Épée: Prologue

"When the world was new, there were major wars between the Pokémon… but there were always two Pokémon that had always developed a friendship – Gallade and Bisharp. It didn't matter if the Bisharp were male, they would always find a way," I turned the page. "They say when two blades meet, that the earth will stop rotating to pause to see the greatest match in the world. These are the blades of the Gallade and Bisharp," I paused and put the book down. "Interesting…" I had always loved stories, especially legends about other Pokémon.

I walked along a path outside the town. "You know what – I've always wanted to join a rescue team, but I need another member… That's right, there's a new guy in town, a Ralts…"

"G'day mate," a voice called to me. Startled, I looked around. "It's okay mate, I'm right here," he jumped out of the trees. It was a Ralts, a male Ralts! "You can call me Rally."

"Rally…," I blushed. "Please evolve into a Gallade…"

"Say what?"

"Have you not heard the legends of a Bisharp and Gallade battling each other? The whole world stops turning to watch the two fight!"

"Right, right," he smirked. "So, what exactly are you doing?"

"I'm going to start a rescue team, but I need another member to join," I replied. "I'm Épée," I replied.

"You're in luck mate; I was going to do the same. Why don't we team up?" he grinned slightly. I nodded. "Okay. Let's go, then."


"Identify," said a voice.

"Umm… ummm…," replied another.

"I've never seen that Pokémon before," complained a third.

"WHAT!" yelled a fourth. "WAIT THERE!"

We both shrugged and looked at each other funny. "What was that?" I asked.

"THAT WAS ME!" the voice yelled. It was a large, purple and yellow-bellied with round ears appeared. It startled us. I believe it was called a Loudred. There was a loud noise when suddenly, a giant pink thing with long ears and blue eyes appeared.

"Loudred, shush," it said. "I'm Wigglytuff, I'm the boss of this place," he looked back over at Loudred. "Next time I have to come and tell you to be quiet, you're going to sleep outside," he threatened, but it looked like he was being sarcastic. "You two are new here, right?" We both nodded. "Come and get your stuff," he urged us to follow him. We passed several, busy-looking Pokémon. There were rescue teams there, too. One team had a Delcatty and a Quilava.

"That's Cyn and Luca. They've been a rescue team for as long as I can remember," Wigglytuff said. "You see, Luca used to be a human. I'm not going to go into details, so you'll have to ask him yourself." Cyn and Luca turned around grinned, waving at us. We grinned back. We had finally made it. "This is the room," Wigglytuff announced. I noticed a sleeping Chatot. "Here are your badges, some scarves and some items! Now, your first mission is to find a lost Caterpie. Now, go!"

A/N: I hope it didn't suck o.o…