Of Ice Cream, Cake, and Cookie Dough

If you were to go down Double T Street you'd see 1 building. Double T was an old, run-down street that used to be a fabulous line of mansions, but it was destroyed in a mob war over who owned the land. All the houses had been reduced to rubble, and they had lain there peacefully, that is until Wayne Industries brought the land and built one shabby looking mansion.

If you were to look into the left-most window on the 3rdfloor of that mansion (not that I approve looking into other peoples windows), you would see four teenage girls in PJs and robes gathered around a circular bed, all four of them eating ice cream, cake, and one girl holding a bowl of what could be triple chocolate chip cookie dough. Lilly West, the leader of the meeting, was urging her friend, Mari Grayson, the one with the cookie dough, to tell the other girls, Kaira Stone and Lian Harper, why they had gathered.

-Inside the room-

Lilly stared at Mari. "Just tell them!"

Mari couldn't be wavered; she refused to speak and shoved her spoon into her cake. Lilly sighed. Her short red-pink hair shook just like how Lilly wished Mari's stubbornness would. This was the point of calling these meetings she hated so; she would have to tell Kaira and Lian the little details Mari had told her.

"Fine, I'll tell them. Here's the story girls. Mari knocked on my door in such a panic, I thought someone was hurt! After I put on my robe, I opened the door and was attacked by a hysterical Mari. She was crying about none other then reason." Lilly paused to pull a cover off a picture. "My brother, Will, from the little I understood, he had eaten one of her . . . . delicacies, and she was less then pleased."

At this, Lian whispered to Kaira. "So he basically spit it into the trash in front of her? That was a rude thing to do. Couldn't he have just waited until he was down the hall at the 'Mari's food waste' chute?" Kaira nodded and then looked back at Lilly

"The reason why I have called this meeting was so we could teach Mari how to cook. I believe that if we try hard enough, we can make some really good cookies . . . . not that your cookies aren't good, Mari." Continued Lian.

Mari just stared into her cake and then started stabbing it rather violently with a spoon. Mari never liked showing her emotions too much because it left her open and delicate. She liked to make her self esteem tough and strong, but at the end of the day, she was just like any other teenage girl.

Really, Will had been talking to Jake, and he dared Jake to eat Mari's rancid cookies. Jake refused, and Will ate one himself, spit it up, and proceeded to try and wash his tongue out with dish soap. Mari was crushed. Later on, she found out her mother was the only one who actually liked her cooking.

And everyone thought that Mari's mom's cooking was toxic.

The girls dragged Mari into the kitchen, and they took the cookie dough. They all grabbed baking spoons and splattered the cookie dough onto a baking pan. After all the dough was used, they put the pan into the oven and looked at each other. It would take another 30 minutes before they could see the results.