Rose was on a sailboat, riding the wind and moving towards a beach.

The sun was bright, the water was calm and the sea was a brilliant, opaque blue. Rose's life was over but for her it had really just begun.

The sun was setting and the beach beyond was a golden shore, the sand was glinting and shining and a man was standing there in his best suit and hat. He had no black book in his hands and near him, by the shoreline was a great ship; The Ship of Dreams. People were crowded on the docks, waving and smiling as Rose approached.

Her long chiffon gown blew in the wind and her fiery red hair and blue-green eyes were sparkling. She smiled and laughed in sheer joy. She hadn't felt this happy in years.

The man on the beach grinned and he approached the shoreline inches away from the blue water.

Rose's boat swept towards the shore and she stepped off of it. She took his warm hand in hers and she threw her arms around him his hand gently touched her face and their lips met.

How long she had waited, lived. She missed this and she had it now, she had Thomas Andrews. She put a hand gently to his hair and ran her hand through it. The feel of him was luxury and the taste of his lips on hers was sweet. His broad shoulders, his gentle features, everything was yearned for.

He took her hand and kissed it, the way he did before. He lifted her a few feet above the ground and twirled her around. She laughed and he set her down.

He led her to the ship and as they ascended the ramp she spotted the 1500 people who had gone down with Titanic. Their smiles and nods were bright and excited.

She recognized J.J. Astor, Guggenheim, the Orchestra and several others.

They reached the top and as Titanic began to set sail into the warm waters, the diamond stars appeared and the ivory moon shone gentle light on the deck. Rose held Thomas close and kissed him. "I'm back Thomas. I love you."