Mantinas-I KNOW I SAID THERE WOULD BE A PART TWO, BUT SADLY WRITER'S BLOCK HAS ME IN ITS TIGHT CLUTCHES WHERE I AM NEVER SATISFIED AT WHAT I TYPE! ERGO, I AM WARNING YOU NOW THAT THE FOLLOWING IS A PIECE OF CRAP! ABSOLUTE DRIVEL! It is also, kinda how I hoped the first chapter of part two would start(only without the interaction in the bedroom and more of Kevin explaining stuff, but when I wrote this as an epilog, they just wouldn't comply and since this is THE END, I thought it needed a good sendoff anyway-something we three(Ben, Kevin, and I) could agree on). I'm sure the writing style is different from the other chapters, I'm sorry, but I tried to get it all down.


Ben picked up his bag from the bench and ran out of the locker room. Soccer practice was torture, the coach riding all of them harder than normal. And it was all because they were going to the championships next week. He could not wait.

But first, he had a party to go to. Today Ben would turn sixteen. The party would be over at the birthday girl's house. He was looking towards it because someone tangible will be there for him again, as it has been since he turned twelve. Though Julie will still be there for Gwen, too. Which put a strain on things, Ben even offered to stop being friends, but Julie would have none of that. And then there was Cooper, Julie's boyfriend. A techno-wiz who swept her off her feet. Though Ben helped.

Julie confessed to Ben back when he was thirteen. He was speechless so she tried to kiss him. The image of another pair of lips came into his mind and he gently removed her and told her that he was pretty sure that he was gay.

She took it rather well. No outburst or anything painful. She just sighed and asked him what he thought about Cooper.

Ben unlocked his bike, hopped on, and rode off like a mad man. Sixteen…His smile fades. Kevin. His mind slowly goes back to his first friend. A friend who had helped him in more ways than Math. It had been four, almost five years since Kevin contacted him with his power let alone saw him. It was getting to the point that he criticized himself for holding onto the hope that Kevin had not forgotten his promise. Who knew Kevin more than him, right?

But the pain was still there. The empty, hollow feeling his absence had created and nothing was able to fill it.

His house came into view. He placed his bike in the backyard and opened the door and was greeted by his mother's laughter.

"Oh, that must be Ben." Sandra said. "Hello, Ben, why haven't we met your friend before?"

Confusion covered his face as he slowly walked towards the living room. There his eyes bugged out from their sockets. There, sitting next to his mother on the couch was a raven haired teen with a gray, long-sleeved undershirt, a black muscle shirt, and blue jeans. But what tipped him off the most was, for a split second, he saw two black orbs with twinkling stars in their depths.

"Hi Benji." He said.

Okay, that sealed it, too. No one but him would call him that.

Almost as if she felt she were intruding upon something, Sandra stood up and briskly walked towards the kitchen.

"Oh, I need to work on last minute stuff for the party tonight." She said as she reached the kitchen. "You said you were coming, right Kevin?"

"Yeah," Kevin called and then looked at Ben, a dumbstruck look plastered on his face. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

The soft tone with which it was spoken seemed to break the spell. Ben grabbed Kevin's sleeve and dragged him upstairs to his room. Kevin seemed to note that not much had changed since he last saw it. The biggest change was the addition of soccer trophies which, Ben noted, made the alien grin. His eyes never leaving his.


"I'm sorry I took so long, Benji." Kevin said, grabbing Ben's only free hand. "But I had to make sure my mom was okay."

Ben stood there silently as Kevin paused, gauging his reaction. He could understand that. But he still felt a small pang of jealousy.

Kevin sighed. "After all, I'm not going back."

Ben perked up at that. Kevin was not going back? Ben was surprised when he heard Kevin do a hack-laugh and held his hands tighter. All the while giving him an 'I can still read you' smile.

"Yeah, it's official." Kevin hugged Ben who, after the shock, hugged back.

Ben could hear the smile Kevin wore as he asked why he was speechless. Ben merely brought his arms up, wrapped them around Kevin's neck, and brought him down a couple inches so their mouths could meet into a nice, soft kiss. Pulling back both were met with smiling faces.

"I can still read you, too." Ben said, earning him a chuckle. They hugged again. "I'm so glad you're back, Kevin."

"Me too."

Ben smiled in the crook of Kevin's neck, eyes facing out his window where the sun was shining brightly over them.

(X)(X)(X)The End