talking to me about this for weeks. I've been waiting for when he actually started doing it. For the rest of the night, we talked about how he would kill them and he told me to stay in my room at all times. I shouldn't leave the room under any circumstances. I accepted his request and waited for the next day to come.

I stayed in my room all day. The doctors have asked that I come out and some took the keys and tried opening the door. I barracaded the door so that it would be impossible to open. I was doing everything in my power to stay in this room until the Boogeyman came to get me.

The hours passed by slowly but the doctors didn't give up. That was until I heard some screaming several yards away from my room. By the sound of it, it was a girl and she was in extreme terror. The girl ran to the doctors in front of my door and said something about Paul being dead. I think all of them ran off to his room and left me to my room.

I waited for the rest of the hysteria to continue. I didn't try to open my door to see what was going on. I took down most of the stuff I used to barracade my door but I didn't unlock it or come out. I just sat on my bed most of the night, getting ready for the Boogeyman to be done and show himself.

Suddenly, my door handle started shaking. I assumed it was one of the doctors trying to check in on me or one of the remaining kids still alive. Just when I thought the end of the useless shaking meant they gave up, I heard it unlocking. I dashed to the door to lock it again but I was too late. Although, staring down at me was someone I didn't expect.

There was someone dressed up as a monster and wore a similar trench coat as the Boogeyman's. Seeing this made me realize that this person was pretending to be the Boogeyman. I know for a fact it wasn't him because I couldn't sense him.

"Who are you?" I asked him. He didn't answer me. Instead, he pushed me towards the window, opened it up, and pushed me out. If I was on the second floor, I wouldn't worry so much. I'm on the third floor and it looked like a horrible fall.

He hung onto my shirt and left me dangling above the far ground below. I knew if I struggled, I'd slip out of his hands and fall to my death. If I kept still, though, he'd drop me. I tried turning myself around and grip the window sill but found this difficult. That wasn't the only bad thing about this situation. Before I could get a good grip on the sill, the stranger put a knife to my throat, and slit it deeply.

I coughed up a lot of blood and tried compressing my neck with my free hand. Unfortunately, my hand on the window sill was growing too weak from lack of blood coming out of my neck. When he saw this, he let go of my shirt and I fell to the ground. Before I could hit the ground and die, everything around my quickly went black. I had no recollection of what happened after that.

When I awoke, I was in the dark. This scared me because I thought someone had buried me alive. My eyes adjusted and I realized I was in some strange dark world. There were doors and little openings everywhere that led to who-knows-where. I look over to my right and saw the Boogeyman coming out of a door. I tried to speak but I couldn't utter a word. I touched my neck and realized there was some blood still down it, my neck still had the deep slit, and my cut up neck was sewn up.

Did he do this? I thought to myself.

"Yes, I did." I looked over at him in shock. He was staring back at me with a smirk.

You can read my mind?

"Of course. That's how I know your fear."

Okay... Why didn't you save me?

"I did. I just didn't save you from dying."

Who was that guy that killed me?

"That was the boy who stayed there before you came. His name was Henry."

Why did he kill me and pretend to be the Boogeyman?

"Let's just say, I really damaged his mind and it caused him to do this."

All right... I looked around at the place we were at for awhile. I was confused about what it was and why we were here.

"This is my world," he told me, "All the doors are closets and all these cracks are the bottoms of beds. There's a reason why I never talk."

Is it so that no one hears you or figures out you exist?

"Yes. That is correct."

Why would you go through all this trouble? Keeping me here, letting me be something like you, and letting me know all about this. Why would you go through all this for me?

"Haven't you figured it out yet?"

No. What is it? He puts his hands on either side of my shoulders and kisses me deeply. Even after all that practice, he's able to kiss and put emotion into it. I didn't think he could make this far. The kiss was so passionate it was almost unbelievable. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"I love you, Aubrey. That's why." I smiled up at him. To think, something like this comes out of the maters of phobias.