I've had this idea ever since I saw "Public School Enemies," and I finally decided to write it. It's taken me a while to work on, obviously.

"We're stuck in this car!" Jasper moaned. "When's Henry gonna be here?"

"Will you be quiet? You're wasting our air," Maggie scolded him. He stayed quiet.

They laid there for a moment, again. Suddenly a thought popped up into Jasper's head.

"Hey, Mags?"


He hesitated, sure she'd probably kill him for what he was about to say. Or at least severely injure him. He asked anyway. "D'you think…is it possible…if two people had a limited air supply, and they kissed, would that…use less air?"

He turned his head to look at her. Her expression was thoughtful, her face concentrated. He could stare at her all day easily.

"Well, as long as it was a light kiss and their lips were kept together, so they weren't making out…yeah, it would conserve air," Maggie responded after a moment. "Why?"

"Oh, no reason," he said quickly, turning away so he was looking at what was like the roof of the car's trunk. Then he yelled at himself for saying that. "So why don't we? I mean, since we're running out of air and all, and we don't know when or even if Henry's gonna get here," he sputtered out nervously.

He had taken her by surprise, he could see that by glancing at her again.

Finally she said, "Uh, sure?" making it sound more like a question than an answer.

He was shocked. He hadn't actually expected her to say yes. He turned his head back, as did she, so they were looking into each other's faces.

Neither moved. "So…" Maggie said uncertainly, "lean." Jasper took that as a cue and awkwardly put his lips on hers. It was strange at first, for both of them, but soon turned into something else. They closed their eyes and placed his hand on her chin and cheek, pulling her closer.

Suddenly a jolt jarred them back to reality. They broke apart quickly, just before the trunk popped open to reveal Henry. "Not too hard, not too light," he said proudly. He looked closer at his cousin and Maggie after they climbed out of the trunk. "Hey, why are you two blushing?"

Both their eyes widened slightly. "No reason," Maggie lied, shooting a look out of the corner of her eye and a smile at Jasper. He returned it, leaving Henry confused.

Yeah, it was months before I even decided to write it anyway, and then I was stuck for a while. But now, almost a year after the episode premiered, here it is. I'm not sure whether or not it's true that kissing would conserve air; I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything, but I thought about it and it makes sense. To me, anyway. Sorry if anyone's out of character, I haven't seen Unnatural History since last year.