Kaira looked at the other Titans. They had just voted and she-the second oldest and the replacement token black person-had been voted leader. She probably had the worst powers, except for Lian who didnt have powers, and they had still voted her.

She looked down on her team with growing worry. How would she know how to lead? Sure, she had kind of lead four school clubs, but that was diferent then allowing your six kids to live under one roof and fight crime. And the clubs she ran weren't hard to lead, causeall the people agreed. All her clubs were about discrimination.

Teens against racism, tens for the equallity of the sexes, teens against discrimination against test tube children. Yes in the year 2016 anything was possible for the ex-celeberties and old heros. Many donated eggs and sperm to make test tube babies like Kaira. Her father couldn't manually have a child, but their were ways in this crazy modern Earth.

But misfit black girl couldn't guide a whole team. Yet they had been asked and they hadspoken. They all wanted Kaira. And they were all blinking at her, waiting for her response.

"Fine," she sighed, "I'll be y'alls version of Robin."

And their was much cheering and cookies, and from then, the leader knew that she could totally do this.


A/N: Kay so im black and I meant no offense by writng this, just wanted o see how crazy the "Bee and cy have a test tube baby" theroy looked on the computer. lots o' love!