Why am I writing this? Oh well. xD I'm making some of the characters OOC just cause it works better for me that way~ Most of the time I do charries based on how they look not how the author makes them. XD *sweatdrop* O and I'll describe my oc charas before they come in cause I really really hate describing… D:

Name: Kari Davis
Gender: Female o3o;
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110lbs
Clothes: Often a pair of jeans, Merrell shoes, and a black, red, blue, or white shirt.(Only colors I wear… XD)

Name: Christina Louis
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 92lbs
Clothes: Black shirt(she bought them in bulk at discount), jeans, waterproof boots(:D I love mine)

Name: Danielle Martins
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117lbs
Clothes: Short sleeved shirt, black pants, white tennis shoes

Oh yeah! I forgot a story summary! O-o Oh well. The first paragraph will kinda summarize it for you. xD Have fun reading!(not)

You've heard of "the game" right? I mean "THE GAME" not just "the game". No, not "the game", "THE GAME". Oh I guess it's hopeless, I'll explain it to you. Eh? Who am I? I'm the almighty author of course! … You haven't heard of me? Are you serious? This isn't fair… But I'll come in and explain things when it gets too difficult for you mortal readers to understand… Oh yes, back to "THE GAME".

"THE GAME" was something I started on a whim, but mortals messed up and now they call me All-Father, but I'm a woman! It's a horrible misconception… But continuing on, players are broken into 4 teams of 5 for a total of 20 players. And of course, they all have wonderful codenames, made by me. The teams are: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. I choose players to be a specific card ranging from Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and Joker.

To win the game, your team has to be the last ones standing. Silly mortal, I'm not suggesting they kill the other teams! Once the loser has been decided they will be sent to a parallel dimension to await the ending of "THE GAME". However there is a penalty for losers like there is a reward for winners. Losers have to pay 1 million, not as a total, but each player has to pay that amount. The one million they give away will go to the winning teams card. Like all the losing Jacks would give a million to the winning one.

But enough with my ramble, I'm sure you can't wait to meet my darling little players can you?

Kari was bored, not just a normal type of bored, but really really bored. She tapped her fingers repetitively on her desk waiting for something to happen. Luckily, something happened. A sizzling sound erupted from her hand and pain flooded her body. Her skin was turning pink and finally burned into a dark black scar. It was a spade, and under it were the letters: Queen. She hissed from pain, but soon the pain went away, it was weird. Then something even weirder happened, she blacked out.

When she opened her eyes she was in a large room, but much to her surprise there were many figures in the room, but their forms were completely black. The only person she could see was at the center of the dome, a young girl about the age of 7. The girl stood up from her little throne to look out at her new playthings. A hair raising giggle came from the girl and when she had finally closed her mouth she decided to explain what was going on, "Welcome to 'THE GAME' room."

Ok, maybe she really wasn't in a mood for explaining things, good thing there are holograms… Wait, what? A blue holographic figure appeared on one of the arms of her throne and began to elaborate, "You have all been split up into teams of 5. You will be given a sheet of paper to see who your teammates are. The goal of the game is to survive. To reach this goal you may do anything to your opponents, kill them, trick them, anything to survive. And don't think you can back out of this game, you can't. It's hopeless to try, you'll either be killed by your opponents, or by the All-Father's pets." At the mention of these "pets" two horrid looking felines were raised from beneath the ground.

Their skin was like rotten bark, hair was missing in clumps and the tail was coated in steel so it was like a mace. The cat crouched low to the ground and walked up to All-Father, the little girl stroked her pets softly and murmured to them, but it was unintelligible to the players. "Meet Riri and Mene. They really are darlings once you get to know them." She giggled a bit as she said this, but no one else did. She was just laughing at her own joke.

"I'll give you a week to find your teammates. I'll be watching!" Giving the players a short wave she disappeared into a black mist. Kari was about to yell for her to come back, but she felt her senses dull as she went under.


"Dangit." Murmured Michael. He pushed himself up from the baseball pitch he'd been practicing on and looked down at his hand, King of Diamonds. Then he noticed the piece of paper on the ground, the list! He quickly snatched it from the ground and skimmed over the names: Danielle Martins: Joker, Robert Jurgen: Ace, Mariah Wong: Queen, Ian Popov: Jack. Great, he knew Jurgen, Mariah, and Ian from beyblading, but who on earth was this Danielle Martins? What a pain.

Michael tossed his baseball and hit mitt over onto the bench and pried open his locked to grab his cell. Flipping it open he started to text his "teammates".

To: MissMari, SirJurgen, LittleDevil
From: TheBBStar

Did u get this weird dream a few min ago?

To: TheBBStar, SirJurgen, LittleDevil
From: MissMari

U kidding? Like with small girl + lions?

To: TheBBStar, SirJurgen, MissMari
From: LittleDevil

So I guess it wasn't just me , huh… So if we all had it I bet it's real then right? Bad timing too, the tournament starts next week!

To: TheBBSTar, MissMari, LittleDevil
From: SirJugen

More seriously, does anyone know this Danielle Martins? I don't believe I know her.

To: TheBBStar, SirJurgen, LittleDevil
From: MissMari


To:SirJurgen, MissMari, LittleDevil
From: TheBBStar


To: TheBBStar, SirJurgen, MissMari
From: LittleDevil

Bad time to say I don't know her either?


Christina, unlike most, wasn't in that bad of a situation when she passed out, she was on her bed reading a book. Blinking slowly she sat up in bed and tried to remember what happened. Luckily it was all a drea…. Why, why did the list of names have to be right beside her when she woke up. Couldn't it have been a dream? She skimmed through the names to try and figure out who'd she be stuck with and probably die with, oh joy.

Kevin Cheng: Joker, Max Tate: Ace, Oliver Polanski: King, Christina Louis: Queen, Spencer: Jack.(Couldn't find a last name. D: ) Darn… Stuck with a boatload of famous and probably weak and snobby top spinners. Chances of survival dropping to 10%. Christina groaned and flopped back down on her bed, maybe it would be better to try and find one of those beast things and die fast rather than endure all of her teammates snobbery for nothing.

Then she remembered, Elliot would be really disappointed if she just gave up. Sighing she flopped out of bed and over to her laptop. Flipping open the screen she started "looking up" things. Of course they didn't have their emails or phone numbers online, but they had facebook didn't they? They probably would figure out it was her cause of her name anyways.

Signing onto the messaging site she signed in and proceeded to try and find her teammates.


Kai forced himself up from the tile ground and leaned against the kitchen counter. On his way to get a drink he'd fallen and dropped his glass on the floor. He cursed mentally and went to get a dustpan. However he'd noticed a piece of paper mixed in with the remnants of the cup. Carefully picking it up he scanned the contents, this was obviously what that little brat had been talking about. Lee Wong: Joker, Kai Hiwatari: Ace, Rick Anderson: King, Hillary Tachibana: Queen, Bryan Kuznetsov: Jack. He was fine being with Lee and Bryan, but Hillary and Rick? Oh the horror.

He cleared the mess on the floor then went to grab his phone, only for it to ring. "Hey Bryan." Kai already knew he would be the only one to call, only the Blitzkrieg Boys had his number after all. "So now what? Round up the brats?" Bryan obviously sounded pretty mad he was being forced into something again. Like the rest of them, Bryan hated serving Boris, but it wasn't Boris particularly that ticked him off, it was the fact he was being ordered around, by someone he didn't see as worthy.

"It's the only thing we can do. You get Lee, I'll get Rick and Hillary."


Kari forced herself up from her desk and blinked slowly… Had that really just happened? The paper resting on her hands clearly said yes. This was going to be a pain. She looked through the names and much to her distress she only knew one person, her Sissie! Well Julia wasn't exactly her Sissie, but she called her that anyways. Kari Davis: Joker, Tala Ivanov: Ace, Rei Kon: King, Julia Fernandez: Queen, Johnny McGregor: Jack.

Kari grabbed her laptop, signed onto facebook and immediately started messaging her Sissie.

Kari: SISSIE! HAI! *tacklehugs* You're on my team~ 3
Julia: Heck yeah. Do you know Tala, Rei, and Johnny though?
Kari: Naw, I'll figure out who they are eventually though.
Julia: Pfft. That won't work, dummy. One sec. I'll tell them to add your fb.
Kari: … You know them? O_o
Julia: xD

Her compute made a little ringing sound indicating the new friend requests she had just received. Clicking accept all she went back to her chat.

Kari: I accepted them so… What now? o-o
Julia: We try to meet up, duh. ;o
Tala Ivanov: So this is the girl?
Kari: I have a name, jerkface.
Julia: Buuurned.
Johnny McGregor: xD I think I like her. My name's Johnny, nice to meet you, Kari.
Kari: Nice to meet you too. _
Rei Kon: I see Tala has problems making friends just like normal.
Tala Ivanov: You saying I'm anti-social, Cat?
Rei Kon: Not really. Just rude.
Tala Ivanov: -_-
Kari: xD Can I just call him Jerkface then?
Julia: Good idea, Kari. ;o
Tala Ivanov: Why did I get stuck with you idiots?
Johnny McGregor: Must be fate. 0:)

Kari giggled, her teammates didn't seem so bad after all.

"What's the matter, All-Father?" The hologram question her master as the young girl paced around the room. "I feel like I forgot to tell them something…" After a few more moments it hit her, "Ah. I forgot to tell them about the Angels."

The hologram groaned, "ALL-FATHER!"


Spades: Kari, Tala, Julia, Rei, Johnny
Diamonds: Michael, Robert, Mariah, Ian, Danielle
Hearts: Kevin, Oliver, Max, Christina, Spencer
Clubs: Lee, Rick, Kai, Bryan, Hillary

Yay so I'm done with my first part~ I'm so proud of myself. 8D But um um.. Don't think I'm forgetting Xfile, but I've just felt really hyper recently~ 333