A/N: I thought it'd be cool if Cilan knew French. Ya know, since he's sommelier/connoisseur (which is both French words). People with French accents are HOT! –Insert some fire here–

Trapped in an elevator

(This story takes place from 13:30-14:30)

All of Cilan's spoons had bent or been stuffed down a garbage disposal, after Ash accidentally left the spoons in the sink… Iris and Cilan looked at each other while Ash stared off at something. They noticed it was a statue of a Virizion, Cobalion and Terrakion. They ignored the statues and looked at the elevator.

"I think…," Cilan started but was interrupted Iris's big-eyed stare. "What?"

"I'm scared of elevators," she shuddered, her 'sixth sense' kicking in. "I have a bad feeling about it…"

"Nonsense! Elevators are the safest way to travel," he replied.

"Axew," he popped out of her hair, shrugging. Axew seemed to share her fear of elevators as well. He shuddered slightly and retreated into her hair.

"Come on; let's ride the elevator up before the store closes. It's quicker than walking up those damn stairs." Cilan held out his hand and Iris nervously grabbed it. He pushed the button and the elevator immediately opened. He eased her in and he pushed the button to go up. That's when the elevator stopped moving and the electricity went out. Cilan jumped slightly. "Iris. I apologise… I'm sorry I doubted again with your sixth sense…" It was nearly completely dark in the room, the lingering darkness gripping them.

"It's okay, Cilan," she sighed and sat down. "We're stuck in here, for now." Cilan groped and pushed the some buttons several times, but it didn't work. He sighed and gave up. "I bet Ash isn't even looking for us, he's probably too busy freaking out. What a child," she complained, even though she tried not to. Cilan felt for his backpack in the dark and found the zipper, unzipping it. He felt around inside it and found a lantern. He memorised where the switch was and turned it on.

He sat down next to her. "Voilà," he replied in a perfect French accent. It was spot-on. This made Iris blush. "Oh, you like my French accent, sexy, isn't it?" he grinned.

"Say something else," Iris blushed harder.

"Mon bel amour, n'ayez pas peur, je suis là," he said perfectly. She had a 'what does that mean?' look on her face. "It means: my beautiful love, don't be afraid, I'm right here." He mentally gulped, not knowing if she would understand. The two blushed.

"Cool," she brushed it off, not kenning what he had said. She just thought it was his sommelier jargon.

"Thanks," he replied, unsure why she just said 'cool'. Her stomach rumbled and he knew one thing: she gets hungry when there's romance. She nodded at him. She folded her arms behind her and lied down, resting her head on her arms. She didn't give a damn if it hurt. She was used to lying down wherever she could: whether it be a tree, the ground or in the grass. Axew popped out of her hair and lied down on her stomach. Cilan nodded and decided to let Pansage out. Before he could say anything to her, she had fallen asleep. He sighed happily and put a blanket on her. She didn't budge.

"She's a heavy sleeper," he thought. "Um Iris…," he shook her. She growled slightly. "I just realised… tomorrow's Sunday."

"SHI…!" Iris yelled, trying to curse, but didn't have the guts to. She was in front of Cilan, for Chrissake! She growled again and fell back asleep. Cilan sighed, not knowing why she almost cursed. This wasn't like her. He shrugged it off and fell asleep as well.

A/N: Did anyone get the reference (hint: it's on a TV show!)?